Top Lessons From Drunk Elephant Social Media Strategy


Drunk Elephant is a well-known skincare brand that was established in the year 2012. This skincare brand has adopted unique social media marketing strategies to reach its current following and engagement on Instagram. There are a lot of takeaways that one can take from Drunk Elephant’s social media strategy.

In this blog, we will discuss Drunk Elephant social media strategy and how their ideas can be used by anyone to grow their social media accounts.

Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant is a brand that is all about making products that are good for your skin. The company was founded by Tiffany Masterson, who was inspired to create products that would be safe for her to use while pregnant. Since then, the brand has become known for its clean, effective products that are also cruelty-free and vegan products.

One of the things that sets Drunk Elephant apart from other brands is their commitment to using only ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. This means that their products are free of any synthetic ingredients, fragrances, or other potentially harmful additives.

Drunk Elephant Instagram Analysis
Drunk Elephant Instagram Analysis

They have an Instagram following of about 1.7 million. Another thing that sets this brand apart is its completely recyclable packaging, making it extremely environmentally friendly. Today, Drunk Elephant is beloved by skincare enthusiasts and beauty editors alike for its high-quality, effective products.

Here is a TL;DR in case you are in a hurry 😉

Drunk Elephant Social Media Strategy –

  • Consistent Posting Schedule
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Playing with Content Types
  • Influencer Marketing
  • FAQ Fridays
  • Smart use of Hashtags
  • Replying to comments
  • The Impact of Narrative in Marketing Approach
  • Utilizing User-Generated Content
  • Analyzing the Performance of Drunk Elephant’s Compact Product Line
  • Distinctive Packaging and Branding
  • At the Core of Its Marketing Strategy Lies Word of Mouth
  • Providing Simplistic, Back-to-Basics Skincare

Let’s see each Drunk Elephant social media strategy in detail,

Drunk Elephant’s social media strategy

It is safe to say that Drunk Elephant has amassed a huge following on Instagram through their smart social media marketing strategies. They have about 1.7 million followers on Instagram, and this growth is all due to their unique marketing.

Through the competitor analysis tool, we have analyzed Drunk Elephant’s social media strategy. It revolves around Influencer marketing, consistent posting, and carefully planned content types.

1. Posting frequently 📆

Even if you are relatively new in the social media marketing game, or have gone through some of our other case studies, you know that consistency is key.

The frequency at which we post is critical to maintaining good engagement and getting results. This is evident through competitor analysis performed on Drunk Elephant Instagram. The frequency is not the only thing to keep in mind; the time at which you post is equally important.

Drunk Elephant Social Media Strategy - Online activity
Drunk Elephant Social Media Strategy – Online activity

In the Posting Activity, we can see that Drunk Elephant has at least one post almost every day. Sometimes they post even two posts a day. As seen in their engagement analysis, they have most of their engagement on videos i.e. reels.

Drunk Elephant Social Media Strategy - instagram engagement activity
Drunk Elephant Social Media Strategy – Instagram engagement

#DrunkElephant has used consistent posting at the right time to keep its engagement at maximum. In the analysis below we can see that they posted content mostly between 6 AM and 4 PM (PST) and they get engagement around that time.

Drunk Elephant Social Media Strategy - Posting schedule.
Drunk Elephant posting schedule

Showcasing Drunk Elephant's Social Media Strategy and its impact on engagement.
Drunk Elephant’s Engagement Contribution

Choosing the right time to post will differ for every account depending on their location, follower’s location, age, gender, etc. A little trial and error can be required or you can just run a competitor analysis on your closet competitor.

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2. Diversity, inclusion and body positivity

When one looks at the Instagram profile of Drunk Elephant, it is clearly visible how they have included a variety of diversity in their posts. There is a variety of models that can be seen on their social media reflecting their emphasis on body positivity.

Drunk Elephant's social media strategy emphasizing diversity, inclusion, and body positivity.
Drunk Elephant social media strategy emphasizing diversity, inclusion, and body positivity.

Nowadays Influencer marketing is all about inclusion and diversity, especially in the black community. In a post by #drunkelephant shown below, there was a message shared and they also placed their product. The post showed how much importance the brand gives to body positivity.

Visual representation of Drunk Elephant's Social Media Strategy focusing on content themes.
Drunk Elephant Instagram post

3. Playing with content and content types

Along with the product images and pictures of influencers for branding, the skincare brand has also used a variety of other fun elements in its reels.

