How to Remix a YouTube Video into a Short?

How to Remix a YouTube Video into a Short?

YouTube Shorts have revolutionized content creation, captivating audiences with bite-sized, engaging videos. These brief and dynamic clips showcase diverse talents, from comedy to dance and art to acting. The platform’s user-friendly interface facilitates seamless creation, allowing creators to express their creativity effortlessly. 

As audiences flock to these short videos, creators find a unique opportunity to earn through Shorts. The platform incentivizes the creators to produce high-quality, compelling content. This innovative format not only entertains but empowers a new generation of creators to turn their passion into a potential source of income, fostering a vibrant and dynamic digital ecosystem. 

Since the format of Shorts caters to viewers’ shorter attention spans, most creators are remixing their YT long-form videos into short-form, easily digestible content. If you are one of the creators looking to remix a YouTube video into a short, this article is for you. 

Why Remix YT Videos into Shorts?

Remixing YouTube long videos into Shorts is essential for adapting to evolving viewer preferences. In an era where attention spans are shorter, Shorts offer a concise, engaging format that captivates the audience quickly. 

This transformation allows content creators to maximize visibility, as Shorts often garner more attention and shares. The dynamic nature of Shorts aligns with today’s fast-paced online landscape. It enhances discoverability and potentially increases the creator’s reach. 

Imagine seamlessly transforming your lengthy YouTube videos into captivating Shorts with just a few clicks., an AI-empowered tool, empowers content creators to effortlessly remix their content into concise, engaging formats that not only capture attention but also align with the fast-paced nature of today’s online world. 

By repurposing long-form content into Shorts, creators can tap into new audiences. Still, they can also boost viewer interaction and leverage the YouTube Shorts Funds, creating a win-win scenario for both creators and viewers in the rapidly evolving content landscape.

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Create Shorts from Long-Form Videos on Android

By following the steps mentioned below, you can effectively remix your YouTube videos into Shorts. Adapting to the preferences of the platform’s short-form content format and building a strong content strategy can help you maximize engagement with your audience. 

To create a Short on YouTube, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the watch page of your video.

YuTube feed

2. Click the Cut icon and then edit into a Short on your Android phone. 

selecting the cut icon and creating a clip

3. Select the video in the frame of 60 seconds and tap Next to edit the video. You can add text or filters to enhance the video before uploading it on the platform.

Selecting a frame from the video

To create a Short from A Long-Form Video on an iPhone or iPad:

Here are the steps to create a Short from an already downloaded video on iPhone:

1. Open the watch page of the video. 

2. Tap Remix and select Edit into a Short on iPhone.

3. Select the 60-second video segment you want to keep in the Shorts. 

4. Retouch and edit to add text or filters to make it more attractive. 

5. Click on Layout to select a different option among single, square, or split-screen. 

Although manual methods to remix a YouTube video into a short are effective, they are time-consuming. Also, these steps can vary slightly based on the version of the operating system installed on your phone. Ensure to follow these steps carefully to avoid deleting videos accidentally from your phone. 

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Benefits of Remixing Long-Form Videos into Shorts

Repurposing long-form videos into Shorts offers several benefits to both creators and viewers. Let’s have a look at the benefits to understand why transforming regular YouTube videos into Shorts is a good deal. 

Mobile Viewing

Mobile devices account for more than 70 percent of YouTube viewing. Shorts are optimized for mobile viewing on mobile devices, and this makes them an easy-to-access content format. Therefore, remixing long-form videos to Shorts is a good idea. 

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Wider Audience Reach

Shorts are designed for mobile viewing and are often showcased on YouTube Shorts itself, providing an opportunity for increased visibility and reaching a broader audience. 

Adaptation to Trends

Short-form content aligns with current online trends, making it easier for creators to participate in and benefit from trending challenges, hashtags, and popular formats. 

Enhanced Discoverability

Shorts are discoverable on YouTube Shorts feed and search results, improving the chances of your content being found by users exploring short-form videos. 

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Quick Production Turnaround

Remixing allows creators to repurpose existing content, which reduces the time and effort needed for content creation. This makes it feasible for Shorts to stay current with trends. 

Boost in Interactions

Shorts to encourage likes, shares, and comments, fostering higher interactivity. The format promotes community engagement and leads to increased subscriber count. 

Monetization Opportunities

Eligible creators can participate in the YouTube Shorts Fund and earn revenue based on the performance and engagement of their short-form content. 

Increased Engagement

Shorts cater to shorter attention spans, increasing the likelihood of viewer engagement. Concise content captures attention more effectively.

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Wrapping Up

YouTube Shorts, the trendy entertainment medium with bite-sized videos, has taken the digital world by storm. In the era of short attention spans, Shorts captivate audiences swiftly, offering an engaging and dynamic viewing experience. 

Creators can remix a YouTube video into a short for a wider reach. Combined with algorithmic promotion, Shorts have the potential to go viral due to their sharable nature. That’s why using an automated tool can help you create numerous videos in less time. 

With its cutting-edge features, empowers creators to craft endless Shorts without hassle effortlessly. Not only does it simplify the video creation process, but it also saves time and effort. Sign up today and experience seamless content transformation. 

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