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Make Stunning Carousels

Feed one-line text input and Predis will convert that into an elaborate Carousel Post in a matter of seconds. Get new content ideas at every click and keep generating bulk carousels using Predis. With 5000+ multimedia options, Predis gives the ultimate professional look to your Carousel posts. Post directly from Predis or schedule content for an entire week. Everything is possible!

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Make Brand Promotion Posts

No need of writing long brand promotion copies or spend hours designing social media posts for them. Give a few text inputs about your brand to Predis and you will get absolutely stunning and customized brand promotion creatives in a matter of seconds. With more than 10000 proven templates, Predis knows what works best for your brand. Generate captions and hashtags for your posts and post them straight away on your social media channel.

AI YouTube shorts maker

Make Special Day Posts

Special day posts can be created without doing much research for best copies or trending designs. Predis has got you covered over there. Just let Predis know what special day you want to create a post for and unleash the power of AI to create the most trending designs for your social media channel. Plan your social media calendar well in advance using Predis and schedule your posts so that you don't miss out on any trends.

AI YouTube shorts maker

Make Motivational Quotes Posts

Populate your social media channel with motivational posts using Predis. Generate bulk copies and designs in a matter of a few minutes and schedule them for an entire week or month. Predis has an extensive library of designs and generates fresh captions for all your posts. Just give a few simple text inputs about the kind of post you want to create and Predis generates engaging creative copies for you. Get hashtags and captions for every post and start posting directly on social media using Predis.

Frequently Asked Questions is an AI-based social media content generation and management tool that can make posts from just a simple text input. It can also generate videos, reels, memes, carousels, captions, and hashtags. is the complete social media tool for you.

Yes, Post Generator has a Free Forever plan. You can subscribe anytime to the paid plan. There is also Free Trial. No Credit Card Required, just your email. here can create and schedule content for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube Shorts, Google Business and TikTok. can create content in more than 18 languages. is available on Android Playstore and the Apple App store, it is also available on your web browser as a web app.