16 World Beard Day Content Ideas for Instagram

Beard day content ideas

World Beard Day is a day to celebrate the art of facial hair and if you are looking for content ideas then you have come to the right place! This day is not only about grooming your beard and honoring the proud tradition but it’s also a day that encourages self-expression and personal style. Of course, you can do this every day, but the first Saturday of September is reserved to observe the Beard Day globally to make it a little more special for all!

world beard day instagram post

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beard owner or not, this day gives you the perfect opportunity to engage with your audience and tap into the unique beard culture. Then let’s get on with some World Beard Day ideas for your social media!

Post about Beard grooming tips

One of the best ways to engage your beard-owner audience is to emphasize grooming! The foundation of very great beard is set on how well you groom it daily.

1. How to maintain a healthy beard

Offer your followers practical advice on maintaining a healthy beard. Talk about which beard oils to use to keep the hair moisturized. Beard balms can also help with moisturizing the beard and keeping it from going frizzy. Offer advice on trimming the beard regularly to prevent split ends and brushing it daily to distribute natural oils.

tips on maintaining a healthy beard - World Beard Day Content Ideas

2. Best products for beard care

Share your favorite beard care products and explain why they worked for you. Additionally, consider reviewing new products to provide honest feedback and help your followers make informed choices. Reviews that are made without paid promotions might also help your followers understand your genuineity and help build trust.

Best products for beard care

Beard styling ideas

Bored of the usual plain beard? Spark creativity in your followers by unleashing their inner stylist!

3. Different beard styles to try

Showcase a variety of beard styles, from the classic to the trendsetting. Encourage your audience to vote for their favorite style and experiment with their looks. You can also create tutorials on how to shape different styles of beards to suit specific face structures better.

Different beard styles to try

4. Beard accessories

Flaunt your collection of beard accessories, from stylish combs and brushes to mustache wax and unique pins. Showcasing these accessories can inspire your followers to elevate their grooming game.

Beard transformations

Encourage your followers to showcase their beard journey. From different styles to transformations that can inspire others!

5. Before and after photos

Share your personal before and after photos from your beard journey. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing the progression from scruff to an impressive beard. In addition, mention some tips and tricks, or products that helped you along the way.

6. Beard growth progress

Document your beard growth journey over time. Provide updates whenever you try out a different style.

Beard growth progress

Offer insights, tips, and encouragement to those who are looking to achieve a fuller beard.

Beard growth progress - World Beard Day Content Ideas

7. Beard and Fashion Fusion:

Collaborate with fashion influencers to create outfits that complement different beard styles. Show how beards can be an integral part of personal style.

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Beard humor

Make your audience chuckle and add some humor to the beard culture!

8. Funny beard memes

Throw a little humor into your content by sharing funny beard-related memes. Laughter is a universal language that can help you connect with a wider audience.

Funny beard memes

9. Beard-related jokes

Lighten the mood by sharing witty beard-related jokes or puns. It’s a great way to engage your followers and spread positivity.

Beard-related jokes - World Beard Day Content Ideas

10. Beard Trivia Quiz:

Craft a beard-themed trivia quiz and challenge your followers’ knowledge about different beard styles, historical figures with beards, and grooming techniques. Offer a prize to the follower with the most correct answers. The prizes can be anything from beard oil, balms, or shampoos to beard accessories like pins! Make it creative and fun!

Beard inspiration

Post about influential men to draw inspiration from and celebrate them. 

11. Influential bearded men

Pay tribute to influential figures, both historical and contemporary, who sport remarkable beards. From Abraham Lincoln to modern actors and musicians, share their stories and impact.

12. Beard quotes

Share powerful and motivating quotes about beards and masculinity. These quotes can resonate with your audience and evoke a sense of pride.

Beard quotes

13. Beard Appreciation Stories:

Encourage your followers to share their personal stories about their beards. This could include stories about how their beard has influenced their identity, style, or self-confidence. This can work as a two-way path for you and your followers to connect with each other. In addition, it will help you drive up engagement.

14. Virtual Beard Contest:

Host a virtual beard contest where followers submit their beard photos for different categories such as “Longest Beard,” “Most Creative Beard” or “Softest Beard Around”. Create funny categories and make your followers feel that sense of accomplishment when they win.

Beard care routines

Craft a routine or share your own routine to take care of and style your beard for the daily day-to-day. 

15. Morning beard care routine

Walk your followers through your morning beard care routine. Offer step-by-step guidance and recommend products that help lessen the morning frizziness and can make anyone look like a pro!

 Morning beard care routine

16. Nighttime beard care routine

Discuss the importance of nighttime beard care. Recommend products that promote growth and health during sleep, and emphasize the benefits of a consistent routine.

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Wrapping it up

The World Beard Day, start a trend and embrace the spirit of the beard culture! Engage with your audience through these diverse World Beard Day Content Ideas. Whether they’re looking for beard tips, styling inspirations, or just some humor, you’ll be ready to give them your all! Happy World Beard Day! May your beards be forever well-groomed and stylish.

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