Bulletproof Instagram Marketing Strategy

Bulletproof instagram marketing

Bulletproof is a company that sells nutrition products like coffee and nutrients. The Bulletproof Instagram marketing shows how they managed to achieve such success in this competitive space. So, let’s dive in.

About Bulletproof

Bulletproof, as their website says, stands for ‘functional nutrition’. 

They use science-backed ingredients to get you the better results that you deserve using thoughtfully sourced ingredients.

They do all this by leveraging Instagram and by being strategic on their social media to drive traffic to their website.

Here are some statistics to prove how well the Bulletproof Instagram marketing has worked-

Bulletproof Instagram marketing

Here is a TLDR of Bulletproof Instagram marketing:

  1. Bio on Instagram
  2. Highlight Stories
  3. Types of content being posted
  4. Types of post made
  5. Posting schedule
  6. Hashtags analysis
  7. Bright, aesthetically pleasing feed
  8. Capitalizing on trends
  9. Making posts educating people on their product usage
  10. Influencer collaborations
  11. Giveaways

Let’s see each strategy in detail.

1. Bio on Instagram

This is what their Instagram bio looks like –

Bulletproof Instagram marketing

As you can see, it is short and sweet and gets the message across.

Whenever you visit an Instagram page, their bio is the first thing you see. 

So having a bio that conveys what you do becomes really important and Bulletproof has nailed it.

It also has the shop link in the bio, which helps you browse their products immediately.

2. Highlight Stories

Bulletproof highlights

As we can see here, Bulletproof has displayed its products in its story.

They also answer the common questions people may have through their Q&A highlight.

This intelligent strategy shows what they sell right at the top of their Instagram page.

They use an emoji to name each of their highlights and use a cover picture with a matching color to tell what that particular highlight is about.

This helps us discover more about Bulletproof without even scrolling down. The easier it is for the viewers to understand the products and services, the better it is for the brand and its sales.

3. Types of content being posted

Bulletproof content themes

Health and food comprise a massive part of their content posted, which makes sense because they focus on nutrition.

They also have other types of posts being posted, which adds variety to their Instagram page.

Bulletproof content themes

Above are some content themes they post on, and as we can see, nutrition is their primary theme, along with coffee. 

They thus post various posts around their central content theme – nutrition and coffee.

4. Types of posts made

Bulletproof instagram marketing strategy

Bulletproof has leveraged all types of posts, whether carousels, videos, or reels.

This adds variety to their page and helps them stand out from other accounts.

Moreover, they know which post types bring more engagement and focus more on those. Instagram gives you that basic analysis but for a detailed one, you should use Predis.ai‘s AI-based Instagram performance analysis.

So, for example, videos are the format their audience engages with the most so they use videos to drive more engagement to their page.

5. Posting schedule

This image shows their posting schedule on Instagram and when they get the most engagement on their page:

Posting schedule and distribution of Bulletproof

Bulletproof posting schedule

Their posting schedule is well in sync with the engagement they receive over the week.

So, for example, the most engagement they receive is at 10 pm Wednesday, and they made a post just a day ago so that the algorithm shows the post to their audience.

Not too soon, but not too late either. Taking care of these small things goes a long way in growing your Instagram account.

6. Hashtag analysis

They put their hashtags in the comments to make the post description clear.

Here are some examples of the hashtags they use with posts given on the side-

Bulletproof post example

Bulletproof post example

Bulletproof reel example

Each post has a customized hashtag set, giving the post more reach to different audience sets.

It also makes the posts more Instagram-friendly, as the algorithm can quickly tell what post it is and why it has been posted, thus spreading it to more people.

Also, they have fewer but more relevant hashtags set on their posts, which shows the effort they put in to ensure that most people who need to see the post get access to it.

7. Bright, aesthetically pleasing feed

Not only is the Bulletproof Instagram strategy smart but their feed is amazing too.

It is filled with bright, aesthetic-looking pictures as you can see here –

Bulletproof instagram feed

This feed doesn’t only look pretty but also spreads the message that nutrition does not have to be boring.

It can be better and fun at the same time.

Bulletproof uses popular trends to its advantage. 

At the time of writing, the latest talk of the town is the Barbie movie being released, and Bulletproof is not unaware of it.

They made this post to jump in on the trend-

Bulletproof trends

Barbie doll making a cup of Bulletproof coffee!  And this brilliant strategy of theirs has worked like a charm.

People have commented on how funny it is, with one comment even saying they are going now to get Bulletproof coffee! Now that’s a big win.

9. Making posts educating people on their product usage

Bulletproof educational post

At Bulletproof, they are fearless in using their creativity and educating people on how to use their products best.

As seen in the above post, they make a smoothie using organic and Bulletproof products.

Apart from the fact that it looks yummy, we must remember that educating potential customers on more uses of their products encourages them to try it out for themselves.

10. Influencer collaborations

This is a post an influencer made that they put on their account as well-

Bulletproof influencer

Apart from the fact that they are using influencer reviews to boost their reach, the above-given influencer is a micro-influencer who has a small but dedicated following that can help Bulletproof reach a more loyal audience.

This reel is professionally shot, and although it advertises Bulletproof products less subtly, we can be sure that Teagan’s followers would love this collaboration.

11. Giveaways

Bulletproof giveaway

Giveaways are pretty standard on their page, especially using the ‘comment a friend to participate’ method, which helps the account grab more eyeballs.

It can also be said that they are using word of mouth to spread Bulletproof to people who don’t yet know it.

This is a great strategy to gain some visibility on Instagram.


Thus, Bulletproof has a solid Instagram marketing strategy that helps it get the fame it deserves.

They make sure that nutrition does not remain boring and that they do something exciting to make it more fun and better.

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