Boost Reel views with These Top Real Estate Ideas

real estate reel ideas

Instagram reels are a powerful tool for real estate professionals to showcase properties and engage with their audience. Real estate businesses can increase their Instagram reel views by creating short, engaging videos and showcasing key features of properties, neighborhood highlights, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Reel inspiration for real estate businesses comes from using relevant hashtags to increase discoverability and considering collaboration with local influencers or using location-based tags. Real estate firms need to utilize Instagram’s features, like music, effects, and text overlays, to make reels visually appealing.

Consistency and authenticity in content can help build a strong online presence and attract potential clients interested in real estate. Real estate businesses can boost real estate views using Instagram reels for several reasons:

  • Instagram reels are a visual delight that give potential buyers a quick and attractive preview
  • Reels capture the attention of your target audience and promote user engagement and interaction.
  • Creating Instagram reels provides real estate firms with a platform for creativity and personality through which they can promote their brand with a personal touch.
  • Reels are the most recommended way to align with current trends and to increase visibility and appeal to a broader audience.
  • Utilizing relevant hashtags in reels helps real estate brands reach potential clients and collaborators.
  • This social media marketing strategy is also perfect for delivering concise and impactful information in an easily digestible format.

How Increased Instagram Reel Views Can Promote Real Estate Business!

Instagram reels are a massive hit among social media users and a perfect answer to its biggest competitor, TikTok. Reels should vary between 15 – 90 seconds, be educational and entertaining, use hooks and hashtags, and depict fascinating facts about real estate details.

Did you know that the Instagram audience watches 17.6 million hours of reels every day? Also, reels have an impression rate of 33.83% which is almost two times higher as compared to other types of content on the platform. This kind of content also has the highest engagement rate of 1.23%.

Real estate giants can drive sales based on reels. Instagram reels allow prospective clients to experience visuals and learn about the real estate brand’s personality and expertise.

Through reels, consumers can go beyond property listings and learn everything about the real you. You simply need to maintain your authenticity in your reels, portray unique insights, give tips for homebuyers, follow trends, and see a steep growth in the number of Instagram reel views.

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10 Instagram Real Estate Reel Ideas to Boost Reel Views

Let us look at the most trending Instagram reel inspiration for real estate businesses:

1. Create a Reel Showcasing Property/Listing Tours

One of the most fundamental Instagram real estate reel ideas is to promote listings through property tours. One way to go about creating reels is by recording yourself walking through the rooms. You can add some trending music, your voiceover, interesting transitions, and text on the screen.

Another way is to ask someone to create the video while you feature it, describing key features of the property. You can start with a teaser, highlight key rooms, and narrate details about the unique selling points of the property. You can use zoom-in, pan shots, lifestyle shots, and even flaunt smart home technology in your reels. Drone footage works wonders in such videos.

The given example highlights the efforts of the Carrol Group and how effectively they have showcased the significant indoor and outdoor features of the property.


2. Informational Content

Is there a real estate regulation change that you must inform your audiences about? Are there changing real estate market trends? Don’t forget to add the educational and informative aspect to your Instagram real estate reel ideas.

You can capture the audience’s attention by posing a question or stating a fact. Keep your content concise but valuable, and deliver valuable insights on topics like market trends, neighborhood highlights, home-buying tips, local price changes, etc. You can add a voiceover or choose to use captions to clarify your points.

The example below is a perfect reel inspiration for real estate, which helps understand the Miami real estate market trends.


3. Introduce Your Real Estate Agents through Reels

It is important to share with your audience who you are, what your brand is all about, and who works for it.

Real estate agents and employees are true representatives of your real estate business. You must post, introductory reels to showcase their services, role, expertise, experience, and personality. This highlights your brand’s authenticity and adds value to your audience.

Look at this Instagram reel inspiration for a real estate example of the Elmes Group. They have beautifully introduced their key team members while talking about the importance of synergy.


