Turn Tweets into Carousel ads with AI based Twitter Carousel Maker

Increase your twitter engagement with scroll stopping AI generated carousels
Create Twitter Carousel

AI based twitter carousel maker

Increase your twitter engagement with scroll stopping AI generated carousels Create Twitter Carousel

Convert your Tweets into beautiful carousels

Just give your Tweets or threads as an input and our AI will give you ready to post on brand Carousels in seconds.

convert text into twitter carousel
twitter carousel templates and designs

Explore a wide range of carousel templates

Elevate your twitter presence with professionally designed stunning carousel templates. Discover templates for every occasion, theme and style. Whether you are promoting a product, sharing insights we have you covered.

Twitter carousels in your brand language

Achieve brand consistency across your social media channels. Use Predis.ai to generate carousels that align with your brand language. Our AI uses your logos, fonts, brand colors to generate content.

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Easy to use editor

Our simple and intuitive editor lets you make tweaks in the carousels in clicks. From text to images, make the carousel reflect your unique voice and style. Switch templates, fonts, colors, images with a simple click.

Schedule like a PRO

Time your tweets perfectly with Predis.ai scheduler. Whether you want to publish content immediately or schedule for later, Predis.ai puts you in charge of your Twitter feed.

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Copyright Free Stock Images for the win

Enhance your carousels with premium copyright free stock images and videos. Access a vast library of free images and graphics to make your Twitter carousels pop out without worrying about copyright issues.

How to Create Twitter Carousel with Predis.ai?


Give a single line text input to Predis.ai

All you have to do is to give a simpe text-input and Predis.ai generates the right assets, captions, and hashtags to create a complete Twitter Carousel for you in seconds.


Let the AI Magic Work

Get professional and stunning Carousel generated by AI that can be posted directly. The AI puts the copy, music, stock images, elements together.


Make changes like a breeze

With our simple creative editor, you can make changes to the carousel in just seconds. Choose from a wide range of animations, 10000+ multimedia options or upload your own video to make the carousel even more engaging. Just drag and drop the elements as you wish to.

Ready to transform your Twitter Game?

Empower your Twitter strategy with Predis.ai and engage your audience like never before.