The Updated List of the Best Instagram Ad Dimensions for 2024

Instagram ad dimensions

As the third largest social media platform, Instagram ads play an important role in building brand image and promoting products to the audience on the app.

User demographics demonstrate that 50% of the audience is now looking for funny content, and 46% want something creative on their feeds. This indicates the increased need for quality, even with your ads that resonate with viewers.

For your ads to leave an impression, you need crisp and clear visuals for an increased reach on your ad posts. You must understand the best Instagram ad dimensions for optimizing each ad post you create for your page.

At a glance,

1. Video AdsVideo1080 x 10804:530 GBMP4,MOV
2. Reel AdsVideo500 x 8889:164 GB
3. Stories AdsImage1080 x 10809:1630 MBJPG,PNG
Video1080 x 19209:16/4:54 GBMP4,MOV
4. Slideshow AdsImage1080 x 10801:1MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG
5. Carousel AdsImage1080 x 10801:130 MBJPG,PNG
6. Single Image AdsLandscape1200 x 6281.9:130 MBJPG,PNG
Square1080 x 10801:130 MBJPG,PNG
Vertical600 x 7504:530 MBJPG,PNG

The Best Types of Instagram Ad Dimensions

Here is an entire rundown of the different ads and the best Instagram ad dimensions for them:

1. Instagram Video Ads

The Instagram feed is dominated by videos now, and video ads are probably one of the best marketing tactics to use in 2024. For the best clarity and support across devices, video ads should have a minimum resolution of 1080 x 1080.

You can consider sticking to the 4:5 Instagram ad dimensions with feed ads to avoid changing visuals on different devices. The best part is that Instagram videos run from 1 minute to 60 minutes, giving marketers ample time to talk about various features of newly launched products or the brand itself.

Consider using captions for people who want to watch the entire video and want a summary of it. Keep the video files you upload light because Instagram allows clips of up to 4 GB.

2. Instagram Reel Ads

Instagram users spend 17.6 million hours per day watching reels, so if you want skyrocketing growth, this is where your ad needs to be! This new raging trend works best with the 9:16 Instagram ad dimensions that offer tall videos that take up the entire screen.

If you are repurposing your ad videos as Instagram reel ads, you can use the 4:5 ratio. These videos allow a minimum resolution of 1080×1080 pixels, and you can upload videos for up to 15 minutes.

Use your creative side and take inspiration from other businesses in your industry. Avoid adding GIFs and using licensed music, as they go against the Meta for Business guidelines.

3. Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram statistics say that posting five stories every day increases the retention rate by 70%. Story ads then become essential for the added growth your Instagram page may be looking for. Audiences can read captions and swipe up important links to products and landing pages to learn about your products better.

The best Instagram ad dimension for story ads is 9:16, which takes up the entire screen. Try 1080 x 1080 pixels for images, as they provide crystal-clear visuals for users. It is advisable to leave 14% on top and 20% at the bottom of the visuals in these ads.

For video story ads, 1080 x 1920 pixels are recommended at 720p for clear videos. Ratios like 9:16 or 4:5 work best for optimized video story ads with a maximum file size of 4 GB

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4. Instagram Slideshow Ads

If you want a collage of your brand’s images to tell a story to your audience, consider slideshow ads. This ad option allows you to use up to 10 slides for a smooth brand advertisement with proper visuals and content.

These are the best options if you want something more than single-image posts but also something more lightweight than videos. It’s a good idea to use music over these posts to attract more attention and generate more reach. Hashtags help rank when users search for your posts online and find your ads through the search bar.

They are better options than carousels, as they require minimal effort from Instagram users. There is no requirement to scroll because the post keeps changing visuals automatically.

The recommended resolution is 1080 x 1080 pixels for clear ad images that work well across laptops and phones. Use the 1:1 because the app will crop any ad post that does not meet the required Instagram ad dimensions here.

If you want to boast about the different features of your brands and products, carousel ad posts are the solution for you. They are one of the most engaging post formats but only have 19% of total posts on Instagram. Use each slide image or video to demonstrate various strong points of your company and how each will add value to the audience.

You can use 2 to 10 carousel slides to present as many points as you want. Much like Instagram image ads, these ads allow visuals of up to 30 MB, and the best ratio is 1:1. These Instagram ad dimensions allow for the best focus on the content and caption for a balanced advertising experience.

The minimum resolution is 1080×1080 pixels, and the maximum file size for videos is 4 GB. Keep in mind that Instagram allows you to upload JPG or PNG images and mp4 files for videos.

You can also integrate carousel ads into Instagram stories, which works well for brands that want maximum reach. Use up to 10 carousel cards to showcase different products. The size changes here, so consider 9:16, and the recommended resolution is 1080×1920 for maximum clarity.

6. Instagram Single Image Ads

Instagram picture ads are the most used post types because they capture attention with small and clear CTAs. These types of ad posts are best if you want to increase the interest of potential clients by giving them information about your brand and products with one post. When used properly, it intrigues them to know more, increasing the chances of them clicking on the profile and getting to know more.

The best thing is that Instagram allows different picture sizes for image ad posts. If you want a more balanced look, try the standard 1:1 Instagram ad dimensions. And if your brand is heavy on mobile usage, consider a 4:5 ratio that allows the best vertical images, and 16:9 works best for landscape.

If you want to focus on the content, use square or vertical formats for more light on the visuals you use. Remember that the maximum allowed size is 30 MB for fast loading so that your ads integrate well into the user journey on Instagram.

Get the Best Out of Your Marketing with the Best Instagram Ad Dimensions

These are the most widely used Instagram ad dimensions, used to create clear, engaging content that keeps users hooked. Understanding Instagram ads can be difficult for first-time users, but with practice, things get easier.

Conduct some research before making and uploading different ads on Instagram. This ensures maximum optimization and reduced probabilities of errors. Understand the type of content you want to invest in so you can narrow down your research.

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