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lacoste marketing case study

Known for its iconic green crocodile logo and its high-end sportswear, Lacoste has made a name for itself in the fashion industry with their marketing strategy. In this blog, we will see Lacoste Instagram Marketing Strategy in detail.

In the digital age, social media has become an important tool for businesses to reach their target audience. Likewise, Lacoste has taken full advantage of this by implementing a strong Instagram strategy.

In this case study, we will examine how Lacoste uses Instagram to increase brand awareness, engage with customers, and drive sales. We will look at the various elements of its strategy. For example, its use of visually appealing content, influencer marketing, shoppable posts, and interaction with its followers. By analysing Lacostes Instagram Marketing strategy, we can gain insight into how brands can effectively use the platform to achieve their marketing goals.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into Lacoste’s Instagram Marketing strategy – and see what makes it so successful.

About Lacoste

Lacoste is a French clothing company that specializes in high-end sportswear, especially polo shirts. It is a globally recognized fashion brand that has been around for over 85 years.

In today’s digital age, where people spend a considerable amount of time on social media. Lacoste has been able to leverage this opportunity to reach a wider audience and engage with its customers. One of the most prominent platforms used by Lacoste is Instagram.

Lacoste Instagram statistics

In this blog section, we will take a closer look at Lacoste Instagram Marketing strategy. Moreover to see how it has helped the company increase its brand awareness and customer engagement.

Here is the TL:DR for Lacoste Instagram Marketing Strategy

1. Influencer Partnerships

2. High-Quality Visuals

3. Type of Content

4. Right content at the right time

5. Shoppable Posts

6. User – Generated Content

7. Use of Hashtags

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Lacoste Instagram Marketing Strategy

Here, we will take a closer look at Lacoste’s Instagram marketing strategy. With the goal to analyze how it has contributed to the company’s success on the platform. We’ll examine the key elements of the strategy : high-quality visuals, influencer partnerships, shoppable posts, and user-generated content. Further, exploring how Lacoste uses Instagram to engage with its followers and maintain a strong brand identity on the platform.

The aim is to provide valuable insights into how businesses can effectively use Instagram to achieve their marketing goals. By examining the strategies employed by a successful brand like Lacoste, we can gain a deeper understanding. Also finding out the best practices for Instagram marketing and learn how to optimize our own marketing strategies on the platform.

1. Influencer Partnerships

Lacoste’s influencer partnerships have been an effective strategy for building brand awareness, driving sales, and engaging with followers on Instagram. By partnering with influencers who align with the brand’s values and aesthetic, Lacoste has benefited a lot. They’ve been able to leverage their following and build trust with their audience.

Influencer partnerships have also allowed Lacoste to increase engagement on the platform. When an influencer shares a post featuring the brand’s products, their followers are more likely to engage with the content. This further can help to increase the brand’s visibility on the platform.

Lacoste Influencer partnership

The French brand, founded in 1933 by tennis champion René Lacoste, the brand has deep roots in the sport, and its iconic crocodile logo is instantly recognizable on tennis courts around the world. Today, Lacoste’s commitment to tennis is stronger than ever, and the brand’s partnerships with top players continue to drive its success.

Lacoste’s focus on tennis has been a winning strategy for the brand, helping to solidify its reputation as a premium fashion label while also maintaining its ties to the sport that helped put it on the map.

The brand’s partnerships with top players have helped to drive sales of its tennis apparel and footwear, which are widely regarded as some of the best in the industry. Lacoste’s tennis collections are designed with performance and style in mind, and are worn by players at all levels of the game.

Lacoste’s focus on tennis has also helped to elevate its overall brand image. The sport is associated with elegance, athleticism, and success, and these are all values that Lacoste embodies. By aligning itself with tennis, Lacoste has been able to reinforce its image as a premium brand that is both stylish and performance-driven.

2. High-Quality Visuals

Lacoste’s use of high-quality visuals is a successful strategy that has helped the brand to build a strong online presence and connect with its target audience. Moreover, consistently posting visually stunning content that aligns with its brand identit and showcasing its products in an attractive way. Lacoste has also effectively engaged with its audience and established a strong brand identity on Instagram.

lacoste social media posts

By showcasing its products in visually appealing settings and through creative compositions, the brand is able to draw attention to its products and generate interest among followers. This has helped them to build trust and credibility with followers. It also demonstrates the brand’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.

3. Type of Content

Lacoste’s Instagram feed primarily focuses on lifestyle content, including their latest collections, brand collaborations, and brand ambassadors. They also post a lot of sports-related content, especially tennis. The brand has also partnered with several top tennis players, including Novak Djokovic, Gustavo Kuerten, and Dominic Thiem, to name a few. The brand also uses Instagram Stories to promote their latest collections, showcase behind-the-scenes glimpses, and highlight their brand ambassadors. They also post short videos, including animated graphics and tutorials, to engage with their audience.

