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Give a simple text input and our AI will generate lifelike voiceover, select premium stock assets, add animations, music and copy
- all of this in your brand language!

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Explore Amazing Templates for every occasion

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Ready to use templates

At simplicity meets creativity. Choose from a wide range of templates, professionally designed for every occasion. Elevate your social media videos with a vibrant collection of curated ready to use templates. Whether you're making promotional content, informative snippets, or engaging stories, our template collection ensures your social media videos leave a lasting impression.

AI voices for social media videos

AI Voices That Speak Your Language

Experience a symphony of diverse AI voices with multiple accents. Choose a voice that resonates with your video. gives you a rich library of AI voices in different languages and accents, ensuring your content feels authentic and relatable. From professional narrations to friendly tones, find the perfect voice to convey your message.

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Videos in your brand language

Consistent brand messaging made easy with Speak your brand language, make videos that reflect your brand identity seamlessly. Our unique generative AI ensures your voiceovers, colors, and visuals maintain a consistent brand presence across all your social media channels.

easily edit social media videos

Easy Video Editing

Editing your videos was never this easy. Customize your content with’s simple to use video editor. Switch templates while keeping your content intact. Change fonts, text, colors, stock videos in just a click. Drag and drop your desired elements with ease. No complex tools—just a straightforward editing experience for stunning, personalized videos.

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Hassle free scheduling

Our built in integrations with all major social media platforms ensure you have a seamless content distribution experience across your social media channels. Schedule or publish the videos directly from ensuring your content reaches your audience at the right time.

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Frequently Asked Questions is an AI-based social media content generation and management tool that can make posts from just a simple text input. It takes your text input and convers it into social media vidoes with voiceover. It also generates captions and hashtags for your content.

Yes, Text to Video maker has a Free Forever plan. You can subscribe anytime to the paid plan. There is also Free Trial. No Credit Card Required, just your email. here can create and schedule content for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube Shorts, Google Business and TikTok. can create content in more than 18 languages. is available on Android Playstore and the Apple App store, it is also available on your web browser as a web app.

To convert text to video using AI, give a text input to and it will generate video with stock assets, copy, animations, and voiceover.

Text to video AI is an AI system or tool, similar to an AI image generator. The AI video generator converts entered text into videos. Some tools use stable diffusion while some use other proprietary AI algorithms. The best text to video AI, like also turns the script into voiceovers, adds stock images and videos.

Our AI understands the text entered by you. It then generates a script that can be used in the voiceover, uses text to speech technology to create voiceover. It generates the copy that goes in the video, captions and hashtags. It adds relevant images and videos in the video, adds animations, soundtrack, transitions.