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Creative story ideas for baking

Instagram is one of the most popular social media tools, used not only by the general population to create a social connection but also by businesses and brands. They use Instagram to reconnect with their followers while approaching new audiences.

Any business, from fashion, home, and lifestyle, to restaurant and food businesses, flourish on Instagram once they find the right tricks. Food businesses specifically can benefit highly from Instagram because of the following:

1. Instagram’s visual appeal:

Instagram uses pictures and videos as tools for one to express themselves. The platform thus relies highly on visuals and high-quality images and videos. These features work to appeal to the viewers.

2. Reach for a larger audience:

Instagram has a large user base and is one of the most used social media platforms. Furthermore, owing to the diversity of users, Instagram also helps a diverse range of businesses with their goals. For a food business, promoting products becomes more accessible with the help of social media influencers and food bloggers.

3. Cost-effective advertising:

Advertising methods such as television commercials or billboards have now become too costly. Advertising on Instagram can be more cost-effective. In addition to that, Instagram can target specific audiences with paid advertising. This increases the effectiveness of advertising and helps a business reach the targeted audience much more quickly.

4. Community building:

Instagram makes use of both the business and followers’ engagement. This helps the business build a community with its followers or customers. This can be done by encouraging followers to engage with one another, joining in with special promotions and seasonal limited-time offers, and posting behind-the-scenes content. This also increases the customer’s brand loyalty.

Instagram offers many benefits to food businesses in terms of capturing attention, reach, and engagement with potential customers, building brand identity, and promoting a sense of community. Instagram is also an excellent platform for food businesses to build a relationship with their customers and gather valuable feedback.

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15 Best Instagram Story Ideas for baking business

Once you have the basics down, you can start exploring how every feature of Instagram can contribute to growing your reach. Instagram Stories for starters, are a great place to post daily pictures and short videos to reach new audiences and keep them engaged.

1. Appetizing pictures of your baked goods:

The simplest Instagram Stories can be high-quality and appetizing pictures of the baked goods you sell. These can be anything from brownies, pastries, and cakes to bagels, croissants, and buns. Make sure to set up the picture well and include a seating arrangement if you offer dine-in options.

2. Behind-the-scenes:

To keep your followers engaged, you can post behind-the-scenes footage of how you bake your goods. This can include picking and washing ingredients, setting up the baking equipment, and the process itself.

3. Time-Lapse video:

Another idea is to make a timelapse of the entire process with the camera stationed at one particular spot. This gives the followers an insight into your work and lets them be a part of your baking process.

4. Share guides:

Share simple and easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides on simple tasks. This can include how to decorate a cake or cookies. You can also make tutorial videos, such as how to bake cupcakes. More followers will view and reshare your stories if you post step-by-step instructions on baking a product.

5. Recipe teaser:

Share a sneak peek of a delicious recipe you’ll be baking soon to generate excitement and anticipation among your followers.

6. Recipes:

Share recipes through pictures- by listing ingredients and adding progress images. You can also insert a link in the story or use your business account to add a swipe-up link. This can redirect the user to your blog or website with the full recipe in detailed steps.

7. Tips and know-how for recipes and baking apparatus:

Posting tips and tricks for your followers to implement can also increase their engagement with the Story. You can share tips such as ‘chilling the dough beforehand makes the cookies crispier’ with a picture or video of the cookies you baked. You can use other features such as polls and quizzes to interact with your followers. Use specific topics to attract audiences such as ‘how to clean baking equipment without damaging it’ and post a short video on it.

8. Taste Test:

Share the moment you take the first bite of a freshly baked creation, like a cupcake, cake, or pastry. Let your natural reactions flow along with some recommendations for the treat.

9. Host baking contests and giveaways:

Instagram stories can be a good feature to update and remind your followers of any baking contests, giveaway details, deadlines, and announcing winners. Make sure to use eye-catching designs and maintain the baking theme while doing so. 

