Best AdCreative AI Alternatives to Make scroll Stopping Ads alternatives

Are you in search of the Best AdCreative AI Alternatives to make scroll-stopping ads? Look no further.

AdCreative, known for its ability to create ad creatives that boost content production, works efficiently when we talk about creating ads and content. The creatives you generate using AdCreative will also integrate the guidelines and goals specified to create content that delivers creatives suitable for use in marketing.

Being a top choice for content creators and marketing leads, AdCreative is definitely a reliable tool, but there are tools that will be better in one way or another.

Here are the best alternatives to

  1. – Best for reels and ads with AI
  2. Canva – Best Integrations and mobile experience
  3. Adobe Express – Good for editing with AI
  4. VistaCreate – Good variety of templates
  5. Fotor – Best image editing features
  6. Celtra – Best for scalable digital advertising
  7. Adroll – Best for AI-driven marketing campaigns
  8. – Best for automated ad campaigns

Let us briefly talk about these 8 AdCreative AI alternatives!

1. Predis AI

Loved by millions of users, is an ad-creating AI tool to generate creatives and ads that will generate great results. Creating ad copies and creatives using Predis only needs your text input. The tool provides justice to your brand by creating exceptional ad creatives, in your brand language.

Ad-creating AI tool of Predis - 
An Adcreative AI Alternative
Ad-creating using

With Predis, you get 30 free posts without spending a single penny. If you love the work this tool is doing, you can then proceed with making a payment for the same. Stop the tiring work of manually creating ads for your brand and let Predis, one of the best AdCreative AI alternatives, work beyond your expectations.


  • generates ads and copies from a simple text input
  • It can generate all types of social media content and ads for every platform.
  • It has built-in integration with all the top platforms, so you can generate content and publish seamlessly.
  • It has an idea lab feature, where the AI can give you answers to all your social media marketing questions.
  • Schedule your posts with a click from the content calendar, and you can then focus on other ways to improve your brand.


  • Free: $0/month
  • Solo: $29/month
  • Starter: $59/month
  • Agency: $139/month


User review of Predis (an adcreative ai alternatives) User review

2. Canva

Canva is the savior for small businesses, literally. Why will you want to use it? It is because it is cheap, quick, and easy. Even if you are not a designer, you can get a good grasp of designs using this ad creative tool.

Canva - An Adcreative AI Alternative
Canva – An Adcreative AI Alternative

So, with Canva, explore the easy way to design, with its tools. With an easy learning curve, you can begin to create creatives without spending a lot of time learning the design tools of the application.


  • The best part about Canva is that it is so easy to use. What creative you want to create will have ample templates for you to begin with amazing designs and content.
  • Another great feature of Canva is that you can upload your content or media files and add them to your projects with ease. The access given to the shapes, icons, and a lot more elements saves you from the tedious work of working on individual details.
  • Just pick the icons or shapes you want and begin with your project.
  • Unlike most ad creatives, Canva is not just limited to photos, videos, and carousels, but you can create a lot more than the basic content types.


The pro version of Canva will cost you an amount of $9.99 (per month) or $ 119.99 (per year).


This AI tool saves a lot of work on our end but one of the drawbacks of the tool is that it is difficult to design unique elements like icons or stickers. They have a great variety of templates, but a wide collection does not mean they are unique.


User review of Canva designing tool
User review of Canva

User review of Canva designing tool
User review of Canva

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3. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is the best for people who need basic design tools. With the latest updates of the tool, creative content for Instagram is possible with just a drag and drop! There is no limit to creating unique and engaging creatives with Adobe Express.

Adobe Express - An Adcreative AI Alternative
Adobe Express


  • The tool is built with generative AI features, making it so much easier to add effects and content just using text prompts.
  • Another feature of this best pick from the best AdCreative AI alternatives is that this web-based tool makes it easy to work with projects from anywhere.
  • The creative tools have design templates, but Adobe Express stands out from the crowd with its clean designs and excellent fonts. It is the best Adaptive alternative if you need content with simple and perfect visuals.
  • And not to forget that the ease of endless customization makes working with the tool so much easier!


  • Free version with basic features
  • Pro: $9.99


Some people might find using the web platform difficult. Some users also have trouble with resizing the images. Another feature that has been reported to have faults is the background remover.


Adobe Express's User review
Adobe Express’s User review

4. VistaCreate

If you are looking for a design tool built using templates designed by professionals and a huge variety of design elements, VistaCreate is a definite hit for you. And not just create amazing creatives, but schedule design, edit, and schedule them at your convenience.

VistaCreate -  A Design Tool
VistaCreate – A Design Tool


  • Most of the creative tools lack originality in content created because of the pre-existing templates. With Vista Create it is so much easier to upload your own imagery or fonts to make every creation unique.
  • If you don’t want to waste all your time making creatives, VistaCreate will do it because editing is so much quicker and easier using this creative alternative.
  • To create an exceptional piece of content all you have to do with Vistacreate is choose a template, add your content, and export! So easy!
  • Working with this tool provides no limitation when the device you use is a concern. So create unique content with Vistacreate from your laptop, desktop, or smartphone.