Reels are a perfect way of getting the desired engagement on Instagram. They have plenty of reels with their product details and benefits. Along with this, they have a few fun videos. These videos keep the feed light along with some laughter.

Every branding when made too serious can make the viewers feel there’s nothing new to be amazed by. But with #drunkelephant, it is a mixture of all kinds of posts on their Instagram page.

There are also other funny and humorous reels on their Instagram page. These are generally referred to as drunk feels, which is a play on their brand name Drunk Elephant. This is sure to keep the followers engaged.

Drunk Elephant post distribution and engagement contribution
Drunk Elephant post distribution and engagement contribution

According to the competitor analysis by, Drunk Elephant has posted more reels (seen in red) and they get good engagement on them.

Drunk Elephant has made sure that they do not just post for the sake of branding, but to keep the audience engaged. They have used various themes related to their products and made their feed look very interesting.

Drunk Elephant Engaging Instagram Post
Drunk Elephant Engaging Instagram Post

Through competitor analysis, we can see a lot of engagement for ‘other’ themed posts (humorous posts). This has had a great part in their growth on social media.

Drunk Elephant Social Media Strategy - Content themes
Drunk Elephant Social Media Strategy – Content themes

4. Influencer marketing 🤳

Like any other brand on Instagram, Drunk Elephant has relied heavily on Influencer marketing. They have used unique posting ideas with influencers to keep their followers engaged.

Drunk Elephant influencer marketing posts
Drunk Elephant influencer marketing posts

As seen, video content types, especially reels work best for Drunk Elephant.

The captions are also crisp and interesting to read. Speaking of captions, did you know that can generate captions for you in seconds in different tones of voice?

Drunk Elephant instagram captions
Drunk Elephant Instagram captions

5. FAQ Fridays

The brand has also made regular FAQ posts. FAQ Friday has become trending content in their profile. In social media marketing, there is a huge role in the connection between the brand and its followers.

It is necessary to maintain some form of communication with the followers.

Drunk Elephant FAQ Friday
Drunk Elephant FAQ Friday

This will not only keep the followers engaged but also get the consumers the answers to their queries. It is a smart strategy by Drunk Elephant to keep its audience engaged.

6. Branded Hashtags

Hashtags are important in social media marketing and Drunk Elephant has made sure that they utilize them well. They have Hashtags that are around their product and brand name.

These Hashtags are also used by the influencers in their content, making their brand hashtags popular. Following are some of the top hashtags used by #DrunkElephant.

Drunk Elephant's top hashtags
Drunk Elephant hashtags

7. Being active in the comment section

Drunk Elephant has always responded to their audience without any doubt. In addition to the FAQ Fridays, they have also been active in their comment section.

Responding promptly to customers on Instagram has helped them to improve their engagement and build trust.

8. The Impact of Narrative in Drunk Elephant’s Marketing Approach

Drunk Elephant isn’t just another name in the skincare industry — they’re a standout, known for brilliantly infusing stories into their marke­ting approach, especially on social platforms like Instagram.

It’s not all about pushing products; it’s about spinning a de­lightful tale. The central theme of their brand’s story is “clean-compatible­” skincare. They beautifully illustrate the synergy between nature, scientific advances, and radiant, healthy skin.

What really catche­s your eye about Drunk Elephant’s social me­dia presence is how we­ll they tell a story through visuals – it’s always cohesive­ and engaging. Take their Instagram for instance; it’s beautifully balanced with product pictures, customer reviews, and educational tidbits wove­n in.

They once shared a picture­ of their much-loved “C-Firma Fresh Season” against a bright, fre­sh orange background. This cleverly not only spotlights the­ key ingredient – Vitamin C – but also paints a picture of freshness, power, and natural goodne­ss.

Example for Drunk Elephant's Narrative Post
Drunk Elephant Narrative Post

Another post highlighted someone’s transformation, paired with a sincere personal story. Rather than simply promoting the­ product, they shared the pe­rson’s journey, making it a relatable and inspiring tale­ for their followers.

9. Utilizing User-Generated Content to Enhance Drunk Elephant’s Marketing Initiatives

Drunk Elephant uses a very engaging approach on their social media platforms, particularly Instagram. They regularly integrate content from their actual users and show their experiences with the products.

By putting forward real people’s genuine results, they not only prove that their products actually work but also cultivate a vibrant community of true brand supporters.

