How to write a good Instagram bio?

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How to write a good Instagram Bio

An appealing Instagram bio is a must to create an impactful first impression on your profile visitors. A good Instagram bio helps you introduce yourself in a concise and precise manner elaborating more about yourself in fewer words!

Sadly, a lot of users view this as just another formality to get your account going. Hopefully, this blog will convince you that an Instagram bio is more than just that.

Firstly, Instagram permits only 150 characters in which a user can express themselves, and this is where most people get stuck.

Due to the low character count, the bio has to be very carefully and delicately written. You have to cover all that’s important to know for first-time profile visitors, while also enticing them to stick around and view your posts. We have laid some of the best ways to help you create an attractive Instagram bio to charm your visitors.🎊🥳 

Let’s dive right in and understand what an Instagram bio is.

What is an Instagram bio?🤔

An Instagram bio is a section of your Instagram profile page that appears to the visitors as soon as they click on your profile. It is a description that lies under the username on the Instagram profile page. 

A bio is where you include-

  • Hashtags
  • Information about yourself
  • Contact information
  • Website URL
  • Interests
  • A favorite quote

Basically, anything that describes you or tells others something important about you. For example, a Harry Potter fan would put ‘Potterhead’ in their bio. This way, every new HP fan who is a follower can see that they have something in common.

In essence, your bio helps to convey your brand’s personality and show the audience services or products that you offer. This might even be the primary motive of your Instagram account.

Therefore, it is essential to have a creative Instagram bio to make your profile stand out. Wondering what classifies as a good Instagram bio? Explore the answer to your questions below!

How to write a good Instagram Bio
How to not write a bio…

What makes a good Instagram bio?💭

A good Instagram bio attracts visitors to your page and helps you gain more followers. Also, an Instagram bio attracts not only clients but also stalkers which increases the probability of you attracting more followers

Whenever stuck with what to add in writing an attractive Instagram bio, ask yourself the following questions –

  • How do you want your audience to know you?
  • What makes you unique?
  • Are you running any business?
  • What about your brand personality?

For an individual that has no business-related motive, a simple bio with their location, education/career and a catchy one-liner should be more than enough. Most people won’t even go beyond the one-liner.

However, for individuals who are into businesses, their sole motive is to gain maximum visitors to their page. For this reason, extra steps need to be taken to make the account seem fresh and provide convenience for the profile visitors. For example, the call button would help promote more clients to interact with the business owner. This is how you direct the interested users to get in touch with you.  

Also, business owners can send individuals their Instagram page/profile link from where users get to know more about the services offered by the business owners and their page. Business pages on Instagram can let users sign up for their offered Newsletter or Facebook page. If the goal is to build an Instagram following, the contact button will promote your visitors towards following your feed or share their photos with a hashtag that involves your page. You can check here if your Instagram hashtags are working in accordance with your needs.

Now, before you step into understanding the Instagram bio ideas and tips, understand the role that your Instagram bio plays in your overall strategy.

Why does your Instagram bio matter?

Instagram bio matters for every Instagram user and their visitors. It is essential to have a well-written Insta bio to establish your brand presence.

Essentially, the best Instagram bio for you, is a key for the people to learn-

  • What your identity is 
  • What you do
  • Where to find you

For this reason, you should focus on creating an Instagram bio that helps to portray your brand identity and establish a unique value for you. 

Finally, so far, so good. Believe me, you are just a few steps away from knowing how to write a good Instagram bio. Next, it is important to discuss what goes into an Instagram bio before understanding the tips.

What are the components of an Instagram bio?

It is essential to write an engaging Insta bio for business purposes or to present yourself. The fundamental factors that accompany an Instagram bio are as follows-

1.    Username

The username is an essential look at your Instagram bio. You will find it at the top of the bio. It generally determines how people search for you or your brand. If you have a business, you are advised to use your business name. In case you found that it’s already in use, then keep in mind that it should be the first part of your business name. 

Provided it is not in use, your brand name should suffice as far as the username goes. There’s no need to add numbers and fancy symbols to make yourself stand out. A user viewing only your username and profile image should be absolutely clear on who you are.

Pro-tip: If your brand’s name is taken, reach out to the account with that particular name. Politely request them to abandon it, even if you have to pay them a small amount for them to do so. It will be well worth it in the long run.

2. Description

Profile description is generally considered as the core of any good Instagram bio. With a limit of 150 characters, you can express yourself in the best possible way, leading to gain the user’s attention.

