Does scheduling Instagram posts affect engagement?

scheduling Instagram posts affect engagement

Scheduling Instagram posts means you can plan and create Instagram posts in advance. You can use a setting such that it gets posted automatically at the specified date and time. This saves many accounts the time it takes to manually publish each post at the desired time.

Scheduling Instagram posts has some other benefits of its own. If you have a large account with many things to handle at once, scheduling your posts can save you time. Not only that, but it makes it easier to maintain a consistent posting schedule and content strategically. By thinking ahead and scheduling posts around specific events or promotions, you can create more targeted and effective content that resonates with your audience.

Lately, there has been some debate about whether scheduling Instagram posts affect engagement. Some sources claim that it doesn’t affect engagement, while others suggest that it can lead to a decrease in engagement.

Let’s dive deeper and understand.

Instagram engagement

How does Instagram engagement work?

Instagram uses an algorithm, a set of rules, to rank content for each user so that posts receive more engagement and users get relevant content. How? Instagram analyzes everything about the post, the captions, engagements, alt text applied to images, and hashtags. Based on this, they drive the content to the people who find it interesting.

Some basic factors that the Instagram algorithm considers are:

  1. Creator-viewer relationship: This is about whether you follow each other, message each other, or have interacted with each other in the past. The higher the engagement, the more your posts will be shown to that user.
  2. Interest: This is about the type of content that the user is interested in. If the user regularly interacts with similar types of content, that post is most likely to show up on their feed.
  3. Relevancy: A post is considered relevant to the user if it is recent. Another consideration is whether the content of the post fits the latest trends.

Apart from these factors, the Instagram algorithm also considers some additional information about the post. This includes the number of likes, comments, hashtags used, whether it was tagged with a location, and when it was posted.

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Is scheduling Instagram posts bad for engagement?

The answer is No. When it comes to the comparison between engagement for scheduled posts and manually posted content, there might not be much difference after all.

But the type of post itself that is scheduled may not be engaging. Usually, promotional posts are scheduled. Naturally, it sees less interaction. Manually posted content is usually the kind of content that is engaging in the first place, like posting opinions, asking for the audience’s views, or revealing new products.

So, if you schedule engaging content (behind the scenes of your business, authentic questions, exciting news, etc.), your scheduled posts will receive more engagement.

Considering the Instagram algorithm and the factors it uses to rank posts, scheduled posts may not be that different from manual posts.

scheduling Instagram posts

There are still some things to remember when you use scheduled posts on Instagram:

  1. Quality of the content: Scheduling posts will work best in your favor if you create posts that demand engagement. Asking questions and sharing stories will make your audience more likely to comment. Complement that with real-time engagement—respond to their messages and comments. In short, the more complex and engaging your posts, the better the Instagram scheduling tool works for you.
  2. Timing of the posts: The best times to schedule posts might vary depending on your target audience, location, and industry.
  3. Frequency of posting: Scheduling Instagram posts can lead to a more consistent posting schedule, which can in turn lead to more engagement. By posting at regular intervals, you may be able to build a stronger relationship with your followers, who will come to expect and look forward to your content.

How do I effectively make use of scheduled posts on Instagram?

Simply knowing these tactics won’t do the trick. If you are going to schedule engaging content for your Instagram posts, it’s best to use tools that help you create engaging content and then also schedule your posts for you. is an AI-powered social media marketing tool that helps businesses create high-quality and engaging content for Instagram and other platforms, as well as schedule their posts and analyze their performance. content generator

Using’s social media content generation, you can easily create engaging visuals to share on Instagram and other platforms using AI. It generates creative, carousels, video, captions and hashtags for posts using just a text input. Additionally,’s one-click scheduling option will allow you to create posts in bulk and schedule them for specific dates and times.

But it doesn’t end there. also provides detailed analytics and insights on Instagram post-performance, including engagement rates, follower growth, and more. So, in case scheduling does not work for you in the first place, you can learn to optimize your posting schedule and content strategy to improve your overall social media presence and engagement.


Another tool is Hootsuite, which allows users to create new posts and add images, videos, captions, and hashtags. After this, they can schedule the created post to be published on a specific day and time.

Once scheduled, Hootsuite will automatically publish the post to Instagram at the set time. Hootsuite also offers analytics and insights to help users optimize their Instagram strategy.

Sprout Social:

Sprout Social is a social media management tool that helps users schedule Instagram posts in advance. The platform provides a single dashboard to manage all social media accounts. This includes Instagram and offers scheduling, publishing, and analytics features.

To schedule Instagram posts in Sprout Social, users can create posts and images directly within the platform or upload their images and videos. They can add captions and hashtags and select the appropriate time and date for the post to be published. Once scheduled, the post will be automatically published to Instagram by Sprout Social at the scheduled time.

Wrapping it up

It has been a point of debate whether manual Instagram posts or scheduled posts create more engagement. Will Scheduling Instagram posts affect engagement? No, if your content is good, it will help you. Scheduling posts does not make any difference on its own. Scheduling posts can definitely help you save time and create a consistent posting pattern.

You need to have quality content in the first place. However, relying solely on a scheduler to keep your feed updated can hurt engagement. This happens because it can lead to a lack of interaction with your followers. It’s always a good idea to supplement your scheduled posts with real-time engagement. This can be done by responding to comments and messages to build stronger relationships with your followers.

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