How to Add Reviews to Shopify? A Complete Guide


Encouraging potential buyers to choose your fantastic product is at the heart of e-commerce marketing. While projecting a relatable brand voice and an appealing brand aesthetic are crucial steps toward achieving this, the ultimate assurance for shoppers often comes from an impartial third party endorsing your authenticity.

This is where customer reviews shine, playing a pivotal role in augmenting your marketing endeavors. The impact of reviews, accompanied by those gleaming stars, cannot be underestimated – they wield the potential to elevate sales figures, amplify conversion rates, and secure coveted rich snippet results on Google.

Merchants frequently ponder over a vital question: How can reviews be seamlessly integrated into Shopify, the popular e-commerce platform? Rest assured, we’re here to provide the answer, offering you a range of excellent solutions to garner those prized star ratings on your product pages and across your entire online storefront.

The Importance of Customer Reviews

The primary objective behind incorporating reviews is to establish a strong foundation of trust for your brand. This is precisely why review marketing holds such a significant role. In an online landscape rife with fraudulent websites and e-commerce platforms, people often approach new online stores with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Building Trust and Credibility

Advertisements have their appeal, but they consistently fall short of the impact generated by genuine endorsements from actual individuals.

In reality, a staggering 93% of online shoppers make it a habit to peruse reviews prior to making a purchase, driven by their desire to gauge the collective sentiment about a product.

Moreover, a substantial 62% of shoppers exhibit a heightened inclination to make a purchase when they encounter visual aids such as photos and videos shared by fellow customers.

These insightful statistics pertaining to reviews underscore their paramount significance. Enterprises that neglect to harness the power of reviews undoubtedly find themselves trailing behind the curve.

Cease Missing Out on Opportunities

Customer reviews play a pivotal role in aiding your prospective customers in their purchasing deliberations.

In situations where uncertainty lingers concerning a product, the presence of a product review can significantly influence the outcome of the decision-making process.

This influence is particularly potent when reviews take the form of photos or videos, as indicated by the earlier-discussed statistics.

Nonetheless, if their appetite for additional information remains unsatisfied, they could potentially explore alternatives in other stores.

Should this transpire, the result is a missed chance to secure a new, devoted customer.

Improving SEO and Search Rankings

An unexpected advantage of featuring reviews on your website is its impact on enhancing your presence within search engines.

These reviews from customers frequently encompass pertinent keywords, aiding search engines in locating and positioning your business effectively.

Furthermore, the engagement of individuals spending extended periods on your page, engrossed in reviewing the feedback, is favorably acknowledged by Google.

Videos, particularly, yield exceptional results in this context. Pages that incorporate videos hold a staggering 53-fold higher likelihood of securing top positions in Google search outcomes. Additionally, individuals invest an extra 3 minutes on pages hosting video content, contributing to their overall engagement.

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Adding reviews to your Shopify store:

1. Install a review app

If you’re currently using your Shopify admin dashboard, navigate to the “Apps” section. Simply click the inviting green button labeled “Customize your store” to access the Shopify App Store.

Choose a review app

Once you’re inside the Shopify App Store, you can search for an app called “Product Reviews.” Alternatively, if you spot it featured on the main page, you can simply click on the app’s icon.

choose a review app

Your search will lead you to a page with search results. Scroll down until you locate the “Product Reviews” app.

product reviews app

Install the app

When you’re on the Product Reviews app page, you’ll notice a prominent green button labeled “Add app.” Go ahead and click on that button.

install the app option

As a result, you’ll be directed back to your Shopify admin dashboard. Here, you’ll be presented with a list of permissions that the app requires in order to function properly. To proceed, all you need to do is click on the “Install app” button.

install app button

And just like that, you’ve successfully integrated a reviews app into your store, all set to efficiently gather valuable customer feedback.

2. Customize review settings

Once you’ve successfully installed the app, proceed by clicking on the “Online Store” dropdown menu. 

Customize review settings

Among the options presented, you’ll find “Themes.” It’s important to access the “Themes” section as it enables you to make customizations to your chosen theme.

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3. Collect and manage reviews

Request customer reviews

Utilize the review app’s capabilities to seamlessly dispatch automated review request emails to customers following their purchase.

Take the opportunity to personalize the email template according to your brand’s aesthetics. Craft the template to not only align with your brand identity but also to motivate customers to share their feedback through reviews.

Manage and respond to reviews

Maintain a routine of checking the review app dashboard to access and oversee customer reviews effectively.

Demonstrate your dedication to customer contentment by promptly and professionally responding to both positive and negative reviews. This practice showcases your commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Personalize Your Product Reviews Section

When customizing your customer reviews through Product Reviews, it’s important to note that the available customization options might be somewhat limited.

These customization choices will be displayed on the right side of your screen. In relation to the star rating, you have the flexibility to modify aspects such as star color, size, alignment, badge text for scenarios without reviews, and even the product being featured (if it’s different from the current page).

Keep in mind that all other alterations will need to be carried out directly within the app itself.

Additionally, if you wish to integrate Reviews or Star Rating blocks within the Product Information section, you can achieve this by selecting “Add block” within that specific section.

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Wrapping it up

Businesses can harness the power of customer reviews to increase trust and conversions on their Shopify stores. Building a strong reputation through positive reviews and actively engaging with customers will not only boost sales but also foster long-term customer loyalty.

By following these steps, you can easily add reviews to your Shopify store and leverage the power of social proof to boost customer trust and drive more sales.

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