100 Largest Facebook Groups With Over 1 Million Members

Facebook groups with over 1 million members

For any blogger or content creator who is looking to improve traffic, Facebook is the ideal social network to use. Did you know that there are numerous Facebook groups with over 1 million members?

Facebook has some really neat stuff, and one of the coolest parts is Facebook Groups. Groups give space for people to connect with friends, family, as well as coworkers. Did you know that on Facebook, you can have up to 5000 friends?

Large Facebook groups are not only a terrific method for meeting new people, but you can also study and share your expertise with your community. However, it’s difficult to locate the perfect groups in your industry that are willing to exchange expertise and help others.

Explore the trendiest Facebook groups of 2023, boasting more than 1 million members each!

Largest Facebook Groups with Over 1 Million Members

Following is the dedicated list of the best 50 Facebook groups with over 1 million members:

S.No.Group NameMembersDescription
1Indian Food Recipes And Cooking2.0
This group is centered on the love for Indian food. Additionally, members can freely share delicious Indian food recipes and photos.
2Our Evergreen Bangladesh6.1 MillionThis Facebook group, specifically, is focused on sharing thoughts about the country – Bangladesh, along with its vibrant culture.
3Makeup Artists4.6 MillionAre you a Makeup Artist or an aspiring Makeup Artist? If so, you might be interested in acquiring new techniques, concepts, and staying updated with the newest trends. This community provides you with the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and share your cosmetics with millions of other people!
4Cheap Meal Ideas5.4
Anyone is welcome to join or contribute to this community. You can share any meal ideas that you make or can make for a fair price.
5PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS! [PUSH]!4.0 MillionPrayers, good news, evangelisms, Christian music, healing schools, Christian festivals, and testimonials are all welcome in this community.
6Kersh Keepers Official Group4.6 MillionThis club is for those who like wonderful and tasty food and consider cooking to be one of the most essential inventions.
This group is specifically centered on sharing the highlights and news of WWE Raw Monday night events.
8Netflix Recommendations4.6 MillionThis group is primarily aimed at providing insightful reviews of Netflix movies/shows that you enjoy. This can encourage other members to watch them too.
9Cooking Made Easy1.1
This group enables you to learn African American cooking. Additionally, you can contribute by uploading your own palatable creations.
10Maths Formulas3.3 Million
Being the largest math-based Facebook community, it consistently draws in new members every month. Consequently, there’s a significant influx of contributions daily, fostering an engaging environment for all.
11Cooking Made Easy With Amabel Essang2.9 MillionThis is a community for foodies and individuals who are interested in cooking, baking, food preparation, and all things culinary arts.
12Home Buddies3.2 MillionThis group was formed to provide a safe space for home enthusiasts to discuss ideas, insights, experiences, treasures, and everything in between.
13Instant Pot Community3.2 MillionThis is a growing community of folks just like you who are thrilled and ready to astonish at mealtime!
14GNPC-ഗ്ലാസ്സിലെ നുരയും പ്ലേറ്റിലെ കറിയും®2.2 MillionThis is a group where you can post delicious food and drinks along with food, their pictures, travels, stories, and trolls.
15WSPORTSLIFE OFFICIAL2.2 MillionThis group is for you to talk about and share your ideas on the PNXBET agent system.
16View from my window3.9 MillionIt was initially designed to bring people from all across the globe together during the Corona shutdown by sharing their perspectives.
17Motivational Quotes2.6 MillionThis organization was formed in order to disseminate inspiration and confidence via the use of quotes.
18Banting 7 Day Meal Plans2.3 MillionThis organization is intended to help all Banters. Their meal plans conform exactly to the Banting philosophy of Low Carb Healthy Fat.
19รอยัลลิสต์มาร์เก็ตเพลส-ตลาดหลวง2.3 MillionIt is a Thai group of royal list market place.
20Why So Serious1.9 MillionThis group was created to convey joy and amusement via memes, jokes, and hilarious tales.
21CONVERT To ISLAM1.8 MillionThis group was formed in order to convey true information and the history of Islam in order to promote the faith.
22Fashion House2 MillionThis is an incredible community where you can share your fashion ideas and the latest trends with millions of people.
