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Improve ad performance and take your Facebook ad campaign to the next level with Free Facebook Carousel Ad Maker. Make an edit Facebook carousels online.
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Improve ad performance and take your Facebook ad campaign to the next level with Free Facebook Carousel Ad Maker. Make an edit Facebook carousels online.
Create Carousels

Facebook Carousel Templates for every occasion

restaurant cafe template
travel sqaure template
fashion ecommerce template
beauty instagram template
business promotion template
gym template
adventure travel square template
business consultation template
cosemtic carousel template
coffee shop square template
text to fb carousels

Text into Carousels

Transform your text input into engaging Facebook carousels. Provide a text prompt, and the AI will generate a carousel complete with relevant images, copy, headings, calls to action, and captions. This saves you time and effort while creating visually appealing and effective carousels that capture your audience's attention and drive clicks.

carousel in brand language

Brand Alignment

Ensure your Facebook carousels are perfectly aligned with your brand using AI. The AI incorporates your logo, brand colors, fonts, contact information, and tone of voice to create carousels that reflect your brand identity. This consistency enhances brand recognition, reinforces your message, and provides a professional and cohesive look across all your marketing materials.

facebook carousel templates

Stunning Templates

Access thousands of professionally designed templates tailored for every business category and niche. Leverage high-quality, customized designs that save time and ensure your content is visually engaging and optimized for maximum impact.

carousels in multiple languages

Multiple Languages

Expand your reach and target a global audience with Utilize different input and output languages to create carousels in over 19 languages. This allows you to connect with diverse audiences, ensuring your message resonates across various regions and languages, enhancing your engagement and expanding your market presence.

stock assets for facebook carousels

Premium Stock Assets

Enhance your carousels with the most relevant and high quality stock images. Based on your input, the AI searches for most appropriate images and uses them in the carousel seamlessly. Access millions of assets from the best sources on the internet, including both copyright free and premium options. This ensures your carousels are visually stunning, engaging, and aligned with your content, saving you time while maintaining quality.

edit carousels

Edit and Customize

Effortlessly edit and customize your carousels with our built in editor. With a simple drag-and-drop system, the editor allows you to swap templates, change fonts and colors, add elements, objects, stickers, and upload your own assets. Personalize the carousels with our user friendly editor. Save time and create engaging, customized content with ease.

How to make a Facebook Carousel Ad?


Log in to your account and go to the Content Library. Click on Create New. Enter a short text input about your Facebook carousel. Choose language, tone of voice, brand, assets to use.


Predis analyzes your input and generates a carousel in your selected template. It also generates ad copies that go inside the creative.It also generates captions and hashtags for your post.


Want to make quick edits to the carousel? Use the carousel editor to add text, change fonts, colors, images, shapes and templates all while maintaining the generated branded content. Once you are happy with the carousel, you can download it easily.

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Elevate your Facebook Ads with stunning video Ads

Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook carousel ad is a type of advertisement format used on Facebook or Meta. You can show multiple images in one ad. The user can swipe through the ads. This type of ad is best used to showcase a series of features, telling a story or benefits of a product.

The cost required to run a Facebook carousel ad largely depends on the competition, industry, keywords used, target audience, geography etc. Usually carousel ads cost somewhere between $0.50 to $1.5 per click.

Yes, has a feature limited Free Plan and a no credit card asked Free Trial.