16 interactive Facebook post ideas you should try to increase engagement

16 interactive Facebook post ideas

Currently there are over 200 million businesses using free tools and apps on Facebook. You’ll need some pretty fantastic posts to stand out from your rivals when there are so many brands fighting for the attention of your audience. 93% of businesses are actively using Facebook. With the correct interactive Facebook post ideas, increasing your Facebook audience reach can be easy. 

If you seek ways to utilize your Facebook marketing plan to boost website traffic and engage your audience, don’t fret. We have got you covered. Here we have for you 16 amazingly interactive Facebook post ideas which you should definitely try to boost engagement.

1. Quizzes

Quizzes are interactive Facebook post ideas to take advantage of people’s natural tendencies towards curiosity and competition. You may, for instance, design quizzes that indicate something about your audience or ones that measure their level of understanding.

This amazing tool from Facebook provides us with a fun and interactive opportunity to connect with friends and followers. You can always design your quiz on the latest trending topics of interest which are relevant with your followers. By using this method, you can take a break from your regular posts. It also allows your audience to showcase their results and answers. This interactive nature of quizzes offer innovative approach to boost engagement.

Quiz - Interactive facebook post ideas

2. Live Q&A Sessions

You can remove barriers between you and your target audience, improve friendship by going live on Facebook and interacting with them in a genuine way.

Your audience is likely to tune in for your live Q&A session. It provides a chance for conversation and answers, boosting customer engagement. In these real-time live sessions, you can converse on a variety of topics, additionally conducting expert interviews and launching products. As a result, you contribute significantly towards building engagement.

Promote your live session on all of your social media platforms a few days in advance, and use this time to collect audience questions. Ultimately , your comment section will be bursting with a variety of answers also allowing the audience to converse among themselves creating a sense of community and at the same time contributing towards building engagement.

3. Post tutorials and how-to’s

If the content is relevant to your company’s services and end users, sharing how-to’s and tutorials on your Facebook page is a highly effective approach to engaging your target audience with interactive Facebook post ideas. They will not only be aware of and appreciative of your willingness to assist them in using your product successfully, but they will also continue to visit your page in the future, seeking out related information.

These tutorials and how-to’s providing step-by-step instructions will also build you a credibility within your community as you will be considered as a dominion in the subject. These posts are not just text based and this is where using your creativity with images and videos, and PowerPoint slides will help your audience to better understand the procedure in an easier way. These types of posts are more often forwarded to other users and also saved for later references which will be beneficial for the user increasing the long term value of the post and also for the poster creating a positive engagement loop.

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4. Ask Questions

As queries pique curiosity, asking questions on Facebook will be an excellent way to boost engagement. Your audience will actively participate sharing their opinions and experiences in the comment section.

Direct questions are straightforward but effective methods to start a discussion, which you can consider as a CTA persuading your audience to enter the discussion and offer their opinion. Following questions can be posed as direct questions with your group:

  • Open-ended questions such as “what did you appreciate best about the new tesla model” do not have a straightforward response providing you with different answers.
  • Asking clear cut questions such as “do you like the new tesla model” will prompt a clear yes or no answer.
  • Asking questions that spark a debate such as “should guns be banned?” allows the audience to answer, defending or refuting the given response.

Asking image based questions where your question is accompanied by an image makes it easier for people to understand. Majority of well-known brands use this technique. General inquiries such as “Who is your favorite football player?” These kinds of questions are obvious. People enjoy jumping into these talks because they are straightforward and simple.

Facebook post ideas -question sticker

5. Share videos

A significant number of people prefer watching videos rather than posts on facebook. According to a study we found that around 59% of marketeers believe their engagement rates increased because of videos whereas 30% of them believe image posts worked wonders.