Lacoste Instagram post distribution
Lacoste Instagram engagement

With content that is highly visual, showcasing the brand’s iconic logo, stylish apparel, and accessories. The brand also uses storytelling to showcase their latest collections, highlighting the inspiration behind the designs, and the craftsmanship that goes into creating each piece. These storytelling techniques create an emotional connection with the audience, which helps to drive engagement and build brand loyalty.

Lacoste engagement activity

So, where is Lacoste getting the most engagement? Our analysis shows that their most successful posts are those that feature high-quality visuals, such as product photos or fashion editorials. These posts often receive thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. In terms of content, Lacoste’s followers seem to be most engaged with posts related to tennis, which makes sense given the brand’s long-standing partnership with the sport. They also receive high engagement on posts featuring their iconic crocodile logo, as well as posts showcasing their classic designs.

4. Right Content at the Right Time

Lacoste is active on several social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. To get a better understanding of their posting schedule, we analyzed their Instagram account, which has over 6 million followers. Our analysis revealed that Lacoste posts almost every day, with an average of 5-6 posts per week.

Lacoste Instagram post timings
Lacoste Instagram engagement timings

Moving to the timing, Lacoste tends to post during peak hours when their followers are most active. According to our analysis, their posts are most commonly published between 7-11am (PST). This makes sense, as these times coincide with typical commuting hours and evening leisure time. However, they do occasionally post outside of these hours, with some posts appearing as early as 1 am.

Lacoste number of posts

As mentioned earlier, Lacoste posts an average of 5-6 times per week. This frequency strikes a balance between staying top of mind with their audience and avoiding over-saturation. It’s important to note that this frequency is not set in stone and may vary depending on upcoming events, product launches, or marketing campaigns.

5. Shoppable Posts

Lacoste’s use of shoppable posts is an effective strategy that has helped the brand to drive sales, enhance the user experience, and build customer loyalty on Instagram. The use of shoppable posts on Instagram has been a successful strategy for driving sales. It also tends to enhance the overall user experience. Shoppable posts are a feature on Instagram that allows users to purchase products directly from the platform. This cuts out the need to navigate to the brand’s website, which further helps in increasing sales.

Lacoste shoppable posts

The use of shoppable posts has also helped Lacoste to increase its sales on Instagram. By providing an easy way for followers to purchase its products, the brand is able to capitalize on the high level of engagement that it has generated on the platform.

6. User – Generated Content

Lacoste’s user-generated content strategy is an effective way to build a sense of community, increase brand awareness, and encourage engagement with followers on Instagram. By showcasing the creativity and diversity of its followers, Lacoste demonstrates the versatility of its products and builds a positive reputation on the platform. Lacoste encourages its followers to create and share content featuring its products, using branded hashtags such as #LacosteStyle or #LacosteLive. The brand then reposts this content on its own Instagram feed, showcasing the diversity and creativity of its followers and demonstrating the versatility of its products.

Lacoste user generated content

7. Use of Hashtags

One of the keys to using hashtags effectively is to understand how frequently you should use them. Too many hashtags can look spammy, while too few may not be enough to help you reach a wider audience. Lacoste has found a good balance in their use of hashtags, typically using 5-10 hashtags per post.

However, the frequency of their hashtag use does vary depending on the post type. For example, their product promotion posts usually have more hashtags than their lifestyle or brand awareness posts. This is likely because the product promotion posts are intended to reach a wider audience and attract potential customers. Whereas the lifestyle posts are more focused on engagement with their current followers.

Lacoste hashtags

In addition to using generic hashtags like #fashion or #style, Lacoste also uses branded hashtags in their posts. A branded hashtag is a hashtag that is unique to your brand and is used to promote your brand on social media. Lacoste’s branded hashtag is #Lacoste, which is used in many of their posts.

Branded hashtags are a great way to build brand awareness and encourage user-generated content. When users use your branded hashtag in their own posts, it helps to promote your brand to their followers. Lacoste often encourages their followers to use their branded hashtag. They achieve this by including it in their post captions and using it in their own posts. Some of their top hashtags are shown below:

Lacoste Instagram hashtags

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Putting a Bow on it

Brands looking to increase their presence on Instagram can learn from Lacoste’s Instagram strategy. It is essential to understand your target audience and what they are looking for on the platform. Brands should also focus on creating visually appealing content and engaging with their followers through influencer marketing, shoppable posts, and interaction. By following these principles, brands can establish themselves as leaders in their industry on Instagram and achieve their marketing goals.

In conclusion, Lacoste Instagram Marketing strategy has proven to be a success, effectively increasing brand awareness, engaging with customers, and driving sales. The company’s visually appealing content, influencer marketing, shoppable posts, and interaction with its followers have all played a crucial role in its success on the platform. By consistently delivering high-quality content and engaging with its audience, Lacoste has established itself as a leader in the fashion industry on Instagram.

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