231000 pomysłów na obiad i nie tylko1.5 MillionThis is a fantastic Polish group where you can share delicious dinner ideas.
24Keto & Low Carb Recipes for Beginners2.2 MillionIt is a community for those who want to learn how to cook for the Keto and low carb diets.
25A group where we all pretend to be ants in an ant colony1.7 MillionThis is a group that is based on the ant and queen culture.
26DIY On A Budget Official2.2 MillionIt’s a social network for those who want to solve problems and save money.
27Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared2.9 MillionThis group was formed to enable the founders to share their odd findings with friends and family, as well as to have a place to store them.
28subtle asian traits1.9 MillionTheir purpose is to bring Asian people together from all around the world to appreciate the subtleties of Asian culture and subcultures.
29The Skincare Connection1.7 MillionThe mission statement of this group is that caring for your skin should be your #1 priority.
30THE REMNANT1.7 MillionThis group’s aim is to persuade the corporate sector to stop discriminatory policies and practices against Black Americans.
31Dogspotting1.9 MillionIt is a group where you can share images or videos of any stray dog who doesn’t have any owner.
32Dad Jokes Everywhere2.3 MillionThis group offers the most comprehensive collection of Dad Jokes on the internet.
33Keto For Beginners1.6 MillionIt is an open forum for those who want to change their lives with a keto diet to inquire, discuss, and inspire one another.
34Australian Owned & Made Products1.7 MillionThis group is dedicated to promoting Australian-made products and Australian-owned businesses. Make an investment in Australia.
35COMPTEUR OFFICIEL DE GILETS JAUNES1.5 MillionIt is a French group that discusses some of the best historic moments in the world.
36Engineering Discoveries1.5 MillionThis is an amazing group of engineers that serves as a learning platform for everyone.
37English Speaking 1011.4 MillionThis English language practice group is conducted by native English professors with more than 15 years of teaching experience.
38One Piece – Two Million Fans2.1 MillionThis is one of the biggest public groups for the fans of One Piece.
39BEARD GAME MATTERS™ (The Official)1.4 MillionThis is a group that promotes men with beards and the beautiful ladies who love them.
40Dhar Mann Official Group #DharMannFam1.1 MillionThis is a fan group of one of the most popular content creators – Dhar Mann
41Rant HQ1.5 MillionThis is a group that promotes peace and mindfulness among people from different places.
42Designers1.3 MillionJoin the group to learn, answer questions, provide lessons and examples, collaborate, and share your design, ideas, and insights with millions of other users.
43UEFA Champions League 2023 – 20242.6 MillionGet the most up-to-date UEFA Champions League news, photographs, videos, live scores, and more. Meet and create new relationships with your other team fans.
44Boruto: Naruto Next Generations1.6 MillionOn Mondays through Wednesdays, this Group was formed to discuss everything Boruto, Naruto, or Naruto Shippuden related.
45Instant Pot Recipes Only1.5 MillionThis community is an incredible selection of the best, tried-and-tested pressure cooker recipes and cookers of all brands.
46FAMILY LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS1.2 MillionThis is the best Facebook network for families to share lockdown ideas.
47Girls LOVE Travel®1.4 MillionIt is a worldwide network of ambitious female travelers that support one another by sharing information and empowering one another to explore the globe freely.
48Cooking Ideas (Official)2.1 MillionThe main aim of this group is to share recipes, cooking ideas and knowledge. Members can also advertise on this group.
49Makeup World1.9 MillionHere you can post your makeup work where professionals  correct you and also provide you with tips and videos.
50World of Prayers2.7 MillionThis group shares religious motivational quotes with its members. Also, Encourages people to hold on when they are feeling low.
51Mathematics1.8 MillionThis community shares mathematics based topics from all levels with its users.
52African Food Recipes4.3 MillionAs the name itself suggests, here you will find traditional African recipes throughout the continent.
53View From YOUR Window1.8 MillionSo this group was created in lockdown basically for the creator’s family and friends. It Also provided encouragement to the member in the difficult corona times.
54Fashion2.5 MillionThis is a private group where you can post latest and trendy fashion related posts and videos.
55Game Of Thrones Fan Club1.1 MillionThis is a community where all the fans of popular television series “Game of thrones” get together. Members can share their insight on the series.

