Hobbit Day Social Media Post Ideas

Hobbit day post ideas

Hobbit Day, as the name suggests, is a day to appreciate and celebrate J. R. R. Tolkien’s Famous book, The Hobbit. Celebrated on 22nd September each year, it gives an opportunity to share your love for the story and the characters. Hobbit Day post ideas give you a chance to engage with your audience.

In some cases, you might also be able to target your audience with the right strategy. If you are struggling to find some of the unique and creative Hobbit Day post ideas, we are here to help you.

Read this blog till the end and create a unique and impressive post for your social media channels this Hobbit Day.

1. Hobbit Themed Food Ideas

Hobbits are very fond of food, not to forget their second breakfasts. In this Hobbit, they share recipes with food items in a theme of hobbit food. If not a recipe, choose a food from their meal and post it as a content piece. Feature food items that Hobbits in the novel were fond of like eggs, sausages, bacon, and mushrooms. If your brand is one of the bakery shops, share media for a cake on the theme of hobbits.

Hobbit Themed Food post Ideas

Use these hashtags for the mentioned post idea: #HobbitFood #HobbitRecipe

2. Hobbit Costume Contest

A costume contest is another great pick from Hobbit Day post ideas. Organize a virtual costume contest where all the participants share a photo or video of themselves getting dressed as hobbits. Be the judge and choose the winner or use polls to let your audience engage and pick a winner. End the fun of this contest by sharing your pic in a hobbit costume.

Hobbit Costume Contest

To reach the target audience use the following hashtags:  #HobbitCostumeContest #HobbitCostume

3. Hobbit Trivia & Quizzes

Create a fun atmosphere by organizing a Hobbit quiz this Hobbit Day. This will encourage fellow fans to engage with your posts. The questions can cover the characters, the storyline, or some of the facts about the story. Add fun to this by giving a prize to one of the selected participants.

Use the following hashtags: #HobbitQuiz #HobbitTrivia

4. Hobbit Book Recommendations

People who love reading equally love sharing their love for books. If you have any book recommendations your audience might enjoy, it can be another great Hobbit Day post idea for you to follow.

Hashtags to use: #HobbitBookRecommendation #BooksLikeHobbit

5. Hobbit House Tour

Have you ever visited a place that was inspired by the Hobbit environment? If yes, that makes one of the excellent Hobbit Day post ideas. If you live near places where the film was shot, what can be better than sharing a few serene clips of the original places as a content idea?

Hobbit House Tour - social  media post ideas

Use the following hashtags for this post idea: #HobbitShire #HobbitCafe #HobbitHome

6. Hobbit Merchandise

For cloth brands and stores, one great way to showcase their collection in a wide variety is by sharing their products. Add products from your merchandise to boost your sales on this Hobbit day.

Hashtags that will improve the reach of your post: #HobbitMerchandise #HobbitTshirts #HobbitCups #HobbitProducts

7. Hobbit Art Showcase

If you are an artist, use your art to create one of the exceptional hobbit day post ideas. It does not necessarily have to be an art but can also be a craft or illustration. If you are not very good at painting but still like this Hobbit Day post idea, ask your followers to submit their artwork and then use it as a content idea by mentioning the people.

Hobbit Art Showcase

Hashtags that you can add to this post idea: #HobbitArt #HobbitCraft #HobbitDayArt

8. Hobbit Day Giveaway

Giveaways are the best if your goal is enhanced engagement from your followers. The best giveaway as Hobbit Day post ideas will be to give the giveaway winners a set of Hobbit books or movies. Additionally, the giveaway can include anything that is related to hobbits like a hobbit dress, hobbit garden plants, etc. If you have a store, your giveaway items can include items from your brand only.

Hobbit Day Giveaway - instagram post idea

Here are the hashtags for you for this post idea: #HobbitGiveaway #HobbitDayPrizes

9. Hobbit Cosplay Spotlight

Hobbit Cosplay Spotlight

Celebrate your love for the hobbits as you feature your followers dressed as their favorite characters. For this hobbit day post idea, ask and encourage your followers to get all creative with the costumes and makeup and recreate the look of hobbits of the Shire.

Hashtags: #CosplayCelebration #HobbitCosplay

10. Hobbit Day Playlist

The movie features some of the exceptional songs that are just too good. Share your Hobbit playlist as one of the Hobbit Day post ideas with your followers and share the melodies from the masterpiece. If you want to target people who have only read the book, create a playlist with songs that make you feel like being in the Shire.