  • Starter: Free
  • Pro: $10


The template and animation collection are great, but they are limited. Adding to that, the alignment feature is a bit faulty in this pick from the best AdCreative AI alternatives.

The easiest task to align one element at the center can be tricky because of this reason. Editing in pre-existing templates is sometimes a bit challenging as well.


VistaCreate - User review
VistaCreate – User review

5. Fotor

Fotor, as an ad creative tool, is an easy-to-use tool that makes editing easy for both newbies and experts. The versatile features of Fotor make editing very easy, helping to create engaging content that looks equally professional.

Fotor - An Ad Creative tool
Fotor – An Ad Creative tool

One of the many capabilities of Fotor is to generate AI images with the input of texts and images. Using tools like background remover and AI integration makes your photos look just perfect.


  • Using the editing tools you can easily bring life back to old and blurred photos.
  • No matter, if you are a beginner or a professional, working with Fotor and editing, is very accessible for anybody with an easy interface.
  • Edit your content from the basics of editing like cropping, resizing, and rotating to some of the really advanced features for the experts.
  • The file formats make it difficult to work with other AdCreative alternatives. Fotor has an advantage here because it will support most of the popular file formats.


  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $8.99
  • Pro+: $19.99


If you choose to use the cloud storage provided by one of the top AdCreative AI alternatives, such as Fotor, you might experience a slight delay. Another concern is that the subscription plan is a bit costly as compared to other alternatives. Some users have also faced issues with its 3-day free trial (they claim there are hidden charges in the free trial).


Fotor - User review
Fotor – User review

6. Celtra

Celtra goes beyond being just an alternative to AdCreative AI. It’s a game-changing platform that gives brands and media companies the power to scale their digital advertising content, develop performance­-driven creative strategies, and build premium ad suites all in one place

Celtra - AdCreative AI Alternatives

With Celtra, businesse­s can automate the production of digital campaigns, maintaining brand consistency while­ delivering impactful creative­ variations.

The platform’s ability to iterate concepts, facilitate collaborative production, and launch thousands of creative­s eliminates the need for manual work, making it an excellent option for brands looking to maintain creativity at scale.


  • With Celtra’s Scaling Studio, the­ production of digital campaigns is automated, making it effortless to deliver creative variations.
  • Increase­ your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) with Dynamic Product Ads, which offer fully customizable­ creative template­s for your commerce ads.
  • Dynamic Video allows for the­ creation of highly personalized advertisements, offering a limited range of video content options across multiple media buying platforms.
  • The Ce­ltra Ad Suite helps with creating, distributing, and e­valuating high-quality ad experience­s, which is essential for a successful mone­tization approach.
  • The platform provides a wide range of professional services to help you get the­ most out of your creative automation investme­nt. These services include Creative Services, Consulting, and Technical Support.


You can book a demo on their website and get a customized quotation.


Listing the campaigns in the dropdown takes too much time. No warning or alert is provided when the CSV format is incorrect for the locator component. There is no offline version for editing ads in case your internet connection fails.


Celtra - User review
Celtra – User review

Celtra – User review

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7. Adroll

AdRoll is an advanced AI-powe­red marketing platform that provides inte­lligent, streamlined, and successful advertising solutions. It serves as a compre­hensive tool for markete­rs to create, overse­e, and evaluate campaigns across various channe­ls including display, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and e­mail – all accessible from one convenient platform.

Adroll - AI-powe­red marketing platform
Adroll – AI-powe­red marketing platform

With its innovative automation builder fe­ature, AdRoll empowers marke­ters by granting complete campaign control, making it particularly suitable­ for experience­d professionals in the field. The strength of this platform lies in its data-centric approach.

Drawing on over 15 years’ worth of customer information from numerous brands and shoppe­rs, AdRoll effectively targe­ts the right audience with precision.


  • With AdRoll’s Audience­ & Segmentation feature­, you can effectively target and reach the specific customers you’re looking for.
  • The platform offers comprehensive Reporting and insights for data-driven decision-making.
  • It includes a special Social Ads Manager that allows you to easily create, adjust, and pause ad campaigns on different social media platforms.
  • AdRoll’s Retarge­ting Ads leverage advance­d machine learning techniques to attract and retain customers effe­ctively.
  • The platform offers Manage­d Services, providing you with dedicate­d experts who will assist in maximizing the re­turn on your campaigns.


  • Ads – Pay as you go
  • Marketing & Ads+ – Starts at $36/month
  • Advanced Package – Custom pricing


Its performance can be inconsistent compared to Facebook ads or AdWords, heavily contingent on the niche and campaign specifics.

It lacks the ability to capture lead information and presents difficulties with API integration. Data updates may sometimes be sluggish, demanding vigilant attention.

