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Make scroll stopping Voiceover Videos for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube through a simple text. Use our AI to generate video with voiceover, background music and stock assets for your social media videos.

Turn Text to Video for FREE!
A simple text is all you need

Just give a text input, and our AI will produce an authentic voiceover, integrate notch stock assets, add animations, music,
all tailored to resonate with your brand's unique style!

turn text into social media videos
templates for social media videos

Huge collection of templates

Pick from a wide variety of templates made for all sorts of occasions. Level up your social media videos with a lively set of easy-to-use templates. Whether it's for promos, quick info, or engaging stories, our templates make sure your social media videos stand out.

Brand-Focused Videos

With, keeping your brand message consistent is a breeze. Create videos in your unique brand style that smoothly showcase your identity. Our AI makes sure your brand stays cohesive across all social media channels, aligning voiceovers and visuals effortlessly.

generate branded social media videos
AI voices for social media videos

AI Voices Tailored for You

Explore a mix of AI voices featuring various accents to find the perfect match for your video. With, access a wide array of AI voices in different languages and accents, ensuring your content is authentic and connects with your audience. From polished narrations to friendly tones, discover the ideal voice to express your message.

easily edit social media videos

Effortless Video Customization

Make video editing a walk in the park with Tailor your content with ease using our uncomplicated editor. Swap templates without losing your content's essence. Modify fonts, text, colors, and stock videos with just a click. Drag and drop your preferred elements effortlessly. No complicated tools—just a straightforward editing experience to craft stunning, personalized videos.

schedule social media videos

Scheduling made easy

Seamlessly schedule your content with our integrated links to major social media platforms. Share your content effortlessly across your social channels. Schedule or publish videos directly from, ensuring your content reaches your audience at the perfect moment.

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Discover the power of AI Voiceover Video generator

Amplify your influence on social media, engage your audience, and tap into the capabilities of AI-driven video creation. Leverage to easily bring your ideas to life in compelling voiceover videos.

Frequently Asked Questions is an AI-based social media content generation and management tool that can make posts from just a simple text input. It takes your text input and convers it into social media vidoes with voiceover. It also generates captions and hashtags for your content.

Yes, Text to Video maker has a Free Forever plan. You can subscribe anytime to the paid plan. There is also Free Trial. No Credit Card Required, just your email. here can create and schedule content for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube Shorts, Google Business and TikTok. can create content in more than 18 languages. is available on Android Playstore and the Apple App store, it is also available on your web browser as a web app.