Use the following hashtags for this post: #HobbitPlaylist #MusicalHobbit

11. Hobbit Fashion Show

Hobbit fashion style is something that features simple and utilitarian details. Another pick from great Hobbit Day post ideas is to post a recreation of the medieval clothing style the hobbits wear. Not only do you post, but by posting a content item for this idea encourage your followers to share pictures and videos of their recreation of hobbit outfits to make it more fun!

Here are the hashtags you can use for this Hobbit Day post idea: #HobbitStyle #FashionableHobbits

12. Hobbit Gardening Tips

The vibrant flowers and scenic beauty in the storyline definitely give inspiration to people who love gardening. For a Hobbit-inspired garden, one of the unique Hobbit Day post ideas is to share garden tips as your social media content.

Hobbit Gardening Tips

Why is this the perfect Hobbit Day post idea? Well, because your gardening tips can include anything from a home garden shed to planting plants that hobbits would plant.

Hashtags to use: HobbitGarden #greenThumbHobbits

13. Hobbit Wisdom Quotes

The characters of the storyline have some impressive philosophies that make one of the mindful Hobbit Day post ideas. Use the quotes that impressed you or share the wisdom from the storyline.

Hobbit Wisdom Quotes - post idea

The hashtags you can use for this post idea are: #HobbitWisdom #InspiringQuotes

14. Hobbit Day Polls

Polls make one of the great Hobbit Day post ideas if your aim is to attain engagement from your audience. Ask & encourage your followers to share their answers on the poll. And if you are confused about what questions you can add, it can be anything like the meals, habits, or characters from the storyline.

Use the following hashtags to reach out to more people: #HobbitPolls #InteractiveContent

15. Hobbit Day DIY Crafts

For people who love hobbies and crafts, one of the Hobbit Day post ideas is to share a craft idea that involves hobbits. This post idea is great for social media accounts with the niche of arts & crafts. From a brooch to creating miniature habit homes, there is so much of it you can cover in your post.

For this Hobbit Day post idea, here are some of the hashtags: #HobbitCrafts #DIYHobbits

16. Hobbit Day Nature Challenge

If you have seen the movie, one thing you know for sure is that the lifestyle of hobbits included appreciating nature. Just like a hobbit would treasure the charm of nature, encourage your audience to spend more time in nature and appreciate its beauty. Share the magical moments shared with nature and ask your followers to do the same.

Here are some of the hashtags you can use: #NatureHobbits #OutdoorEscapades

17. Hobbit Day Storytime

If you want to target an audience who has not seen the movie, the best way is to share a video post or live stream where you read or give a brief about the book or movie. Not only can you share the storyline or read an excerpt from the book, but also share your opinion as you go along with the story.

Use the following hashtags for this Hobbit Day post idea: HobbitStoryTime #TolkienReads

18. Hobbit Day Travel Dreams

Hobbit Day Travel Dreams

The scenic beauty of the movie is so dreamy that it inspires a lot of people to choose a similar travel destination. If you had a travel destination that was an inspiration after you watched the movie, it can be one of the great Hobbit Day post ideas for your social media handles. On top of that ask your followers to share or suggest posts from their hobbit-inspired travel destinations.

Hashtags to use: HobbitTravelDreams #Wanderlust

19. Hobbit Day Movie Marathon

Hobbit Day Movie Marathon

The best way to share the love for hobbits, nothing will compete with a movie marathon in the comfort of your couch. Create a post where you share a photo or a video for the movie marathon of Hobbit movies. Pick a clip for a specific scene you love and ask your followers to engage as they talk about their favorite scene.

Hashtags you can use: #HobbitMovieMarathon #MovieMagic

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20. Hobbie Day Virtual Gathering

For people who love the Hobbits, organize a virtual event for them where they can share their interests together. If you are not sure what activities you can do in a virtual gathering, follow the following ideas. A quiz is a great virtual event you can organize. Adding to that discuss things, lifestyles, and favorite characters of the series in your live streaming.

Use the following hashtags to target the audience: #VirtualHobbitGathering #LiveChat

Wrapping it up

If you are one channel that never misses an opportunity to engage your audience and connect with them, rock this Hobbit day with this Hobbit day post ideas. Use these ideas and create unique content that your followers love.

Pick anything from the story that you can create the pot idea around. It can be as simple as talking about a plant in your garden that was found in the Shire as well.

With this, let us end today’s blog. Follow for reading more such content.

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