The excessive accumulation of cookies limits its use on unfamiliar windows or specific users, leading to frequent cache clearance. Clients’ display windows in Adroll should ideally feature time frames.


AdRoll - User review
AdRoll – User review

AdRoll - User review
AdRoll – User review

8. offers a use­r-friendly solution to the intricacies of digital advertising. By providing the ability to launch numerous campaigns and ad groups simultaneously, all managed and updated through automated workflows, simplifies the­ process. - AdCreative AI Alternative

Its strength lies in its ce­ntralized campaign management, pre­dictive algorithms for bid and budget optimization, and automated cre­ative production for personalized e­xperiences.

Adve­rtisers can effectively engage their audie­nces with highly relevant cre­atives, analyze cross-platform data in one inte­rface, and leverage­ AI insights for superior campaign performance and impactful busine­ss results.


  • provides Dynamic Image­ and Video Templates, enabling efficient and adaptable cre­ative production on a large scale.
  • The platform provides Creative element-level insights, informing data-driven creative iterations.
  • The platform offers centralized campaign management, enabling users to convenie­ntly handle all their campaigns in a single location.
  • employs predictive algorithms to optimize bids and budgets efficiently.
  • The platform combine­s both third-party and first-party data, allowing users to visualize comprehe­nsive data in real-time.


You can book a demo on their website and get a customized quotation.


The momentary delays caused by bugs can be quite disruptive, leading to challenges in meeting deadlines. Ad scheduling often proves to be a major source of frustration, and the reliability of creating rules is questionable.

It’s evident that the clear scheduling of ads at the ad level within feeds and campaign management views would be of great benefit to client brands.

Reviews - User review – User review - User review – User review

9. Simplified

Simplified can assist you in producing creative content for your web viewers by generating headlines, captions, hashtags, and more with artificial intelligence. You can also choose from an array of exciting ad templates for your social media posts, Instagram stories, reels, TikToks, ads, and banners.

Simplified- Home Page

Simplified can be used to create landing pages, videos, and graphics. It automates the procedure for creating content to assist you in saving time and money. User-friendly and versatile, Simplified accommodates a broad spectrum of niches, making it the go-to solution for your content creation needs.


  • The AI video editor from Simplified makes it easy to create beautiful advertisements in a matter of minutes. Without any prior editing knowledge, you can make captivating videos with voiceovers, graphics, transitions, and effortless transcription.
  • It provides a wide range of eye-catching templates that can be easily customized as per your niche for boosting brand engagement.
  • With just a few completely customizable prompts, it creates AI-powered presentations that you can edit with your team to suit your preferences. The tool allows users to generate presentations from any location on a variety of sites and devices.
  • Simplified AI’s background removal tool provides a simple method with a manual configuration option for editing photos to a high standard.
  • You can use this tool to create multiple images at once, edit them in the Graphic Editor, and download your creations with ease. 


Simplified offers a wide range of pricing packages with a free trial option.

Pro- $18/month

Business- $29/month

Agency- $119/month


  • Simplified sometimes has glitches or technical problems, and it might not work with certain devices or browsers.
  • Some users might find Simplified lacking in tutorials or support resources when they require additional help or direction. Additionally, for intricate or specialized design or video editing tasks that call for more sophisticated tools or customization, there are better options than Simplified.


Simplified- User Review

Simplified- Reviews
Simplifies- Reviews

10. Snappa

A cloud-based tool called Snappa makes it easy for users to quickly generate graphics! There is a collection with an amazing 6,000+ templates and 5,000,000+ HD photos and graphics, and the user interface is clear and simple to use. Moreover, Snappa connects with Twitter, Facebook, and Buffer, making it simple to post your visuals on social media. 

Snappa - Generate Graphics Page

Snappa is simple to use and doesn’t require users to be graphic design experts. In addition to its currently basic features, the application offers tutorials to assist creators. 


  • With its extensive picture library, Snappa offers users access to thousands of premium stock photos to help them create the visual content they want.
  • User-friendly interface that lets you find graphics relevant to your specific brand marketing.
  • It offers free templates and designing tools to upscale your ad creation and enhance brand visibility.
  • The starter version of Snappa is free which caters to the needs of freelancers and small firms who have limited budgets.
  • Provides options for customizable branding and third-party integration


Snappa offers a free plan with limited features, as well as paid plans starting at $10 per month for individuals and $20 per month for teams.


Snappa may lack the advanced AI-powered features of AdCreative AI, and some users may find the design options limited compared to other tools.


Snappa- Review

Snappa- User Review

Snappa- User Review


AdCreative is a popular choice for curating creatives but if you are using it, one thing you must know is that there are other great alternatives worth trying.

Among different AdCreative alternatives, one of the best AdCreative AI alternatives to generate creatives with better output is Predis. Apart from focusing just on creatives, you can also create social media content, videos, product videos, and a variety of content types using Predis.

We hope the blog solved all your doubts! Let us know in the comments if you have more queries left!

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