Best Hashtags for YouTube Shorts in 2024

Best Hashtags for YouTube Shorts in 2024

Many users think hashtags are only used with specific platforms, like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or the like. In addition to these social media platforms, hashtags are also crucial for YouTube, a video-focused social platform. With over 2.70 billion users worldwide, it is the second-largest search engine after Google. That’s a massive audience just waiting to discover your amazing content. But with so much competition, how do you make your Shorts stand out and get seen?

The answer lies in unlocking the power of hashtags for YouTube shorts. This guide will equip you with the best hashtag strategies in 2024, helping you dominate the Shorts game and explode your channel’s reach!

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Understanding the YouTube Algorithm

As per Statista, over 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s about 30,000 hours of new content getting uploaded every hour. This means the chances of your videos being seen by your target audience are highly unlikely.

You need to decipher the algorithm’s language to stand out in this competition. This is similar to SEO for YouTube videos, where you can use hashtags, descriptions, video titles, and other ways to help your Shorts get displayed to the right audience.

Hashtags are the most crucial element of these, as they help the algorithm understand what your Shorts video is about and who it should be displayed to (the people who are searching for that particular keyword).

Now, here is the tricky part. Hashtags are not the only indicator of how good your videos are. The algorithm also thrives on critical metrics like:

  • Watch time: The longer viewers stay glued to your Shorts, the better. Engaging hashtags grab attention and keep them hooked.
  • Completion rate: Think of it as a mini-movie with no “skip intro” button. If viewers stick around till the end, the algorithm takes notice.
  • Engagement: Likes, comments, and shares are like gold dust for the algorithm.

To ensure that your audience engages and is watched by your audience till the end, you can use the correct hashtags.

How Do You Choose the Best Hashtags for YouTube Shorts?

Now that you know the importance of hashtags, the question is, how do you choose the right ones? To select the best hashtags for YouTube Shorts, make sure to follow these tips:

Focus on a Niche

Don’t settle for generic tags like #funny or #shorts that bury you in an avalanche of competition. Instead, delve into the micro-communities your Short belongs to.

Are you showcasing a hilarious cat video? Use #mainecooncatlovers or #kittenfails instead. This attracts viewers actively seeking such content, boosting engagement and watch time.

Strike the Balance

Using niche hashtags will get you to a specific group, but you need the right mix of both to go niche and wide. Thus, along with niche tags, include a couple of relevant, higher-volume tags (e.g., #CatVideos) to expand reach, but don’t forget your niche gems!

Note the Trend

Be a social media Sherlock Holmes, uncovering trending hashtags related to your niche. Remember, trending hashtags offer a chance to ride the wave of virality, but don’t force it – authenticity is key.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Remember, less is often more. Stick to 5-10 relevant hashtags instead of stuffing your description. This keeps your message concise and avoids appearing spammy.

Test & Analyze

Track your hashtag performance using YouTube Studio or analytics. See which tags generate the most engagement and views, then adapt your strategy based on these insights.

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Examples of YouTube Shorts Hashtags By Top Creators

Need some inspiration for your YouTube Shorts content? Here are a few examples of YouTube Shorts that make solid use of the right hashtags that will help inspire you to create and share your Shorts content on the platform:

YouTube’s #LoveNotes for Valentine’s Day

An excellent example of a niche-specific hashtag is YouTube’s campaign on Valentine’s Day using the hashtag #LoveNotes. The tag was part of a promotional campaign that thanked creators on the platform for sharing content that is loved by YouTube users.

This campaign generated 14K views in just a few hours, helping spread the message of love beyond the traditional.

Keep The Hashtag Specific

WWE, the sports entertainment company, keeps sharing content, especially those from its top wrestlers, to generate curiosity about their upcoming shows. For this, they use hashtags that will help their users find relevant content. See here how they consistently use hashtags for its shows like #SmackDown, making it easy for its viewers to see other content related to the show.

A great example of mixing niche and trending hashtags is this YouTube Shorts description by @MaticBMobley. He uses the popular hashtag #motivation, which has 41M videos and 5M channels, ensuring that his content reaches the maximum audience who are searching for similar videos.

Benefits of Using Hashtags for YouTube Shorts

Hashtags can help you amplify your Shorts and connect with the right audience, but how can this help you? Using the right YouTube hashtags doesn’t just help you hack the algorithm but also provides additional benefits such as:

Algorithm Optimization

By using relevant and specific hashtags, you provide valuable context about your content, making it easier for the algorithm to understand and recommend your Short to viewers who might genuinely enjoy it. This, in turn, boosts your watch time, completion rate, and engagement, all factors the algorithm loves!

Discovery and Reach

Hashtags act as maps, guiding viewers actively searching for specific content for your masterpiece. Using relevant niche hashtags increases the chances of your Short appearing in search results and feeds, expanding your reach beyond your immediate subscribers.

Tap into the Most Relevant Viewership

Hashtags are like virtual doorways to vibrant communities. When you use niche-specific hashtags, you tap into groups of viewers with shared interests, fostering a sense of connection and encouraging engagement.

Ride the Trend

By identifying and incorporating trending hashtags related to your niche, you can ride the wave of popularity and potentially reach a wider audience. Remember, virality often involves a touch of luck, but using trending hashtags wisely increases your chances of being discovered by the right eyes at the right time.

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When used effectively, YouTube Shorts can help you improve your channel’s discoverability and help your videos get in front of your target audience. By understanding the algorithm, choosing the right tags, and constantly refining your strategy, you can unlock the potential for discovery, community building, and virality. Remember, it’s not just about using the most popular hashtags but how well they blend with your content.

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