Create scroll stopping YouTube shorts with the power of AI empowers you to craft captivating and eye-catching YouTube Shorts that will keep your viewers coming back for more!

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Wide Range of YT Shorts Templates to engage your audience

elevate YouTube shorts with AI

Elevate Your YouTube Shorts Game

Unlock infinite possibilities for your YouTube Shorts with Predis AI! Our AI-driven platform creates personalized templates that elevate your Shorts to a professional level. Whether it's showcasing talent, educational content, or engaging vlogs, our AI guides you every step of the way. Level up your YouTube Shorts game today!

Generate YouTube shorts with AI

Effortless Video Generation

Creating YouTube Shorts has never been easier. Predis AI provides you with a user-friendly interface, enabling you to effortlessly drag and drop pre-made media elements into your videos. No more tedious editing or time-consuming recording; now, you can focus on your creativity while our AI takes care of the rest.

Customize and edit YouTube shorts

Customize and Enhance

Make each scene uniquely yours with our extensive library of ready-made media elements. From eye-catching visuals to attention-grabbing audio, Predis AI gives you the power to customize and enhance every aspect of your YouTube Shorts, ensuring they leave a lasting impression on your audience.

AI YouTube shorts maker

Smart Content Assistance

Struggling with hashtags and captions? Let our AI take the reins! Predis AI suggests the most relevant and trending hashtags for your YouTube Shorts, maximizing their discoverability. Craft compelling captions that resonate with your viewers and leave them eagerly awaiting your next creation.

stock assets library

Copyright-Free Stock Image Library

Unleash boundless imagination with our curated treasure trove of copyright-free stock images. Enhance your Shorts by seamlessly integrating captivating visuals from an extensive collection of images across varied themes and styles.

schedule YouTube shorts

Schedule for Success

Timing is everything on YouTube. With Predis AI, you can schedule your YouTube Shorts in advance, ensuring they reach your audience at the perfect moment. Say goodbye to posting stress and hello to strategic content distribution that drives engagement and boosts your channel's growth.

How to Create YouTube Shorts?


Give on-line text input to

All you have to do is to give a single line text-input and will be able to find the right assets, captions, and hashtags to create a complete Youtube video for you in seconds.


Let the AI Magic Work

Get professional and stunning Youtube videos generated by AI that can be straightaway posted on social media. You can go ahead and make more customisations if you want to or you can just schedule and sit back while your videos get published on Youtube.


Make changes with ease

With our easy-to-use creative editor, you can make changes to the reels in just seconds. Choose wide animations, 10000+ multimedia options or upload your own video to make the reel even more engaging. Just drag and drop the elements as you wish to.


Schedule with one click

Schedule and publish with just one click right from the app. No need to switch apps to manage your social media. Publish from the place you create your videos.

Now schedule your social media
posts right from where you
create them!

Now schedule your social media posts right from where you create them!