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Make stunning Instagram posts with the help of AI. Use Instagram Post Generator and Improve your Engagement and Performance, automate Image and Caption Generation with the help of AI for FREE!.
Create social media awesomeness ✨ with the help of AI. Create Posts with AI for FREE!

Make stunning Instagram posts with the help of AI. Use Instagram Post Generator and Improve your Social Media Engagement and Performance, automate Image and Caption Generation with the help of AI.
Create social media awesomeness ✨ with the help of AI. Create Posts with AI for FREE NOW!

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Our AI analyzes your input and generates Instagram Post Ideas, chooses the right post templates, creates custom creatives and captions for your Instagram Post. Use Instagram Post AI tool and create eye catching social media posts and visual content with templates for all kinds of businesses, products, and services. Let our AI do marketing + graphic design for you and improve your brand reputation.

Simple, Intuitive and easy to use creative editor tool

Forget complex, and time consuming online post-editors.'s easy-to-use Instagram post editor makes creating and editing Instagram posts easier than ever. Edit the creatives, captions and hashtags generated by AI with ease. Generate stunning post with new captions and hashtags in a click. Use beautiful elements, colors and fonts. Search for no copyright stock images right from the editor. Make eye-catching Instagram posts in your brand language that will impress your audience with Social Media Post Maker.

Simple and Intuitive creative editor

Let AI do the heavy lifting for you

Let our AI create images, carousels, videos, captions and hashtags for your Instagram Post. Make impressive Instagram post without worrying about complex post design, graphic design tools and photography. Create Instagram posts for your brand with's wide, extensive library of design resources and templates. Achieve your Social Media marketing goals with

Schedule your Instagram posts like a Pro! Instagram Scheduler is here to make your life easier - create your posts in advance and schedule them with ease. No need to worry about the right time to post and never miss a post on Instagram. Use the calendar in the Instagram Post Generator to schedule and publish your social media posts seamlessly through or download PNG file for later use. No need to worry about the best time to post with Instagram Post Scheduler.
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How It Works?

Fresh, unique Social post ideas generated in seconds

Step 1: Give on-line text input to Predis

Select what kind of post you want to create. It can be a promotional Instagram post, special day, quotes, or e-commerce post. Enter a short description or a one-liner about your business or product. Write what your business is about, and what problem does it solve? What are the benefits gained by your customer? What are your USPs?

AI-made creatives in your brand language

Step 2: Predis will analyze your input to generate customized posts

Our AI will analyze your input and come up with social media post ideas for your input. It chooses beautiful social media post templates and creates appropriate captions and hashtags. The AI combines all of it together to create publish and design ready professional social media posts in your brand language and color scheme.

Optimise your posts for maximum engagement

Step 3: Make changes quickly if you want

With our easy-to-use creative editor tool, you can make changes to the content in just seconds. Choose from 5000+ library multimedia options, color, background templates, features, and layout, or upload your own icon, art, stickers, images, and assets to make the post even more engaging. Make the design process easier. Just drag and drop the graphic design elements as you wish to.

Generate the perfect captions for your posts

Step 4: Scheduling and sharing made easy

Finalized your posts? Schedule and publish them directly through the Predis social media scheduler or download the file to use later. Schedule your Instagram post for a time you deem fit and sit and back and relax while your content starts trending on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use Instagram Post Creator App? Instagram Post Creator is an AI-based social media content creation online tool. Juts give a simple text input and it will generate entire Instagram post design with captions and hashtags. It creates Instagram posts with your brand assests and colors. You can think of as an AI-based content creation + graphic design + marketing tool.

2. Is Free to use?

Yes, Predis social media design tool has a Free Forever plan. You can upgrade anytime to the paid plan. There is also Free Trial. No Credit Card Required, just your email.

3. How many platforms does support? website supports content creation and scheduling for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, GMB and TikTok.

4. Which content format is supported by Instagram Post Creator? can generate Single posts, carousels, video and reels with AI.

5. Does have a mobile app? is available on your web browser as a web app. Mobile app for Andriod and iPhone is coming soon.

6. How does Predis Hashtag Generator generate hashtags?

Predis Hashtag Generator takes the input kewyord or image and generates Instagram Hashtags with respect to reach and relevance.

7. What are Instagram Post sizes?

On the mobile app, posts are displayed in a 1:1 aspect ratio. That means that the width of the post is the same as the height of the post. The aspect ratio of a post is important because it determines how much of the post is visible on different devices. Instagram supports three sizes for image posts. 1: The most basic post i.e. square image post- 1080*1080 px. 2: For landscape images - 1080*566 px. 3: Portrait images - 1080*1350 px.

8. What is the best time to post on Instagram?

There is no one-size-fits-all optimal time or day of the week to post on Instagram. The optimal time to post on Instagram is when YOUR audience is the MOST active. Overall, you should avoid weekends to post on Instagram. You should target Monday through Thursday in the morning from 10 AM onwards till 2-3 PM. Worst day being Sunday, so avoid it all cost.

9. How to use hashtags on Instagram post?

The ladder strategy is the most efficient way to use Instagram hashtags for both beginners and professionals. Use 8-10 Smaller hashtags that are easy to rank. 8-10 Medium Sized hashtags that are Average to rank. 3-4 Large size hashtags that are Hard to rank. 3-4 Mega hashtags that are very difficult to rank.