AI Poster Maker for social media

Say hello to a versatile AI poster generator. Use AI to convert your ideas into posters and spark your creative vision. Scale your social media poster making with AI.
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AI based poster maker

Say hello to a versatile AI poster generator. Use AI to convert your ideas into posters and spark your creative vision. Scale your social media poster making with AI.
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Poster Templates for every niche, need and occasion.

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travel sqaure template
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Watch Ideas come to life

Simply provide a brief text description of your ad's message or product. Our AI will transform your words into a captivating poster, saving you time and resources. Respond to marketing needs rapidly with AI. Watch your brand come to life with a unique and personalized poster. Use scalability and speed to generate multiple poster options quickly for different campaigns or audiences.

on brand posters

Branded Posters

No need for graphic design skills to create on-brand posters. Standardize your brand identity by ensuring that all your posters flawlessly reflect your brand's unique personality. Upload your existing brand guidelines and Integrate them directly into the AI design process. The AI generates poster layouts that utilize your brand elements in a visually appealing and brand-compliant manner.

professional poster templates

Templates that Impress

Dive into a vast library of professionally designed templates, each crafted to jumpstart your creative process. Discover templates specifically designed for your industry, featuring graphics and layouts that resonate with your target audience. Find templates tailored to specific occasions, such as social media promotions, sales announcements, or event invitations.

edit posters

Editing Simplified

Make changes to your poster design with ease and efficiency. The editor has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even for design novices. add new text boxes to your poster design to showcase key information, headlines, or calls to action. Edit existing text within your poster with ease. Modify content, colors, templates, adjust font size and style, and refine spacing for optimal readability.

posters in multiple languages

Expand reach with Multiple Languages

Create a social media poster with AI in over 19 different languages, allowing you to connect with a wider audience and boost your marketing efforts across international borders. Increase brand awareness in new markets by tailoring your messaging to local languages and cultural preferences.

resize poster

Resizing freedom

Utilize AI technology to resize your poster to various dimensions automatically and achieve the ideal visual balance within your design. The editor comes pre-loaded with all the most commonly used poster sizes, saving you time and ensuring you always have the right format for your needs. Simply select your desired size from a list of pre-defined options, and Predis will handle the resizing process, ensuring image quality is maintained.

make poster ad copy

Ad copy in a click

Overcome writer's block and generate compelling ad copy, headlines, and captions for your poster in a single click. Generate relevant hashtags that will help your poster reach a wider audience on social media platforms. ensures all your posters deliver a unified brand message across all your marketing materials, fostering stronger brand recognition and trust with your audience.

How to Make a Social Media Poster?

Here's a simplified breakdown of how to create stunning social media posters with the help of AI:


Give a Text Input

Log in to your account and give a simple text prompt about your poster. Describe its purpose, objective, target audience, tone of voice, language, template type.


AI generates Poster

The AI understands your input and configurations to generate an editable poster for you in seconds. It generates the copies that go in the headings, captions, and hashtags.


Edit and download

Edit the poster using our built in poster editor. Change fonts, add shapes, upload new images, search for stock assets, change colors, texts or switch the template altogether.


Schedule and Publish

Once happy with the poster design, you can simply select the date, time and schedule the poster to social media platforms from our content calendar and scheduler itself.

make and schedule poster with AI

Now schedule your Socia Media
Posters right from where you
create them!

Now schedule your Socia Media Posters right from where you create them!

Frequently Asked Questions

The recommended post size on Instagram is 1080 x 1080. You can also use 1080 x 1350 for portrait posts.

Yes, you can use Predis to schedule content to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google Business, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Yes, has a Free Trial (No credit card asked) and a Free Forever plan.