Videos are a great engagement tool for your business because the typical American adult spends almost five hours per day watching them. There are several options for the videos you can post to Facebook. The options are unlimited and include product releases, instructional videos, user-generated content, and promotional videos. Here are some tips to create videos that will boost engagement:

  • Try to create videos that will grab your users attention within the first 4 seconds so that they willingly stay longer to complete it.
  • Create videos with captions so that viewers can have a more clear understanding of your content.
  • Create your videos with one focus key point so that it becomes easier for your users to share and explain the video further to others.
  • Add a CTA to your video such as “create great videos using the predis.ai.com”, though facebook has removed using CTA in videos you can still add it in your video as a text overlay.

6. Organize Contests and Giveaways

Hosting competitions or giveaways is the next idea on our list of interactive Facebook post ideas. Promo events that encourage people to join can be conducted on social media with great success. The best place to promote it is on social media, whether you’re doing an open competition or giveaway for social media users.

For example, if you run a photography class or store, you could giveaway a photography course or some small photography equipment.

Use a visual that sticks out to your audience if you decide to promote a contest or giveaway in order to grab their attention. You can advertise what people will receive or win right in the visual, and then give more information in the caption. Make certain that the rules for any contest or giveaway are very clear.

Interactive Facebook Post Ideas - Giveaway Contest

Adding blog links is the next step in our list of Interactive Facebook post ideas. For instance, if you’ve established a content marketing strategy and create blog posts to educate your audience, Facebook provides an ideal platform for sharing that valuable content.Your blogs will provide your audience with in depth information on the topic thus making you a knowledgeable source.

Facebook is a fantastic platform for sharing blog content with your audience and increasing blog traffic. Although sharing blog links of your content is advised, you can share blog articles from other businesses if they are relevant to your brand or business.

8. Follow the Posting Strategy of “Edu-tainment”

Introducing the “Edu-tainment” strategy, a type of interactive Facebook post ideas. Posting content that educates and entertains boosts views and engagement. An attractive post sparks interest, encouraging sharing and comments.

One or two posts each day should be the perfect posting frequency. When we only post one piece of material per day, we are forced to share the greatest pieces rather than all of our stuff.

Spend some time and effort creating the kind of post you want to share because the Facebook algorithm will view your posts as being of a good value if they generate a lot of positive feedback and active participation.

9. Share Reviews

Every company claims to offer the best services or goods you’ve ever tried. But given that it is coming from the owner, how many people are going to believe it? The opinions of other consumers would spark their curiosity much more.

Take a screenshot and a direct link of the favorable review from other websites where your company is featured online. Post the best ones to Facebook. By posting reviews, you can build credibility and provide social proof for your audience. Additionally, asking users for their thoughts on the posted reviews initiates discussions and engagement. When a client chooses your business again, thank the person who left the review and provide them with a complimentary service or item.

Facebook Interactive Post Ideas - Reviews

Avoid Using Too Much Engagement Bait

Facebook’s organic post engagement is still declining.
Brands are being forced to reconsider how they generate likes, comments, and shares on their posts as a result of frequent adjustments to the Facebook algorithm.

For instance, Facebook is tackling what it refers to as spam and engagement bait because they believe it is abusing its algorithm.

What previously worked effectively for engagement won’t necessarily work today, and businesses need an explicit Facebook engagement plan if they still want organic reach. It’s acceptable to pose a genuine question or to seek comments and judgment from your followers. However, you go too far if you request a comment without showing any real thought or concern.

It’s time to use hot issues as fodder for a discussion in your comment area. When a story, latest news, or other event is trending on social media, it means that the majority of users are either extremely interested in it or at the very least curious about it. So if you finally decide to use trending topics in your post, people are likely to interact with your post and also share it with others according to their relevance.

People want to discuss current affairs and hear what other creators have to say. Engagement still occurs whether they agree with you or not. And keep in mind that just when some of your supporters may disagree with you, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a negative reaction. Try to maintain the authenticity of your brand and your posts and videos on the trending topics should relate with your brand’s value.