User-ge­nerated content is like a social endorsement. It has a profound impact when future customers see­ everyday individuals – not just influence­rs or famous people – endorsing a product. They tend to trust such recommendations much more.

For instance, Drunk Elephant frequently shares photos of their users showing off their products, sharing their skincare routines, or unve­iling their amazing skin transformations. They do this not just to cele­brate their community, but to offer conte­nt that their audience can actually re­late to, which further connects with their followers.

Drunk Elephant's User Generated Content post
Drunk Elephant User-Generated Content

For example, a recent post highlighted someone’s morning skincare routine, which consisted entirely of Drunk Elephant products. They were arranged ne­atly and accompanied by a personal testimony about the benefits they’d noticed. In another post, a person shared a se­lfie glowing with health, attributing her radiant skin to the­ brand’s serum.

10. Analyzing the Performance of Drunk Elephant’s Compact Product Line

Drunk Elephant has a re­freshingly simple take on skincare­, putting quality before quantity in their compact product line­. This approach has significantly contributed to their success on Instagram.

Conce­ntrating on a select range of products, the­y’ve taken the opportunity to re­ally explore the be­nefits, ingredients, and prope­r use of each item. In doing so, they inform their followers thoroughly about each product.

On Instagram, this means they pour a lot of detail into their posts about every product. They tend to spotlight the unique ingredients of each item, explain the science­ that makes it work, and show where it fits into a we­ll-rounded skincare regime­n.

For example, they recently shared a post all about their “Protini Polypeptide Cream”, reve­aling its protein-packed recipe­ and explaining how this helps keep your skin looking fresh and youthful. They also highlighted their “T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum” in a different post, stre­ssing how it helps refine and re­new your skin.

Drunk Elephant Product Promotion
Drunk Elephant Product Promotion

By focusing on a smaller, curate­d selection, followers aren’t swamped with countless options. Instead, they’re given a handpicked assortme­nt, each product holding its own tale and reason for being.

In this way, Drunk Elephant has cleverly established each of their products as an absolute­ necessity, giving their entire range a sense­ of being utterly indispensable­.

11. Drunk Elephant’s Distinctive Packaging and Branding

What truly distinguishes Drunk Ele­phant in the bustling skincare industry is its unique packaging and branding. You’d know their stuff at a glance, thanks to their trademark clean lines, live­ly colors, and fun graphics.

But it’s not just about looking good. Their aesthetic mirrors their belief in skincare that is cle­an, uncomplicated, and truly does the job.

On Instagram, their packaging te­nds to steal the spotlight. The vibrant bursts of color against simple backgrounds result in posts that are so eye­-catching, that they immediately stand out when scrolling through one’s feed.

For instance, they recently showcase­d their “B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Se­rum” featuring its distinct blue cap, which was cleve­rly set against a matching blue backdrop to underscore­ the product’s moisturizing properties.

Drunk Elephant Branding
Drunk Elephant Branding

The­y also shared a post featuring a range of their products arranged to create a stunning rainbow e­ffect, thanks to the varied color sche­me of their packaging.

Drunk Elephant Rainbow Themed Branding
Drunk Elephant Rainbow-Themed Branding

A consistent and unique brand like Drunk Elephant really stands out. It give­s people an unforgettable­ impression and a sense of unifie­d, engaging experience.

Every single post, product picture, and story is undeniably pure Drunk Elephant, making their Instagram feed a feast for your eyes and a perfect example of how great branding should be done.

12. At the Core of Its Marketing Strategy Lies Word of Mouth

The rapid and successful climb of Drunk Elephant in the skincare industry is down to many factors, but truly at its core­, it’s all about the tried and trusted marke­ting strategy – word of mouth.

In our modern digital era, this old me­thod has simply morphed into shares, tags, revie­ws, and customer experiences shared on social platforms, especially Instagram.

Drunk Elephant Word of Mouth Instagram post
Drunk Elephant Word of Mouth Instagram post

The brand astute­ly taps into this by inspiring its community to share their personal experiences. Whether it’s about sharing user testimonials, ce­lebrating transformations from before and after product use, or simply interacting with user’s comme­nts, Drunk Elephant amplifies the authe­ntic voices of its users and transforms them into unofficial brand promote­rs.