3. Profile Photo

You should never overlook this part of your Instagram profile. This is one of the first things people notice about you when they visit your profile. It is essential to make your profile picture easy to identify and eye-catching for the visitors of our Instagram page. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to put up a great Instagram profile picture.

4. Story highlights

This is simply another Instagram Story format where you can introduce yourself with interactive thumbnails on your Instagram profile. It’s a good idea to save your post from highlighting after saving it to a story. This enables the story to appear in your Instagram bio.

Make your highlight covers attractive, so first-time visitors would want to click on them and get to know more about you.

5.    Contact Info

Contact info will let the prospective customers connect with your business. You can effectively use your Instagram bio by adding your business contact info.

How To Write The Best Instagram Bio For You

Since you only have a limited number of characters, ensure to write an eye-appealing Instagram bio. If you are looking for some tips, follow the systematic process and write attention-grabbing or funny Instagram bios.

Tell Visitors About Yourself And Why They Should Care

Firstly, when you start writing out a good Instagram bio, you have to decide on how you’d want to express yourself. You can choose to explain your business contributions and whom you will serve.

When new users find your Instagram account, you can give them the info they take an interest in. Also, keep in mind that your bio does not need the text alone. You can have it stand out by using the Instagram font bio and some emojis.

Focus on keywords

Everyone understands the importance of adding keywords. Though they are not searchable when it comes to an Instagram bio, in this case, adding some relevant keywords that are helpful to your audience and niche, can be of great use.

All you have to do is take a notepad and enter some words that people may search for, and at the same time, make them relate to your brand, product, or service. If you identify and follow some of the famous words that your followers expect you to see, don’t forget to clarify who you are and what you do.

This is the right way to let your audience recognize that they are in the right place.

Make the most of your bio link

Instagram offers several options to the users to drive good traffic to their site. Users can swipe up story links or shop on Instagram. But the only thing that frustrates marketers is the severity that Instagram holds.

For instance, your bio is the only way to lets your visitors visit your website or the page you want them to redirect.

If you wish, you can link to several areas like-

  • A signup page for a newsletter
  • A link curation page to promote several links
  • Your most recent video or article. 
  • Your YouTube channel/video link

It doesn’t matter what you choose to add, what impacts the most is how you are achieving them in your profile. A link in your Instagram bio should be strategically placed!

Pro-tip: If you’re a freelancer and don’t have a website, add a link to your portfolio so prospective clients can have a look. This way, they’d get an idea of your past work, and of whether you’d be a good fit for them.

Add the call-to-action button to your Instagram bio

Users interested in interacting with you can easily reach you through the phone number or link provided in the action button instead of a DM. Most of the time, users send a direct message to the person offering any kind of service which is usually tiring. While sometimes, it’s hard to manage them as you will find your inbox filled with several messages. This is why you should coordinate the clients directly to your preferred channel. 

There are many apps that help you overcome this issue and direct clients to your site or your desired webpage. For example, sites like Linktree, Sked, Hootsuite, and Buffer help you publish, manage and even direct the followers through the right channel way. 

Add your contact information to your Instagram bio

You can choose to add your phone number, email, or direction to your store if you have a particular location to offer your business service.

It is essential to fill out the contact information in the form of an “action button” to let the customers find you quickly whenever they tap on your profile.

You can choose the appropriate option from where you want the customer to contact you like.

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Office address

Accordingly, people will look into it and will contact you with your provided information. Conveniently, this contact information will show up as clickable buttons on your profile.

Perhaps the best use of these (and of Instagram’s 150-character limit) is seen on Ikea India’s profile.

good Instagram bio

The bio manages to perfectly convey what Ikea does, where its heritage belongs and provide convenient ways to contact the company and view their website. There are also helpful indications on where physical stores can be found and where one can get products delivered online. One may argue that the bio is boring or unattractive, but keep in mind that Ikea’s target market largely consists of decision-makers in the family who are generally older.

Moreover, a well-written Instagram bio creates a big difference in boosting up your social media presence. It provides individuals with an opportunity to tell the audience who you are, what you do, and how they can connect with you. It also helps drive more traffic to your website or YouTube video and could get you a step closer to having your account verified. One should invest their valuable time in writing and maintaining a good Instagram bio. Individuals should try bringing the most of them while writing their bios. Write it down and slay!

