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Make YouTube Thumbnail online with the best templates. Increase video clicks and views with beautiful and optimized YouTube thumbnails.
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Make YouTube Thumbnail online with the best templates. Increase video clicks and views with beautiful and optimized YouTube thumbnails.
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Make YouTube Thumbnails with AI

Generate eye catching YouTube thumbnails with AI. Provide a simple text input, and the AI creates optimized thumbnails designed to boost clicks. Save time and resources, enhance your video’s appeal with professional-quality thumbnails that attract viewers.

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Template Wonderland

Explore thousands of templates designed for every niche, style, occasion, and business. Crafted meticulously by professional designers, these templates ensure your thumbnails always look polished and engaging. Whether you need something for a special event, a specific category, or a unique video, find the perfect template to meet your needs. Benefit from designs that save you time, enhance your visual appeal, and help you drive more clicks from your audience.

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Brand Consistency

Ensure your thumbnails align perfectly with your brand guidelines using our AI. Simply set up your brand kit, including logos, colors, gradients, and fonts, and the AI will automatically create content that matches your brand's identity. This not only saves time but also ensures a cohesive and professional look across all your videos, strengthening your brand's presence and recall.

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Thumbnails at Scale

Generate thumbnails for multiple videos effortlessly with Create multiple high-quality thumbnails with just a single click, saving your valuable time. This ensures that all your videos have attractive, attention-grabbing thumbnails, helping you maintain a consistent and professional look across your channel while maximizing productivity.

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Intuitive editor

Edit your thumbnails with ease using our simple and user friendly editor. The drag-and-drop interface allows you to change templates, colors, styles, add text, and fonts effortlessly. No design experience is needed, making it accessible for everyone. Quickly edit your thumbnails to create engaging and professional visuals that enhance your video's appeal and attract more views.

How to make a YouTube Thumbnail with AI?


Provide a simple text input. Sign up for and go to the Content Library. Click on Create New and enter a short description of the video, talk about its objective, target audience, intent. Select template, language, tone of voice, brand, assets. Click on Create.


Predis analyzes your input and generates text copies that go inside the thumbnail. It generates multiple thumbnail versions in your selected brand, configurations and templates.


Make quick tweaks. Use the built in editor to make quick changes to the thumbnail. Add texts, shapes, call to actions, change templates, colors, brand palette, images etc. Once done with the editing, you can download the image to use on your video.

Design YouTube thumbnails and Elevate your YouTube channel.

Design beautiful YouTube thumbnails and Elevate your YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

A YouTube thumbnail is a small image which acts as a preview of the video. The thumbnail represents a video on YouTube. It helps the users decide whether to watch the video by giving them a quick idea of its content.

Remember to use simple, high-quality images that are easy to understand at a glance. Add short, bold text to highlight the video’s idea. Use bright colors to make the thumbnail stand out. Add faces showing emotions to attract viewers' attention.

The recommended size for a YouTube thumbnail is 1280 x 720 pixels. The width should be atleast 640 pixels.

Yes, is completely free to use with the Free Forever plan. You can try it with the Free trial, no credit card needed.