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Let AI Make Product Posts from your Ecommerce Product Catalogue in a click
Create Posts with AI for FREE! E-commerce post maker

Let AI Make Product Posts from your Ecommerce Product Catalogue in a click
Create Posts with AI for FREE NOW!

Flawless Integration with your Ecommerce Stores

creating social media posts from products

Convert Products into Engaging Social Media Posts

Predis takes your product listings and converts them into attractive social media posts. Predis also generates relevant cations and hashtags to increase the outreach of your products on social media. Automate your social media postings using Predis and never worry about managing your social media account. Predis takes care of your entire social media requirements - From content idea generation to creative designs, everything is done in a matter of minutes using Predis.

Wide variety of E-commerce templates

Get Rid of Repetitive Templates

Tired of using the same template for all your products on social media? Unleash the power of AI and give a dynamic and vibrant look to your social media channels. Predis generates unique captions and designs for every post. With more than 10000+ multimedia options for E-Commerce stores, Predis makes unique and high-conversion posts at every click.

How to Create e-Commerce product posts?

Step 1:

Select your product

Let Predis know the product to create posts. Simply select the product from your store. Predis will create e-Commerce product posts with AI in a click.

E-Commerce product video with E-Commerce post generation

Step 2:

Predis will analyze your product to generate customized posts

Get professional and stunning posts generated by the power of AI that an be straightaway posted on social media. You can also generate captions and hashtags for your posts. If you want to make more customizations in the posts, follow step 3.

Step 3:

Make changes with ease

With our easy-to-use creative editor, you can make changes to the posts in just seconds. Choose wide animations, 5000+ multimedia options or upload your own images to make the posts even more engaging. Just drag and drop the elements as you wish to.

editing E-commerce video post with
Schedule E-commerce video with

Step 4:

Schedule with one click

Finalized your posts? Schedule and publish them directly through the Predis social media scheduler. Schedule your posts for a time you deem fit, sit back and relax while your posts start trending on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the Edit Input button. Select E-Com posts.
Choose your Platform (Shopify, WooCommerce etc).
Select your product for which you want to create Ecommerce Product Post.
Click on Next. Choose the post theme and Color palette. Click on Next to generate Posts.

Yes, E-commerce Product Post Maker has a Free plan. Know more about pricing here. Product Post Maker supports Shopify and WooCommerce stores. You can also upload your own product catalog.

When you select the product for which you want to create a post, analyzes the product description and creates an engaging copy, chooses beautiful templates, applies the color palette and creates publish ready E-commerce posts for you in an instant.