Instagram bio ideas: 10 best examples

1. Würkin Stiffs

Würkin Stiffs promotes its brand and magnetic collar-stay accessories for men on Instagram. Its bio has a clear and straightforward brand voice that aligns to its other communication channels. It also incorporated its hashtag and a simple URL to the main website.

2. Manitobah Mukluks

Footwear brand Manitobah Mukluks has an Instagram bio with a carefully curated visual aesthetic. Complementary Instagram bio photos and Stories thumbnails give it a clean, on-brand look. It also shares fun emojis, its branded hashtag, and custom clickable links to contests.

3. KaiKini Bikinis

KaiKini Bikinis makes major use of the Stories real estate, giving followers an inside look at its product and how it’s made, and a guide on how to choose the right suit for their needs. The bio also succinctly tells followers about upcoming events and sale items.

4. Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes gives followers a peek into founder Johnny Earle’s everyday life, building an authentic, personal connection with consumers. Social proof in the form of a nod from the Boston Globe and plenty of emojis give this Instagram bio the perfect balance of business and fun.

5. iHeartRaves

iHeartRaves also favors the use of emojis, which are particularly appealing to their younger, music-festival-going audience. The apparel retailer puts emojis in the titles of its Stories, which promote events, product collections, and giveaways. Its bio includes a branded hashtag and a link to shop for items posted to Instagram.

6. Patrick Adair Designs

Patrick Adair Designs has a more subtle approach to emojis, using arrows to direct users’ eyes to its Linktree URL. It uses Stories to go behind the scenes and show off the custom, handmade process that goes into its rings.

7. Beth Macri

Beth Macri’s jewelry is also custom and, like Patrick Adair, its Instagram bio has emojis that direct users’ eyes to the main Linktree URL CTA. Here, the Instagram bio also has a CTA to get customers to share their content via a branded hashtag, which Beth Macri can then repurpose for its own marketing initiatives.

8. Blume

Blume’s Instagram bio is concise, witty, and targeted at women, showing them where they can buy product in-store. Also, Blume expresses its visual aesthetic with on-brand colors and style. The link sends people to a page where they can also shop online.

9. Poo-Pourri

Unsurprisingly, Poo-Pourri has one of those funny Instagram bios featuring the poo emoji right in its profile name—but there’s more to it than that. The voice conveyed in the copy is completely on brand, matching the humor of its overall brand voice. A simple link takes users to a page where they can learn more about and purchase products featured on Instagram.

10. Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Rocky Mountain Soap Company uses nature-inspired emojis, in keeping with the company’s products. The Linktree link takes you to a page where you can engage in more content, get a freebie, or shop the full online store. Stories highlight the brand’s commitment to sustainability and in-person stores and events.

A quick word on writing good bios on other social media platforms

A lot of these bio ideas are relevant to other social media platforms as well, but here are some general guidelines.

How to write a good Twitter bio

Twitter bios should arguably be written with the same care and creativity as Instagram bios. Sure, there are only 160 characters to play around with, but optimal use of these characters could bring you a very healthy following!

If you’re a brand, make sure you include (at the very least!), your location, website, and a very broad statement of what you are and what you do. You can also include branded hashtags that your profile users could use when posting about your products!

If you’re an influencer, apart from your location and a general overview of what you do, also provide a means for potential collaborators to get in touch with you.

How to write a good LinkedIn summary

On LinkedIn, you have a higher number of characters to work with. However, ensure your Summary/About Us section is as crisp and sharp as possible, even if this means not using all of the 2000 characters.

Also, the language and diction used on LinkedIn are more formal and to-the-point than on Instagram and Facebook. Consider this while writing your LinkedIn summary.

Your tone should also be different based on the industry you’re working in. For example, a senior financial advisor would use a formal, to-the-point style of writing. People seeking service of this kind generally mean business, and would not want to see flowery or witty language.

On the other hand, if you’re a freelance content writer, go ahead and show off your wordplay skills! You may just attract a greater number of clients.

How to write an effective Pinterest bio

Your Pinterest bio will max out at 160 characters, so provide an overview of the ideas you will be sharing on the platform, and not much more. Your bio should not take centre stage of your profile; that honour goes to your pins and ideas!

It is also a good idea to include keywords that you think your target audience will use to find you. The SEO should not be overly apparent though; sounding like a blatant SEO robot will put a lot of people off!

Let us know of any great Instagram bio ideas you may have, we’d love to hear from you! Share your opinions in the comment below or refer to the tips in the article. Also, don’t forget to check out this article on evaluating the content that works best for your handle!

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