4. Share Tips and Tricks for Home Makeover

Home makeovers have been a trend since the pandemic. As a real estate brand, rather than just focusing on buying and selling properties, you must take the track to renovate homes, which are quite alluring to audiences.

Promote your real estate business by giving some insightful home makeover tips and techniques.

Focus on the visual appeal, use before and after shots, introduce easy DIY projects, talk about renovating an entirely different space, and use creative transitions. Your target audience will most likely be impressed with tips that are economical, flexible, personalized, and trending.

Let us consider this Instagram reel by Osler Homes. This reel shares some brilliant ideas to renovate your residential space, which has attracted the attention of many who are looking for a home makeover solution!


5. Share the Real Life Experiences

Nothing sounds more genuine, inspirational, and emotional to your target audience than a real-life experience!

You can capture some authentic moments, record genuine, unscripted moments, include real estate negotiations, or personal reflections on challenges and how you overcame them through reels.


Such reels emphasize your journey and create a positive impact on your audience. Considering the given example of Alicia Drake’s Real Estate reels, this is a perfect way to express your life experiences, especially the special ones that you feel during your home journey.

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6. Create a Slideshow Using Images

This one is quite easy and the least time-consuming. Just collect some high-quality images of properties, create a storyline, focus on the strengths of the property, use a consistence visual theme, and post this slideshow as an Instagram reel.

Don’t forget to add enticing captions and heartwarming music tracks to such reels.

Since you would be using images instead of a video, you can use transition effects, overlay text, and interesting graphics. Set the right pace and crop the images using an effective picture editor online.

To simplify the process, use Reels Generator – an AI-based tool that automatically creates high-quality reels for you with the help of AI.

Check out this example, where an Instagram reel showcases images of different areas of a property.


7. Sharing a ‘Before and After’ Moment

It is important to share Instagram reels illustrating home spaces in comparison to the past. The best way to portray it aesthetically is to surround the reel with a compelling story, use captivating visuals, add some music or text, and end the reel with a call to action.

Such reels can encourage other viewers and your target audience to reach out to you if they are looking to buy or sell a property. Once the reel is posted, you must engage with your comments and shares, which will help you build a sense of community around your real estate brand.

Here is an example of how a real estate brand, Holtteam Real Estate, posted a reel on ‘Before and After’ as an attractive Real Estate Instagram marketing strategy.


8. Highlight your Real Estate Services

One of the most effective Instagram real estate reel ideas is to broadcast your unique and exclusive services that consumers can make the most of.

Consider the example of the account “amykinvigmortgageexperts” on Instagram. How they captured the situation of a client and how wonderfully they showcased their availability to resolve such issues. This is a great way to create a strong introduction.


You can communicate your real estate expertise and services through reels featuring property highlights. Include client success stories, be open about common challenges that consumers face, and focus on how your brand can help your clientele to make an informed decision.

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9. Showcase the Neighborhood

It is critical to research the neighborhood of your listings and select key features such as parks, schools, banks, markets, and local businesses to entice your audience.

Capture high-quality footage and delve into key attractions. You can also incorporate aerial shots to highlight the surroundings and the layout of the property.

For example, consider the Instagram reels posted by real estate masters – Andyg Realtor. They feature neighborhoods, top amenities, skylines, beautiful surroundings, and neighborhood facilities when creating posts and reels on their listings.


10. Reels on ‘House Sold’

Nothing can be more enticing to your audience than presenting social proof of how you completed a real estate deal successfully. You can also compile highlights or organize an event to exhibit your gratefulness to your customers.

Look at an example where the Pontaletta Group created a reel for a client appreciation event.



To amplify your Instagram reel views and lead generation, you must follow the latest trends in the real estate promotional space. The above-mentioned Instagram real estate reel ideas are an inspiration to real estate businesses to try unique and creative ways to promote their services and enhance ROI. can help real estate brands with its AI-based Instagram Reels Maker, using which you can create engaging reels and YouTube Shorts.

So what are you waiting for? Contact the experts today and generate captivating videos and reels!

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