Plum Organics Instagram Marketing

Plum organics Instagram Marketing

Plum organics help preserve new parents’ mental health by ensuring their kids are healthy. They do this by selling different fruit and vegetable food pouches. The Plum Organics Instagram marketing has been a crucial part of their success.

Let us decode their efforts in this case study.

About Plum Organics

Plum Organics was started by parents who wanted their kids to eat healthily from their first bite.

Hence they started Plum Organics, where they wanted to instill ‘Nutritional intelligence’ in the kids from a very young age.

They wanted their kids to eat healthily and figured it all started from childhood.

One major part of their growth strategy has been Instagram. They used Instagram to ensure they achieved the growth they see today.

Plum Organics Instagram statistics

Here is a TLDR; of Plum Organics Instagram marketing:

  1. Fun bio
  2. Content themes for posts
  3. Types of posts
  4. Posting frequency
  5. Hashtag analysis
  6. Eye-pleasing posts and a bright feed
  7. Funny posts with adorable babies
  8. Giveaways
  9. Relatable reels
  10. Educational posts

Let’s see these tactics in detail,

1. Fun bio

Plum Organics bio

The first thing you see on an Instagram page is its bio.

Plum Organics utilizes this space well by clearly including what they do and their mission.

They also have a website link so curious parents can learn more about them.

The different colored emojis of other veggies help add context and make the bio more colorful and pleasing to the eye.

2. Content themes for posts

Since their subject and mission are related to kids, they make sure not to make their content ‘overly educational’ or boring.

 Content themes for Plum Organics posts

Instead, they use other content themes, such as food and games.

 Content themes and labels for posts

They also use bright, colorful, cheerful themes such as nature and smile to make their posts more attractive.

3. Types of posts

For Plum Organics, their best-performing posts are videos. They know that and leverage the videos more, as these two graphs show.

types of posts used by Plum organics

engagement on type of posts for plum organics Instagram

However, they also maintain some variety in the posts and keep posting other types of positions.

They post carousel images, single images, and even reels, which are not shown here.

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4. Posting Frequency

As can be seen from this analysis screenshot, Plum Organics knows which type of post gets more engagement, and they use that knowledge to post so that their followers see and interact with their post.

plum organics post timings

plum organics engagement contribution

They are, thus, fantastic at using the data they gather from Instagram and other sources about their followers.

5. Hashtag analysis

Their top 5 most used hashtags give us more knowledge of how they use a variety of hacks to grab the eyeballs of parents.

plum organics Instagram hashtag analysis

Their branded hashtag, #PlumOrganics, is the most used hashtag to help the posts from their account differ from others.

Then the second #MaternalMentalHealthMatters is a hashtag that aligns with their mission of prioritizing mothers’ mental health. Thus it is a very relevant and vital hashtag to them.

#MentalHealthAwarenessMonth and #MentalHealthMonday are some hashtags that help them stand out by focusing on their mission of preserving the mental health of new parents.

#DIY proves that they are fearless in being creative to catch the attention of those who need their help.

6. Eye-pleasing posts and a bright feed

This is a picture from the top of their feed.

As can be seen, they have a bright feed consisting of several eye-pleasing posts.

plum organics aesthetic and bright feed

Even their adverts look so pleasant to look at. You cannot look but look at it even after knowing it is an ad.

7. Funny posts with adorable babies

Plum organic's Funny posts

Even their audience loves the chill and funny posts they make, as seen in the comments section.

Funny posts with adorable babies

This funny video shows how a mother is meditating, or trying to meditate, with her kids about her. A challenging task indeed!

Another thing we notice in the above video is the stars of the video, the kids.

The kids are adorable and help the young parents relate. Their cute but naughty antics remind young parents about the tricks of their kids.

Here are some more cute baby pictures from their feed to brighten your day!

baby posts

8. Giveaways

The giveaways help bring in engagement for the posts and help new moms/parents look at this post and discover this account.

Giveaways posts

They do this by asking the participants to tag another eligible participant from their contacts, which helps them reach new accounts of their audience.


9. Relatable reels

Apart from the relatable reel given above, here is another relatable reel-

Relatable reels by Plum organics

They use such reels not just to make the parents smile but also to convey that they understand the small things in motherhood that sometimes annoy the moms, but most of the time, it makes them worthwhile for them.

Such reels, which use real people and kids to portray these things, make it a pleasure to watch.

10. Educational posts

Educational posts by plum organics

Educational posts plum organics

Such posts, where Plum educates the parents entertainingly, are binge-able and fun to consume.

Such posts ensure that the parents keep checking the Plum Organics page occasionally and keep coming back for more.

Final words

Thus, Plum Organics follows a solid strategy to ensure they gain visibility in the crowded online world and stand out head and shoulder above the rest.

If you also need to follow a strategy for your Instagram account, Plum Organics has a sound system you can take inspiration from.

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