Make LinkedIn Carousels with API

Our AI based API empowers you to effortlessly make engaging carousels that showcase your professional journey. Integrate our API seamlessly with your apps and generate LinkedIn content instantly.

Make Carousel using API
AI to make carousel with API
multi brand carousels

Multi Brand Carousels

Empower your brand strategy with our API. Create carousels for various brands effortlessly, all from one unified API. Make new brands and switch between brands seamlessly, delivering tailored content with ease.

premium assets for carousel

Premium Visual Assets

Create an impact with pictures that speak volumes. Our AI easily incorporates rich visuals into your LinkedIn carousels, making your content stand out among a sea of LinkedIn content. Get the best images and videos with our library of millions of assets for every occasion.

captions for carousels

Captions and Relevant Hashtags

Stay ahead of the curve with ease. Use our AI to get original captions and appropriate hashtags for your LinkedIn carousels, ensuring they not only impress but also gain traction.

Rest API for carousel

Effortless Carousel Creation with REST API

With our user-friendly REST API, you can create a visual narrative of your professional life. Input your text, choose your preferences, and watch our AI turn your ideas into eye-catching LinkedIn carousels.

custom carousel template

Design your own templates

Personalize your LinkedIn content effortlessly using our API. Design and implement your own carousel templates, providing the flexibility to tailor the appearance of your professional story. Craft a unique LinkedIn story with templates that align with your brand or individual style.

Discover wide variety of LinkedIn Carousel Templates

Whatever your product, business or service use case is, we have the right template for every occasion.

How to make LinkedIn carousels with API?

API set up

1. Generate your API Key

Start with setting up your unique API key. This key allows you to effortlessly create appealing carousels that represent your professional story with creativity and precision.
How to generate API key?
1. Sign up and login. Go to My Account, open the API tab.
2. Generate API key.
3. Copy and save the key securely for future use.

webhook configuration

2. Set up Webhook

Easily configure the webhook where you would like to receive your content. Our API sends a POST response to your webhook with your content.
How to set up a webhook?
1. Sign in and go to My Account,
2. Go to API section and add your webhook URL,
3. Save your webhook settings.

REST API for carousel

3. Generate Carousel using REST

Turn your ideas into a carousel effortlessly with our REST API that enables LinkedIn Carousel creation from text input. Watch as your text input transforms into engaging LinkedIn content.
How to make a LinkedIn Carousel with REST API?
1. Send a REST request using the specified endpoint.
2. Specify your text input and additional parameters for customization.
3. Get a POST response with your generated carousel.

Get started today and experience the power of API for carousels.

Frequently Asked Questions

To generate your API key, signup on, go to My account, then open the API tab and follow the instructions outlined. Once generated, be sure to securely store your API key for future use.

Yes, Our REST API allows you to input creative elements and parameters, giving you control over the customization of your posts. Experiment with various inputs to customize the generated carousel to your unique vision and requirements.

Carousel or post generation will consume credits from your chosen subscription. Know more about API limits and pricing here.

For in-depth technical documentation, visit our developer user guide. It provides detailed information on API endpoints, request/response formats, and webhook integration guidelines to help you make the most out of our API.

Automate carousels with API.

Automate carousels with API.