Text to Posts API
for Social Media Post Generation

The best Text to posts, carousel and caption generation API for developers. Automate and scale your social media content creation with the power of Predis.ai.

Make Text to Posts using API
make text to posts with API
multi brand social media posts

Multi brand Posts

Create amazing posts for multiple brands through our API. Seamlessly create and navigate between multiple brands and amplify your content creation. Enjoy the benefits of a single platform that streamlines your content generation process to get bespoke videos for every brand.

turn text into posts

Text to Posts

Generate out scroll stopping posts in seconds through Predis API. Make branded social media posts with just a text prompt. Just tell us what you need and let our AI do the rest. Our AI finds the best stock assets for your content, adds your logo, colors, fonts, generates relevant captions and hashtags.

Easy API setup

Easy to Set Up

Simple to set up and easy to use. Easily set up and scale your social media content automation. Generate your API key and use the REST API to create posts and social media content using Predis.ai. Check detailed guide here.

design custom posts

Personalized Templates, Your Way

Create a unique visual identity seamlessly. Our API enables you to design and utilize your own templates, allowing you to completely personalize the appearance and feel of your posts. Enhance your content with personalized templates that are tailored to your brand or style. With us, creating templates is as simple as expressing your ideas.

Templates for Every need

Never run out of variety with our vast template library for every need and ocassion.

How to create Instagram Posts using API?

API set up

1. Set up the API

Make amazing on brand posts with our AI powered API. First, generate your unique API key in your Predis.ai account.
1. Log in to your account on Predis.ai.
2. Go to My Accounts and open the API tab.
3. Generate your API key. Copy and securely store your API key for later.

webhook configuration

2. Configure your Webhook

Easily integrate your posts with your apps using our webhook feature. Configure the webhook to receive your AI generated posts. Manage your webhook and ensure a smooth flow of content directly to your desired destination.
How to configure your webhook?
1. Go to My Account and choose the API tab.
2. Input the target URL where you want to receive the generated posts in front of Webhook URL.
3. Save your configuration.

REST API for Instagram posts

3. Create Posts Using REST API

Generate scroll stopping social media content with our REST API. Give your Brand ID, input text, and watch as our AI turns it into captivating posts. With a simple RESTful approach, you can customize your posts.
How to use the REST API?
1. Use the provided REST API endpoint to submit your input.
2. Add the necessary parameters to help the AI in generating your Content.
3. Receive POST response containing your newly created post.

Experience AI generated social media posts with our API

Premium assets

Premium Assets

Make your posts shine on social media with our best in class premium images and stock videos. Whatever your need, we have the best set of assets for your content.

posts in speed

Generate Posts in seconds

In the fast-paced world of social media, timing is essential. Our API is designed for speed, converting your ideas into interactive posts in the blink of an eye. Stay ahead of the curve, rapidly engage your audience, and boost your social media presence using our post-generation API.

carousel posts

Carousels and Memes

Why stop on making posts only? Use our API to automate social media posts, carousels, memes. Use the same text input to generate single image posts, branded carousels, and other static social media posts.

captions and hashtags

Captions and Hashtags

Make your posts complete with optimized captions and hashtags. Get the best AI generated captions and hashtags to boost your content’s reach and engagement.

Make Social media Posts with Predis.ai API.

Make Social media Posts with Predis.ai API.