Turn text into engaging Google Display Ads

Leverage the power of AI to make Display ads that convert.
Improve your ad clicks and engagement with stunning ads.
Create Google Display Ads with AI

Google display ad maker

Leverage the power of AI to make Display ads that convert.
Improve your ad clicks and engagement with stunning ads.
Create Google Display Ads with AI

Make Scroll stopping Display Ads

Simply enter a text or your product to generate Display ads that converts.

google display ads maker
google display ad templates

Templates Galore

Enhance your ad campaign efforts with our vast collection of professionally designed display ad templates. Whether you're promoting a seasonal sale, launching a new product, or looking to increase brand awareness, we have templates for every occasion, theme, and style imaginable. Customized for a wide range of industries, these templates are optimized to capture attention and improve click-through rates, making your ads more effective and your campaigns more successful.

Ads in Your Brand Language

Create compelling ads across your entire ad network with Predis.ai and maintain consistent brand messaging. Use Predis.ai to ensure each ad you generate not only aligns perfectly with your brand identity but also speaks the language of your brand. Strengthen brand recognition and build trust among your target audience. Make your advertising campaigns effective and resonate more deeply with consumers, enhancing their engagement and loyalty to your brand.

animated google display ads

Rich animated video Ads

Capture your audience's attention with dynamic and visually striking animated ads. Create ads that are not only eye-catching but also designed to enhance user engagement and CTR. By using vibrant visuals and animations, you can make your ads stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Improve your ad performance by integrating animations that ad motion to your messaging.

Bulk Ad Generation

Scale your Display advertising effortlessly. Save your precious time and resources by generating multiple ads simultaneously. Predis.ai streamlines your bulk ad generation ensuring you maintain a consistent presence across your campaigns.

editing google display ads

Simple to use Editor for quick changes

Customize your ads with ease. Our user-friendly editor lets you make instant changes to your ads. Edit images, fonts, texts, colors, elements and ad copy in a click. Let our AI do the heavy lifting.

How to Create Google Display Ads with Predis.ai?


Give a single line text input to Predis.ai

All you have to do is to give a simpe text-input and Predis.ai generates the right assets, captions, and ad copy to create the best converting display ad for you in seconds.


Let the AI Magic Work

Get professional and stunning display ads generated by AI that can be posted directly. The AI puts the ad copy, assets, stock images, elements together.


Make changes like a breeze

With our simple creative editor, you can make changes to the ads in just seconds. Choose from a wide range of animations, 10000+ multimedia options or upload your own to make the ads even more engaging. Just drag and drop the elements as you wish to.

Effortless Ad Creation, Maximum Impact

Save time, maintain brand consistency, and watch your engagement soar with dynamic Google Display Ads.