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Most Active Facebook Groups for Designers

Facebook groups for designers
Source: WP Guy News

We’ve chosen and collated the top ten most active Facebook groups for designers. As everyone is aware, there are several Facebook groups for designers. Here we have only included those that give some value to the members of the group and are always active.

S.No.Group NameMembersDescription
1Graphic Designer224.4KThis group is for both new and experienced designers who want to share their work experience, artwork, advice, and ideas while also helping to expand this community.
2Graphic Design303.3KThis group is about graphic design and design software in general.
3UI / UX Designers & Developers598.3KThis group is the best place for graphic designers to collaborate and share their design ideas and tips. 
4graphic designers207.2KThis group is for graphic designers only. Members can help and suggest other members of the group. 
53D Studio Max, Photoshop, Maya – Tutorials Garden23.3KThis group contains Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Flash, PHP, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, Web Design and Development Tutorials and Resources.
6Type & Typography10.3KThis group is open for all the enthusiasts who work on different typography projects.
7Creative Graphics Designer225KThis community is made up of Graphic Designers who want to network with other professionals in the industry.
8FREELANCER GRAPHIC DESIGNER192.8KThis group is an online community for graphic design freelancers who are looking for projects.
9Freelance Graphic Design Jobs from Home475.9KThis group is for both – graphic design job seekers and graphic design job providers
10I Need A Graphic / Web Designer!66.7KDo you want to be a professional in programming or design? This community is proud to be home to some of the top talents on the planet.
11UI/UX designers – Figma Group114.3KYou can share your knowledge, and also request for any kind of help or guidance you need with your project. Members can share projects or any new ideas with the group. this group also provides job opportunity for it’s members.
12Graphic Designing28.3KThis is a group that’s all about graphic designing. You can share your ideas, connect with designing courses and agencies. Members may also give job opportunities
13Graphic_Designer38.3KThis group is strictly for graphic designers. It allows members to share their work. Members can also get more work through this group.
14Graphic Design 250.5KMembers in this group gets a supportive environment regardless of a professional or starter. You can find latest design trends, share your work and collaborate with other members as well.
15Graphic Design113.2KThis group welcomes all graphic designers. Members are also provided with job opportunity in this group.

Most Active Facebook Groups for Digital Marketers

Facebook Groups for Digital Marketers
Source: Statusbrew

Facebook groups can be very helpful for digital marketers. They provide an excellent opportunity to learn new things, connect with others in the similar industry, share information, locate offers as well as career possibilities. You can also get your questions addressed. As a result, we decided to compile a list of the best Facebook groups for digital marketers.

First, we checked through the top Facebook groups list. Then we narrowed it down by removing inactive or low participation groups groups with excessive spam or self-promotion, poorly moderated groups, and those who proclaimed self-proclaimed experts or branding courses that promised six-figure incomes or financial independence in a short period of time.

