Instagram content ideas for baking business

Content ideas for Baking Business

As we all know Instagram is a social media app that connects people and also helps in sharing your glimpse of life to others. In recent times, Instagram has become the most used application for social media with over 1.6 billion users. There are multiple uses for Instagram these days. Users can also use Instagram to promote their business and create a brand identity for themselves in the social media world. In this blog, we will see the best Instagram content ideas for baking businesses.

Instagram content ideas for baking business

Are you a baking business, trying to grow your business and create a brand identity? Then go through the following content ideas for the baking business. These post ideas will give you enough motivation and content ideas to make your brand stand out and also create a pleasing aesthetic on Instagram.

1. Recipe demos

If you are a baking business, then you should know how important it is to show good visuals on Instagram. You can simply do this by posting different recipes on Instagram. You can post the detailed recipe for different desserts.

baking content ideas - recipe
Baking content ideas – recipes

Posting detailed, step-by-step tutorials on baking will help you get the most views and also keep your audience on Instagram engaged.

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2. Behind the scenes

A baking business takes a lot to get established and recognized online. There are a lot of things that bakers face behind the scenes and when working on baking different desserts or other items. Try to show behind the scenes of your business on Instagram. Show them how you do icing on a cake for example.

You can also show how different things are baked. This will engage the followers and also help you get orders online through the people viewing your social media posts. You can also share behind-the-scenes photos and videos of you and your team preparing the treats.

Instagram content ideas for baking - behind the scenes
Instagram content ideas for baking – behind the scenes

3. Focus on Special occasions

If it is Christmas around the corner or even Easter, there are plenty of cakes that are sold during this season. That is why posting about it on Instagram is a good idea. Post about the different orders that you completed for people and also post about how much work it took to bake the cakes as well as the other items.

post ideas for baking - special occasions
post ideas for baking – special occasions

Show the followers that baking is not just about cakes, but also about croissants, breads, pizza dough, pies and so much more. Let the people who follow you know that you have a variety of items that are baked and sold to the people on different occasions.

4. Seasonal treats

There are all sorts of special seasons that you can use as content ideas for your baking business on Instagram. Think about holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and so on. You can make special cakes or other treats for these seasons and share photos and videos of them on your account.

Be sure to use relevant hashtags so that people can find your content easily.

5. Showcase your products

Take professional pictures of your baked items and post them on Instagram. Try to keep your stories updated by posting an insight into different baked goods over a day. The pictures that are posted on Instagram should look appealing and should be of good quality.

instagram baking post ideas - product posts
Instagram baking post ideas – product posts

You can even turn the product-making into a reel that shows how you reached from a simple dough or batter to a full-fledged baked item or a cake.

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6. Testimonials

Once you have sent various items away to the customers, make sure you get reviews from them later on your products. These testimonials will help you create a sense of secure feeling in your potential customer’s minds.

baking content ideas - testimonial
Baking content ideas – testimonial

They will know that the products are genuinely good and will try to get items from you in the near future. This is why posting testimonials is important for any business. These can be made into highlights that anyone can view when they first visit your Instagram page.

7. Promotions and discounts

If you have a baking business, there are a few different types of content you can post on Instagram to boost your business. One type of content is promoting discounts or special offers.

Instagram baking post ideas - discounts and sales
Instagram baking post ideas – discounts and sales

For example, if you’re having a slow month, you could post a discount code for 20% off all orders placed in the next week. This is a great way to boost business and get people interested in your product.

8. Collaborations

One great way to mix things up is to do a collaboration with another business. This can be anything from a guest post on each other’s blogs, to featuring each other’s products on your Instagram feed.

Collaborations are a great way to get your name out there and reach a new audience. Another great way to show off your products is to feature customer photos i.e. user-generated content. This is a great way to show off how your products are being used in the real world.

9. Fun and inspirational quotes

You can post baking-related inspirational quotes on Instagram to keep the Instagram feed light. This will also make your page seem more realistic and show some fun elements from time to time. For example, you can post funny baking memes.

baking posts - quotes
Baking posts – quotes

10. The Do’s and Don’ts of baking

You can also post about the various Do’s and Don’ts of baking. These points will help people make baked items by themselves. For example, you can post about Do’s of baking like – stirring the batter in only one direction, using a butter paper while baking a cake to easily de-mould it, and so on.

Posting about Don’ts on Instagram is also a good idea. For example – Don’t bake a cake without pre-heating the oven or not use excess baking powder than what is recommended. This will help your audience and hence they will keep following your Instagram page.

11. Tips and tricks for baking

A professional baker knows a lot of tips and tricks for cooking. This can be shared on Instagram in the form of reels, videos, and images.

baking tips - content ideas
Baking tips – content ideas

You can post carousels mentioning different tricks to bake good items. For example, you can post the following tips in an Instagram carousel:

  1. Measure Properly.
  2. Use Room Temperature Ingredients.
  3. Check Your Oven Temperature.
  4. Use A Light Hand.
  5. Understand Leavening Agents.
  6. Add Ingredients in perfect quantities.

12. Use Instagram features

Try to use various Instagram stickers when posting stories. You can use the poll or question-and-answer feature on Instagram. The Q & A option is a good way to get in touch with the customers and answer their queries to keep them engaged.

baking QnA
baking QnA

The other option is to decorate your story posts by the use of various aesthetic stickers.

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Wrapping it up

If you also have a baking business and want to grow on Instagram, then posting quality content regularly on Instagram is the way to go. You will need to decide on which topics you want to post about.

In the blog, we came across different content ideas to get yourself started with posting on an Instagram account. Keep a content calendar ready and keep posting images, videos, reels, and stories. Make sure these are of good quality. Try to be interactive with the audience and answer various comments and queries by the followers.

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