11. Polls

You can conduct polls on facebook with questions relevant to your business strategy as well as to your users. For example if it is related to travel industry you can ask with options such as:

  1. What type of vacation do you prefer?
  • Camping in beautiful nature
  • Exploring wildlife on safari
  • Relaxing on a beach
  • Hiking trip to enjoy beautiful view
  1. What exciting new flavour would you like for our new chocolate?
  • Crackers
  • Almond and raisin
  • Ganache filling
  • Orange burst

You can make use of built-in poll features on Facebook to create more efficient polls. Firstly, open up a post and select the poll option. Then, write your questions and provide options. Asking intriguing questions will definitely encourage your audience to give their best opinion, thus sparking conversations.

Polls are a great way to engage your audience and gather valuable insights about them at the same time. Your audience will feel a sense of connectivity if you ask their opinions in decision making through polls. 

12. Behind-the-scenes content

Sharing behind-the-scenes content, an interactive Facebook post ideas, offers a unique perspective. Share photos and videos of your team at work, revealing your product creation process and team’s dedication. Providing this type of content in the form of photos and videos will help in humanizing your brand and build trust with your audience. So now when your audience takes a look at what’s actually going on behind the scenes in your workspace, it will start interactions and conversations where they can share their opinions and thoughts.

Providing this type of content in the form of photos and videos will help in humanizing your brand and build trust with your audience. So now when your audience takes a look of what’s actually going on behind the scenes in your workspace, it will start interactions and conversations where they can share their opinions and thoughts. 

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13. User-generated content

User generated content is something where your audience shares photos or videos of themselves using your product or services. Now you can take advantage of this by reposting those photos and videos on your account thus building credibility and trust for your brand. Other than your followers, try to engage with people who tag your brand and showcase your product on other websites as well. 

Be aware of privacy policy before posting a user generated content as this type of content is owned by the one who originally uploaded it online and will require their permission to repost. For this you can simply:

  • Go to commerce manager
  • Click UGC from the left-hand menu
  • Select content you want to feature in the available tab
  • Click request to feature

User-generated content will not only increase your engagement rate but also provides you with free marketing material. This way you achieve two goals from one post.

14. Present Information with Infographics

So think of infographics as attractive data or graphics used to tell a story. Along with all the other types of post you should also try to post infographics related to your industry. This will help your audience to understand more complex information regarding your industry in a simple and attractive manner. Try to use an amazing combination of images, icons, texts and colours so that you can convey complex information easily.

Using visually appealing infographics will attract your audience even in a crowded feed. Infographics have a potential to go viral because the users highly use and share these types of content to learn about something which is a bit complex to understand. Visual graphics will make that information simple to consume thus increasing engagement and sharing. 

15. Quotes and motivational posts

Sometimes take a break from your regular postings and instead, try to post positive quotes that reflect on the core principle and values of your brand’s business. Create visually attractive motivational posts that reflect the ideals and ethics your business stands for. Additionally, motivational posts help you to support your followers on an emotional level. Furthermore, try to post success stories and personal anecdotes to boost their morale. Here are a couple of quotes and posts reflecting business ideals:


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill


“At (your business name) we believe that facing your failure is a stepping stone towards your success. Keep giving your best and learn from your challenges. The level of Your determination will shape your destiny.”


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs


“At (your business name) our workforce is driven by passion. The secret to our excellence in every venture we deliver is to love what we do. What are you Passionate about today?”

your users will often react in a positive manner on such posts. This will help you to build a positive community where along with your services you also take into consideration the emotions of your users.

16. Engage with Fun and Games

Fun and games sound good right? Who doesn’t enjoy playing games, be it quizzes, parties or group games. Posting games for your audience related to your industry is a creative approach. Moreover, try to post a word scramble relating to your product, or alternatively, an interesting quiz where you can encourage your audience to play and share their results.

Now to get maximum participation you need to boost their morale. How about rewarding the winner with a small discount or a freebie? So with this strategy a larger amount of your audience as well as other users will be encouraged to participate and share their results. Your comment section will be flooded with replies and engagement. This is how you can boost engagement and please your audience at the same time.

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