S.No.Group NameMembersDescription
1ClickFunnels (Official)290.0KTheir purpose is to empower and educate entrepreneurs so that they can concentrate on improving the lives of their consumers.
2CXL – Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Growth18.4KThis is one of the best Facebook groups for conversion optimization and business growth discussions.
3The Cult of Copy40.0KIf you appreciate copywriting, persuasion, mind control, and other cunning things, this group is for you!
4Cult Of Copy Job Board50.5KThis group is ONLY for posting jobs to employ copywriters or to sell copywriting services.
5Digital Marketing Jobs112.2KThis is a group where members can share jobs and knowledge regarding digital marketing. Members can also advice each other and share learning materials related to digital marketing.
6Digital Marketing Group128.4KIn this group you are allowed to post about SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. Members can also ask and provide jobs to each other.
7The Copywriter Club14.4KThis is a fantastic online forum for copywriters exclusively.
8Facebook Power Admins Global18.7KThis community’s purpose is to enable a diverse group of outstanding community leaders to create their best communities.
9Facebook Ad Buyers160.8KThis group is all about Facebook Ad Buying and networking with other Facebook Ad Buyers.
10Facebook Ads Experts Academy227KThis group is intended mostly for intermediate to advanced Facebook ad marketers.
11Affiliate SEO Mastermind32.5KThis is a community committed to mastering affiliate marketing via search engine optimization.
123pm Links By Search Eye14.8KThis group is intended for all digital marketing professionals. Users who are interested in learning SEO, PPC, social, and analytics can also join this group.
13The Daily Carnage19.6KThis group provides you with the most recent marketing news, tools, tips, and methods.
14Dumb SEO Questions25.6KThis is the most trusted search engine optimization group where you can learn about all types of SEO.
15The Front Row7.9KThis is a private Facebook group where you can study the most effective methods and strategies for social media marketing and the digital world.
16Grow Together: SEO, Link Building, and Outreach1.6KThis is a community of marketers that includes SEOs, link builders, outreach specialists, agencies, freelancers, digital marketers, and others.
17Marketing Solved28.0KYou will get unique access to marketing training, tips & tutorials, and marketing techniques in this community!
18The Proper SEO Group43.0KThis is the best grey-hat discussion community on Facebook.
19SEO Signals Lab72.8KThis community is for the exchange of case studies, split-test findings, and SEO algorithm trends.
20SEO Tips, Tricks & Tools13.6KExperienced entrepreneurs started this group to exchange regular SEO tactics to assist you to increase the number of leads.
21Superstar SEO78.1KThe group will discuss support issues, new features, hacks, case studies, best practices, and lead/client issues.
22White Hat SEO35.5KThis is an amazing online community to learn in-depth about white hat SEO.
23Make Money Online With AI140.9KWith templates and lessons, you can get assistance in generating more traffic, and conversions.
24Remote Jobs, Work Anywhere – Inventive Hub105.0KThe goal of this group is to provide a daily location for everyone to check in with their coworkers and engage in group conversations.
25The Original Google Business Profile & Local SEO Tips Group19.3KThis group is for individuals who wish to enhance their ranking as well as assist in answering difficult Google my business inquiries for a rookie to mid-GBP users.
26Instagram Influencers, Brands, & Professionals64.5KTheir goal is to connect exceptional Instagram influencers with deserving companies.
27Local Client Takeover27.9KThis community focuses on Local SEO approaches, digital marketing agency strategies, and optimizing Google My Business and Google Maps.
28SaaS Growth Hacks31.3KThis organization has assisted thousands of people in starting, scaling, and running their SaaS firms.
29SaaS Products & Marketing22.4KThis group was formed to provide SaaS product suggestions, techniques, and case studies.
30Sisters in SEO11.9KThis community is for SEO women and persons who identify as gender diversity or gender nonconforming.
31Women in Tech SEO3.5KIt is a support network for women working in technical SEO (digital marketing).
32Social Media Managers54.2KFor more than a decade, this association has been committed to educating the business of Social Media Management.
33Shopify Growth Mastermind66.8KIt consists of Shopify businesses, Shopify Partners, Shopify services, and Shopify Professionals.
34Shopify Newbies90.6KAs the name suggests this group is specially made for Shopify beginners.
35Facebook Ads and Google Ads Community230KThis is a group where members can buy and sell their digital marketing services. You can make new connections all the time with this group.
36Video Editing Jobs & 3D/2D Animation Jobs122.9KAnyone who is looking for any kind of video editing and animation job must join this group.
37Video Editors Jobs (INDIA)42.6KThis group is for job seekers and businesses searching for skilled and experienced video editors.
38Social Media Managers 123KThis is a community for social media campaign managers. In this group the members help each other to boost their social media campaigns.
39YouTube Promotion248KIf you want to promote your YouTube channel for monetization purposes, then this group is best for you.
40BizGurukul Affiliate Marketing online business44.8KIf you want to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing, then you will get a lot of knowledge from here.
41Affiliate Marketing for Beginners226.3KWanna learn affiliate marketing for free, that too from industry experts? Join this group!
42Web Design & Development121.3KThis group was formed so that all members of the group may share their website design and development videos and photographs.
43Web Design and Development Freelancers167.7KThis is a group for web designers and developers. Here members can connect and work for each other.
44Instagram Influencers Squad77.9KThis group allows its members to share tips and tricks regarding social media. Members can find collaboration opportunities as well as giveaways.
45YouTube Vlogging Support Group44.5KThis is a group for YouTube vloggers. Members can post their videos on this group to get more views.

