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Level up video ad creation with Predis.a i- your solution for crafting high-impact video ads that grab attention and drive results. Our powerful AI technology speeds up and eases professional video ad creation more than ever before.
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AI based video ad maker

Level up video ad creation with Predis.a i- your solution for crafting high-impact video ads that grab attention and drive results. Our powerful AI technology speeds up and eases professional video ad creation more than ever before.
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Thousands of video ad templates to choose from

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AI to make video ads

Say Hello to Stunning Ads: Text to Video Ads

Struggling to make a video ad? takes brainstorming and manual editing out of the equation. Leave it to our ad maker. Just provide a quick description of what you're offering, and we will churn out professional-quality video ads in seconds. No video editing experience? No problem! makes creating stunning ads accessible to everyone.

video in brand language

Brand consistency, every time

Get started by uploading your company logo and choosing your color palette and font styles. Define your brand's color scheme to ensure your video ads reflect the specific emotions and values those colors represent. Pick your favorite fonts, and will remember them for future projects. Ensure brand consistency across all your ad campaigns.

animated videos

Stand out with Animations

Take your video ads to the next level with eye-catching animations and beautiful transitions generated automatically by our AI. Choose from a selection of default animation styles to suit your video's tone and message. Predis offers playful animations for a lighthearted approach or more sophisticated styles for a professional look. Adjust animation speed, duration, and direction to seamlessly integrate them into your videos.

premium stock assets

Premium Assets- Elevate Your Video Ads

Our AI doesn't just generate video copy and animation - it also adds premium-quality images and videos directly into your video ads. These assets are carefully chosen to complement your message and enhance the overall visual appeal. Powerful search feature allows you to explore millions of royalty-free images and videos across various niches. Never worry about copyright infringement, all royalty-free are free for you to use.

team management

Teams - Collaboration Made Easy facilitates collaboration by allowing you to add team members to your account. This enables you to share projects, assign tasks, and work together seamlessly on creating compelling video ad campaigns. lets you create separate brand profiles and establish clear approval stages within the platform. Team members can review and provide feedback before final versions are published, maintaining quality control.

edit videos with online editor

Effortless Editing - Make it Your Own features a user-friendly editor that enables you to personalize your AI-generated video ads. makes it easy to swap between various templates. Customize the transitions between scenes to ensure a smooth and polished final product. Edit fonts, texts, colors, gradients with simple drag and drop editor.

How to make Animated videos ads?


Provide a text input

Login to and go to the Content library. Click on Create New. Input a text prompt about the ad you want to create. Optionally you can choose a template, languages, and assets to use.


AI generates the video uses the input to generate a video ad with the selected configurations. It generates the copy and headings, ad copy and caption.


Edit and download the video ad

Now edit the video ad to make quick tweaks, change texts, add images etc. You can also change the colors, fonts, and transitions. Once you are happy with your video ad, you can download it or schedule it to be published on social media.

Now schedule your Video Ads
right from where you
create them!

Now schedule your video ads right from where you create them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. offers a range of pre-made video ad templates to jumpstart your creative process. These templates are a great way to get started quickly, but you can also heavily customize them to align with your specific brand and message. You can customize texts, fonts, colors, gradients, music, transitions, animations and switch entire templates.

Yes, you can. helps you to upload your logos and other brand elements directly into your brand details. This lets the AI automatically integrate your branding into your video ads, ensuring consistency across all your content.
Here's how it works:

  • Step 1: Go to your account settings and access the "Brand Details" section.
  • Step 2: Upload your logo, brand colors, and preferred fonts.

When you create a new video ad, will automatically use your saved brand elements, saving you time and effort.

While there are many video ad makers available, offers a unique combination of features that make it a compelling choice: AI-powered content creation, Easy customization, Premium assets library and Team collaboration features.