10. Ask for Recommendations:

Engage with your audience by asking for baking recipe recommendations or suggestions for flavor variations of a classic dessert.

11. Q&A Session:

Encourage your followers to ask you baking-related questions, and dedicate a story to answering some of the most interesting inquiries.

12. Baking Fails:

Embrace the occasional mishap and share a funny story or blooper reel of baking disasters, showing that even experts have their moments.

13. Baking Inspirations:

Discuss the bakers, chefs, or cookbooks that inspire your baking journey, highlighting their contributions and sharing your favorite recipes from them.

14. Ingredient Substitutions:

Help your audience navigate ingredient substitutions for dietary restrictions or when they’re missing a specific item, providing useful alternatives.

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15. Seasonal Treats:

Share recipes and ideas for baking desserts that are perfect for a specific season or holiday, creating excitement around upcoming festivities.

Here are five more bonus ideas for you!

1. Baking with Kids:

If you have little ones or work with children, document the fun and messiness of baking together, showcasing adorable moments and simple recipes. Alternatively, you can also host hour-long workshops for kids to teach them simple baking!

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2. Baking Healthier:

Show your followers how to make healthier versions of their favorite treats by using alternative ingredients or reducing sugar and fat content.

3. Baking Etiquette:

Share baking etiquette tips, such as proper measuring techniques, cleaning up as you go, and storing baked goods for freshness.

4. Collaborations:

Team up with another baker or food blogger and document a collaborative baking session, showcasing different styles and techniques.

5. Polls and quizzes:

Create a baking-related quiz or trivia or ask followers if they prefer ‘this’ over ‘that’ through Instagram polls. Share your followers’ results in your stories.

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How can Instagram help a baking business?

Instagram, as already known, is a great platform for businesses. For baking businesses as well, Instagram can be used to promote products and increase the brand’s reach. 

  1. Set up your account well: 

The first thing the audience will see when they come across your account is the profile picture and bio. Make sure to have a good visibility picture of you or your business logo as the profile picture. It is always good to introduce yourself or your business in the bio. Add a link to a landing page where visitors can check out your recipes, pictures of your food, or even your workplace! Instagram Highlights can also be used, which permanently stays on your profile page. They can help new followers quickly learn about you and your business. They also help the users understand the type of posts you might usually make.

  1. Post personalized pictures and captions:

Instead of simply posting pictures of the end products, try and capture the process of baking. Make sure that it represents the quality and hard work that you put in. Pay special attention to the lighting, food portion, and plating.

  1. Use hashtags and location tags.

Hashtags are a great way to reach new audiences through posts. Although, a hashtag as simple as #pastry or #cake is too common. Try to use the location along with the food that you are showcasing. For example, if you are showcasing a pastry and are located in Chicago, use the hashtag #chicagopastries. #chicagocakes, or #chicagobakery. Next, try to be more specific; mention if the pastry is a chocolate pastry or if the cake is a wedding cake. 

  1. Run ads

Running ads will help you reach a specific target audience. This means that you can target people based on age, gender, location, interests, and more. Instagram also allows businesses to track their ad performance and analyze metrics like impressions, clicks, reach, and engagement. This allows them to make better-informed decisions about their marketing plan.

  1. Host competitions and contests: 

A perfect way to engage your community is to host contests. Decide a specific theme, such as refreshing drinks or baking desserts, and host a week-long competition to see which follower bakes the best cake! You can encourage them to use competition-specific or branded hashtags. This will also increase your reach.

Wrapping it up

With the advantages that Instagram Stories bring, they can help reach new audiences when used in the right way. Baking businesses can benefit from Instagram Stories by posting appetizing pictures of their baked goods and involving the audience in their baking process through time-lapse videos.

They can also post tips and tricks, which can be later added to Story Highlights. Sharing recipes on stories or inserting a link to a landing page can also help increase engagement and re-shares. Happy Baking and sharing!

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