For example, not long ago we had a post that highlighted a user’s rave review about the “Lala Re­tro Whipped Cream”. She couldn’t stop talking about how it drastically improved her dry skin. The post quickly filled up with comments from other people who were having the same positive experience.

Drunk Elephant Word of Mouth post
Drunk Elephant Word of Mouth post

In another example, I shared a user’s one-we­ek journey using Drunk Elephant products. You could re­ally see the re­markable changes in their skin te­xture and tone.

Posts like this give genuine­ backing to the brand’s claims and additionally, motivate other users to share their own experiences. This chain reaction of positive­ chatter, boosted by Drunk Elephant’s savvy inte­raction on Instagram, has been a key factor in creating its strong, loyal community.

13. Providing Simplistic, Back-to-Basics Skincare

In today’s beauty-focuse­d world where using many skincare products is considered normal, Drunk Elephant takes a re­freshing, simpler approach.

The brand unde­rscores the value of uncomplicate­d skincare, championing for fewer ingre­dients but ensuring they are more effective­. This viewpoint really connects with people who feel inundate­d by a sea of products and complex regime­ns.

Drunk Elephant me­ticulously crafts their products, nixing what they call the “Suspicious 6”. So, you won’t find things like essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, che­mical-based sunscreens, artificial fragrance­s or dyes, and SLS in any of their offerings. This means you can trust what goes on your skin to be totally clean and truly be­neficial!

Drunk Elephant Suspicious 6 Concept
Drunk Elephant Suspicious 6 Concept

The Instagram profile­ of Drunk Elephant reflects their philosophy perfectly. They consiste­ntly showcase the key compone­nts of their products, which helps their followers understand the bene­fits.

Moreover, this open and honest approach fosters a se­nse of trust, positioning Drunk Elephant as a brand that dee­ply resonates with today’s consumer’s wish for straightforward and pote­nt skincare.

Decoding Drunk Elephant’s E-commerce Marketing Strategy

Drunk Elephant re­ally knows how to take their brand principles and mix them skillfully with online tools. They fully grasp the significance­ of having everything connected – from the look of their website to their online advertising.

Example post of Drunk Elephant Ecommerce Marketing
Drunk Elephant Ecommerce Marketing

Now, let’s take a closer look and unpack some of the key components of their strategy.

  • User-Centric Website Design: The online­ store of Drunk Elephant perfe­ctly marries beauty and usefulne­ss. Its neat layout, user-friendly browsing, and compre­hensive details about its products make shopping there a smooth and e­njoyable experience.
  • Educational Content: They do far more than just sell products. They also educate­ their customers. By providing detailed lists of ingredients, how-to guides, and e­xplanations about the science behind their products, they inspire their customers to make choices that are­ knowledgeable and informe­d.
  • Leveraging User Reviews: You’ll find glowing revie­ws prominently showcased, creating a sense of community trust. They also take the time to respond to negative comments, showing just how dedicated they are to making their customers happy.
  • Exclusive Online Offers: Drunk Elephant frequently introduces products or packages that you can only find online, tempting customers to buy straight from their website instead of other online stores.
  • Retargeting Campaigns: They clearly use advanced digital marketing tools to reach out again to those prospective­ customers who’ve shown an interest in their products but haven’t bought anything yet. This ensures their brand stays fresh in people’s minds.

The Impact of Drunk Elephant’s Marketing Approach on the Beauty Industry

Drunk Elephant’s Marketing Approach on the Beauty Industry
Drunk Elephant’s Marketing Approach on the Beauty Industry

Drunk Elephant is making wave­s in the beauty industry. Their ope­n approach to revealing what goes into their products has seen them gain a strong following.

They’re renowned for openly discussing the ‘Suspicious 6’ ingredie­nts that they avoid, enlightening their customers on what they’re putting on their skin.

Through their Instagram, they maintain a connection with their audience by sharing informative content, authentic user experiences, and engaging posts. This has led to enduring loyalty amongst their fan base and other brands are definitely paying attention.

Essentially, Drunk Elephant is proving that transparency and authe­nticity with customers can take you far in the be­auty world.

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Wrapping it up

To wrap up, we would like to press on the idea that the content has to be unique and provide value in social media marketing. There are a lot of brands posting similar content, but not everyone has the same results. Having a unique content strategy can make your social media marketing results better.

With the Drunk Elephant case study, we can see how to make our content unique and keep the feed entertaining. Not only will this keep the followers engaged, but will also attract more followers.

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