In the realm of digital marketing, furthermore, social media platforms have become an essential component of any marketing strategy. Facebook, being one of the most prominent social networking networks, boasts over 2.7 billion active members globally. While many businesses use Facebook pages to promote their brand, joining top Facebook groups can also provide a variety of marketing benefits:

1. Greater Visibility: Facebook groups, being communities, unite people with common interests. Moreover, when you join relevant groups, your brand gains exposure. This increased visibility connects you with a specific audience, thus enhancing your reach. When you join a group, you may interact with the members, answer their questions, and provide useful information. You may establish yourself as an authority in your niche and promote your business to a receptive audience by doing so.

2. Chances for Networking: Most popular Facebook groups offer fantastic networking opportunities. Furthermore, connecting with like-minded individuals, business owners, and industry influencers fosters valuable relationships. These connections might evolve into collaborations, partnerships, or referrals. Furthermore, networking with members of your group can help you remain updated on industry news and trends.

3. Advertising at a minimal Cost: Many Facebook groups enable members to promote their services or products for free or at a minimal cost. By doing so, you can effectively target a specific audience without significant advertising expenses. It is crucial to note that spamming groups with promotional content can be detrimental and can result in removal from the group.

4. Increased Engagement: The largest Facebook group offers an excellent platform to engage with your target audience. By actively participating in group conversations, you can enhance interaction with potential consumers, answering their questions, and sharing your knowledge. This kind of interaction has the potential to improve brand exposure, boost internet traffic, and ultimately drive purchases.

5. Customer Feedback: The best Facebook groups can provide valuable insights into what your target audience is seeking. By joining relevant groups, you gain access to customer comments, opinions, as well as preferences. This data can be instrumental in shaping improved products, services, and marketing strategies that truly connect with your target demographic.

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The rise of Facebook’s groups

With more than 1.8 billion people using Facebook groups every month, just imagine how much information is shared online. Here on groups, you will find a treasury of tips and tricks along with latest information to keep you updated.

Joining Facebook groups has provided individuals with an opportunity to connect and unite on similar hobbies, causes and topics. Additionally, the groups allow people to connect on a wider network with users having similar interests even across geographical boundaries. So now let’s have a look at how Facebook groups have reached such heights and risen across worldwide.

The Evolution Of Facebook Groups

The concept of Facebook groups was introduced in the year 2010. The basic idea of groups was to allow users to create and join communities based on individual interests. Along with bringing people with similar interests together, it subsequently created a sense of belonging and connection.

Over the years, the popularity of groups grew exponentially, leading to the emergence of mega-groups with millions of members. This emergence of 1 million member groups also indicated the diverse passions of individuals around the world. And of course with millions of people, the engagement rates will also take a boost. Not to forget, facebook adapted an algorithm that gave priority to group content. This adaptation by Facebook further led to the popularity of groups.

The Power Of Numbers

The sheer size of these 1 million member groups gives them a significant advantage in terms of reach and influence. These large groups provide its members with amazing opportunities such as job listings, collaboration ventures as well as networking prospects. Suppose, you are a business owner trying to launch a new product. You can connect with potential customers using these platforms. On the other hand, users can also benefit from the sea of diverse knowledge shared in these groups.

