Generating Copy is great. But what about - What Content to post? Creatives? Hashtags?

These are some actual posts generated by our AI. Too good to be true?

Compare and
Generate fully functional social media posts. auto-generates content for your calendar down to the Creatives, Captions, Hashtags. Click here to know more.

Get Copy options only.

GPT-3 generates only text Ideas to be used in different mediums.

Know what your competitors are doing. helps you understand the content themes that perform or don’t perform well for your competitors. Click here to know more.

Not Available

AI chooses best hashtags according to the copy and creative.

Our AI understands what you are trying to convey and suggests the best hashtags for it. Click here to know more.

Generates standard hashtag suggestions.

GPT-3 generates words which are used as hashtags.

Get suggestions to improve your copy.

Our AI will suggest different ideas to help you improve your Post. Click here to know more.

Generate more copy if you did not like the generated output.

GPT-3 will keep on generating more copy but cant tell if a post will perform better.

One question we get asked very often, is whether we’re a GPT-3 product. We made this page to emphasise on the fact that we are much bigger than being a GPT-3 based product.

Overall, Copy AI, Jarvis AI and other GPT-3 based products are really advanced and can create a marketing copy in seconds. They also have options where you can choose to generate different types of copies - blogs/Instagram posts/Facebook posts etc.

However, they are different than as we help you generate your entire social media content calendar by giving Post Ideas with creatives, captions, hashtags and copy ideas too. We have also have an AI based competitor analysis feature. Copy AI and Jarvis AI are heavily focussed on creating the best marketing copy and long form content.