Top Eight Adobe Express Alternatives

Top Eight Adobe Express Alternatives

Adobe Express, a dynamic tool for video creation, empowers users with several icons, templates, videos, and images to simplify the video production process for non-designers and designers alike. The platform hosts a vast selection of custom templates, top-quality sound effects, and premium music tracks, ensuring users can craft captivating videos effortlessly.

With many intuitive tools for adding graphics, images, and texts, Adobe Express presents a seamless editing experience, but it might not be a suitable and affordable option for many. So, before committing to Adobe Express, you should definitely check its alternatives.

Here is a list of eight Adobe Express alternatives to help you create magnificent videos effortlessly. 

The Eight Adobe Express Alternatives

1. has a plethora of capabilities that enable users to effortlessly make professional-looking videos, courtesy of attributes like copy generation, caption generation, and automated video generation.

For making a video on, you provide a brief text on your service or product. will yield a comprehensive video with text, transitions, animations, and captions after your input.

What’s more? It lets you include text and edit the audio tracks of the images from its royalty-free stock collection. That’s not all. also generates square movies, carousels, single posts, and vertical videos.


  • Free plan with limited features.
  • Starter plan starts at $29/month.

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2. WeVideo


It is a web-based video editing platform with a multitude of pricing options. WeVideo has a simple user interface. It comes with several solid editing attributes, like webcam recording and screen recorder. It also supports multi-track editing.

You can make the most of its vast library of media components, comprising photos, videos, and music tracks, to make your brand or social media videos more engaging. WeVideo also lets users work in real-time with others on their projects. 

While they have a free plan, it has limited features. However, WeVideo has a multitude of paid plans for different domains, like K-12 teachers (starting at $89/year), individuals and businesses (starting at $4.99 per month), creators (starting at $4.99 per month), and higher ed and enterprises (starting at $229/year).

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3. Biteable


Biteable is another Adobe Express alternative for businesses and brands to make engaging content for their social media or other marketing platforms. It has a user-friendly interface and comes with plenty of themes you can personalize as you like. In addition, Biteable also has an extensive selection of stock music and videos, but these are only a few of its standout features.

Biteable lets businesses generate professional-level videos even if they do not have the best editing abilities. For this, one has to pick from its many pre-built templates like social media commercials, explainer films, or product demos and customize them by adding the video clips, graphics, and text as you like.

Further, to help brands generate visually appealing and engaging content, Biteable also has a good collection of royalty-free musical compositions and stock images. Unfortunately, you do not have a free plan to test the waters, and their paid plan is also expensive at $49 per month.

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4. Animoto


It is a versatile video editing program with the potential to create top-quality videos. The program has pre-designed templates for many domains like e-commerce, real estate, and more, enabling businesses to build personalized video content to highlight their brand identity.

In addition, Animoto has many sophisticated features, like seamless video marketing and voiceover recording solutions, that make it effortless for firms to create top-quality promotional videos.

Moreover, Animoto is also a top selection for businesses and brands wishing to make effective and engaging video content. They have a free plan, and their paid plan is also affordable at $8 per month.

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5. Vyond


Vyond is a flexible platform to create videos that cater to companies and brands hoping to solidify their market positioning through visual storytelling. It is an incredible tool for uploading beyond videos, images, and text.

The software offers various editing tools like filters and transitions for excellent data visualizations and creates character-driven stories that yield results, engage audiences, and deliver required results. 

Vyond also has abundant personalization options for customers to make engaging videos that cater to their needs. The pricing starts at $25 a month. Sadly, Vyond does not offer any Free plans, but they have a 14-day free trial to get an insight into its functioning. 

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6. Renderforest


One main similarity between Renderforest, Animoto, and Biteable is that all three have a selection of templates, editing tools (filters and transitions), video clips, and music. Beyond these, Renderfoest lets its customers tailor the designs and make animated videos.

Beyond crafting engaging videos, Renderforest has attributes for animations, graphics, presentations, mockups, intros, outros, promotional videos, tutorials, brand videos, music visualizations, explainer videos, and professional websites. They have a free plan, but their paid subscription starts at $9.99 per month.

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7. Canva


Canva is a recognized online platform with flexible design tools. As of July 2023, Canva is the second leading app by revenue in the US. In addition, it also has a multitude of features that let you create engaging videos. You can find many stock videos, templates, and editable elements on Canva, which all contribute to making beautiful brand videos.

Canva is easy to use. So, even those without any prior knowledge or absolute beginners can effortlessly use Canva to produce professional-level videos. Its user-friendly interface is easy to navigate through. You can record yourself, drag and drop any video from your device, or pick a video from Canva’s extensive library of animations, audio, and clips to make engaging videos in an instant. They have a website and an app as well.

Further, Canva has several collaboration tools that let people work on the same project simultaneously and in real time. So, be it videos, documents, whiteboards, presentations, or event planning, you can all do it together with Canva. 

Canva offers three versions:

  1. Canva for Teams (at $29.99 per month for five people)
  2. Canva Pro (at $14.99 per month, per person)
  3. and the Free edition

Though not overtly expensive, the paid versions give value when you desire professional-level videos sans the proprietary watermark.

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8. is a fantastic online platform for making videos for marketing and advertising. The tool offers many services, like a video editor, a live streaming studio, a thumbnail maker, video hosting, and more.

You can try their free version to test the waters, as it provides a plethora of basic video editing features for 15 minutes with a thumbnail maker, a stock library with templates, a watermark, and several other assets (2 million).

Beyond this, has three paid versions: Business ($48 per month), Creator ($24 per month), and Streamer ($16 per month). The Business plan is the most expensive and has the most perks, such as text-to-speech, thumbnail maker, background removal, shared logic, stock library, and more. Depending on your brand requirements, you can make your selection.

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Wrapping it Up

While Adobe Express is a dynamic tool for video creation, you may need alternate tools to make up for its limitations. The tools mentioned above are a few rivals that somehow make up for the shortcomings.

Ultimately, the choice among the available Adobe Express alternatives comes down to your budget considerations, requirements, and desired functionality.

So, whether you are a creator hoping to make engaging videos or a business seeking marketing videos, explore these alternatives to find the one that fits you. We recommend visiting the websites to enroll in the free plan or free trial before selecting any one option.

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