With such a large number of audience, these Facebook groups have the potential to shape opinions, mobilize action and drive change. Now when the members share certain problems, they get amazing support and creative ideas to sort things out. Altogether, These group chats are a team effort that can eventually lead to dramatic changes. Such large groups aren’t just for fun, they can actually make a difference in the society.

Niche vs. Mainstream Groups

Now some of these 1 million member groups cater to broad interests and topics. Whereas, the others focus on specific niches such as entertainment, education, lifestyle, food, health, digital marketing and so on. These niche related groups are like a cozy corner where people with similar passion come together. Here they get an opportunity to chat and learn new things related to the niche. 

Niche groups can be highly influential within their respective communities, fostering deep engagement and connection among members. Being part of such a group is like having your own exclusive club where you can learn and bond over your passion. Moreover, these groups can provide you with latest and first hand information that you may not find anywhere else.

The Impact of Facebook’s 1 Million Member Groups

The support system built in Facebook’s 1 million member groups is well-fortified. Ultimately Bringing together like-minded people, providing worldwide connections, influencing societal decisions, creating business opportunities and sharing diverse knowledge with members.

Amplifying Voices and Causes

Facebook’s 1 million member groups provide a platform for individuals as well as organizations to amplify their voices. These larger groups also allow its members to advocate for the causes they believe in. In addition, they not only listen but also share ideas and provide a support system for people. 

Now the issues can be societal, political or environmental. These groups can help you raise awareness, mobilize support and even influence public opinion and policy decisions. Although these groups exist virtually, they create a significant influence in the real world. So rather than sharing your ideas and problems with a handful of people, use million member Facebook groups. 

Building Communities and Support Networks

Social Network

Facebook groups are like a virtual community where you will find like minded people with similar interests. These communities provide you with space to share stories and experiences, give-take advice as well as encourage each other. Furthermore, you get to learn valuable lessons with other member’s experiences. You also get a sense of belonging where you are allowed to freely speak your heart and mind.

Now taking today’s globalized world into consideration, you already know how important it is to build proper networks. Usually Facebook groups consist of people belonging from different corners of the world as it is an online platform. So eventually when they connect with each other in this virtual world, they are able to build a large network across geographical boundaries. These networks will then provide all the support and strength that you may need in the near future.

Driving Business and Economic Opportunities

Large number of people can act as valuable marketing tools for business. So what’s better than a Facebook group with 1 million members? Right? These groups help you to reach a wider and engaged audience. When used in a proper way, it creates an opportunity to engage with audiences that are genuinely interested in your products. You can also launch your product in the group if you want to test the response it can get.

Let me tell you that these large groups are not all about making connections. Facebook groups also provide its members with economic opportunities. Be it freelancers searching for gigs or business owners searching for partners, you connect and gain economically through Facebook groups. With millions of connections at your disposal, members can come across job openings, form collaborations and expand business networks. This is how you can connect as well as leverage economically through Facebook groups.

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Wrapping It Up

Did you enjoy our dedicated list of Facebook groups with over 1 million members?

Facebook groups aren’t simply beneficial to the people who join them; they’re also beneficial to the businesses or individuals that manage them. By joining the Facebook active groups with over 1 million members, you get a chance to publicize your name, establish a favorable reputation, and promote your information, services, and/or product to a big audience.

Joining too many groups is not a sensible decision because you will be bombarded with posts and won’t be able to engage in any meaningful discussions. As a result, it is strongly advised that you do not join too many groups because it becomes quite difficult to actively participate in any discussions. While Facebook permits you to join up to 6,000 groups, it’s practically impossible to be a part of that many groups simultaneously. Therefore, it’s recommended to focus on a select few that offer the most value.

Groups are a fantastic way to expand your audience, enhance brand awareness, and grow your company. If you join any of these Facebook groups with over 1 million members, you will gain exposure to millions of people!

Finally, I hope you found what you were looking for. Please share your experience with Facebook groups that have over 1 million members.

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