Craft your Social Media Posts, Faster!
Powerful features to keep you one step ahead of competition - Always.

Post Idea Generation

Fresh, unique post ideas generated in seconds

Provide a basic one-liner about your business, and will return post ideas, complete with captions, hashtags and creatives appropriate for your profile. Edit these as you please, and add them to your content calendar!

Post idea Generation

Get AI-made creatives in your brand language.

Just tell us your Brand colors and let our AI make the best creatives for you. Under the hood, our AI selects the best templates, fills in text and images and applies your brand colors and font to the creatives to make them personalised for you.

Post Engagement Prediction

Optimise your posts for maximum engagement

You can leave it to our complex AI algorithms to factor in each aspect of your posts including the content, hashtags, mentions, images, time/day of posting, and tell you how well your posts are expected to perform. Tweak all these as per the suggestions to achieve the maximum potential for all your posts.

Content Ideas Recommendation

Generate the perfect captions for your posts

Captions should not be written in a jiffy, especially if you’ve spent hours developing a beautiful creative. Leave it to us, to generate complete captions for your posts, of the appropriate length and tone.

Hashtag Recommendation

Revamp your hashtags strategy

Figuring out the right hashtags relevant to your post and audience is not easy. Our algorithms explore the social media platforms for hashtags in real-time and provide you with the most popular and trending hashtags related to your post and audience. This ensures that the post will always show up in the right places.

Creative Suggestions

Creative suggestions from the highest-quality images on the Web recommends images appropriate for your curated post ideas, from Unsplash and Pexels. Choose from the free-to-use works of accomplished photographers and artists for a rich social media feed.

Competitor Content Analysis

Effortlessly decode competition's content strategy

Get an insight into the best and worst-performing content of your competitors, to influence your content strategy. Explore these content themes without the need to go through every post published by them. Our NLP algorithms understand the intent behind the posts and intelligently group the same topics into one category.