What is the Instagram story limit per day?

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Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media platforms. It can be a great platform for sharing photos and videos and connecting with friends and family. Not only this, but Instagram can even help promote a business or a brand.

One of Instagram’s attractive points is the ‘Story’ feature. In this blog, we will answer the question about the Instagram story limit per day. With so many stories posted every second, it is natural to wonder if there is any limit. Let’s dive deeper.

Do Instagram Stories have a limit?

Most users like posting stories as a way of letting their followers keep in touch with their day. This might come as a shock to most of the users. Instagram has a limit of 100 stories per day

Mashable writer Raymond Wong has confirmed this. Wong wrote about how he broke Instagram Stories one day when he went to Japan and wanted to document every moment. He ended up posting a huge number of stories and found that his first few stories kept getting deleted as he posted more. He then realized that the Instagram story limit per day is 100 (he manually counted it). Instagram also confirmed to Mashable that the limit is 100 stories per day. This means that your first story will be deleted when you post your 101st story. However, it seldom happens that accounts post more than 30–35 stories in a day.

Instagram’s Story feature – What and Why?

Instagram’s story feature can be used by tapping on the camera icon in the top left corner of the feed. Alternatively, users can also swipe right from their feed. It allows users to take a photo or record a short video. Along with that, users can add filters, stickers, text, music, and other effects by tapping the options on the top and bottom of the screen. Instagram’s story feature is one of its most popular functions for several reasons.

  1. Its basic selling point: It allows users to share photos and videos that automatically disappear after 24 hours. This gives the users a chance to post more candid, unfiltered content. 
  2. Creative features: This feature has been popularized by its interactive and playful features. This includes the ability to add stickers, filters, and music, as well as using features like polls, quizzes, and questions to engage with audiences. 
  3. Usefulness for all populations: In addition to the general population and Instagram influencers, Instagram stories have also been embraced by businesses as a marketing tool. Instagram businesses use it to share their products, promotions, and behind-the-scenes looks at their operations.
  4. Functionality: Instagram’s story feature is widely used for its ease of use, versatility, and ability to generate user engagement.

How can you use Instagram Stories well?

If you’re a fan of posting Instagram Stories, it can be tempting to post a number of stories per day to keep your audience updated. However, it can be considered spammy by your followers if you post dozens of stories at once. Instead, you can try this:

  1. Try limiting yourself to 3 to 4 stories each day. This way, your followers won’t feel overwhelmed. They’ll still get enough interesting content from you without having their feeds flooded with endless updates.
  2. Make your story creative. Adding polls or questions to your stories will get valuable feedback from your followers while keeping their attention focused on just one story at a time.
  3. Remember: Quality over quantity. It’s important to remember that most accounts, be they personal, influencer, or business, use social media as a form of storytelling. Thus, when telling a story, the quality of the posts matters more than the number of posts. You can also dedicate posts to a specific type of content.
  4. Create content buckets: Content buckets, also known as content categories, are a way of organizing your content marketing strategy around specific topics or themes. By breaking your content down into different bucket categories, you can create a more focused and cohesive approach to your content marketing efforts. Try taking some time out each week or month (depending on how often you want or need it) to plan ahead for what kind of content would work well together. Create an interesting narrative arc throughout multiple days worth of posts. This will ensure maximum engagement from your followers while keeping them interested until the very end!

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, the Instagram story limit per day is 100. This means that once you exceed 100 stories, your first few will be automatically deleted to replace the new ones. It may be very tempting to post a string of stories on your Instagram account to keep your followers updated on your day. However, it is important to remember that as a storytelling feature, you must use the Instagram feature sparingly.

It is best to upload only 3 to 4 stories a day. This is so that the users don’t find the updates spammy. They can also keep track of your presence throughout the day.

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