How To See Your Reposts On TikTok?

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TikTok is a globally sensational social media platform with millions of users. Its unique selling point is its short and entertaining videos. TikTok has a bunch of interactive features like its For You page, effects, filters, duets, and an extensive music and sound library. Amidst all these, one of the key features that set TikTok apart is its repost option. This Reposts on TikTok option, allows users to repost or share videos from others on their own profile.

Before we begin, we need to talk about the importance of understanding the repost feature. Is it the same as sharing? We’ll come to that.
The main point of this blog is to know how you can see your reposts on TikTok. As a little bonus, we’ll also talk about how you can see who reposted your content!

Shall we get to it then?

What are TikTok Reposts?

As we briefly talked about before, the TikTok repost feature lets users share another creator’s post on their own profile. However, even if you repost someone else’s video, TikTok reposts always give credit to the original creator.

tiktok repost icon

Alert: An important differentiation to make here, is that of between reposts and shares. The share option simply allows users to send the video to their friends on TikTok or other platforms outside of TikTok. The repost button, however, allows the reposted video to show up on the user’s profile alongside the original content

Reposting another creator’s content to your own profile creates an opportunity for you to showcase videos that you find entertaining or inspiring. For you as a creator, it helps find content that aligns with your style and engages different communities with each other. As you repost a video by another creator on your profile, you attempt to reach a broader audience, gain some exposure, and connect with users who appreciate the original creator’s work.

How to see your reposts on TikTok?

Initially, when the repost feature was introduced, TikTok users did not have a direct way to view their own reposts. The only option was to see the repost on their friends’ For You Page. After some updates in 2022, TikTok users can finally check on all of their reposts!

reposts on tiktok
  1. Go to your profile. You will see your posts segregated into different sections.
  2. Here, go to the section that has the icon with two arrows, one facing upwards and another downwards. This is the repost sign!
  3. Once you select that section, you will see all the posts you have reposted.

A point to note is that not all users have gotten this feature update yet. As a result, TikTok has been integrating reposted videos in the users’ profiles along with their original content.

This means that when someone sees your profile, they will see your reposts as part of your original posts. However, clicking on the post denotes that it was reposted and the video is credited to the original creator.

Bonus! Can you see who reposted your content?

So far, TikTok unfortunately has not made features to keep a check on who reposted your content. Even then, there are a few techniques to monitor users who have reposted your original creations!

Monitor comments and tags

Even if you can’t directly see the users who may have reposted your creations, you will continue to get engagement from a new audience. This audience is mainly made up of the reposter’s followers who either like, comment, or tag their friends on your post. Monitoring these notifications can help you keep tabs on who reposted your content. In addition to that, you can also gain some insight into whether your post is engaging new audiences and appealing to them.

Duets and stitches:

Duets and stitches are two features on TikTok that make the interaction between users super easy and interesting. Using the duet feature, users can create a video that appears side by side with another user’s video, much like a split-screen effect.

tiktok stitches

Stitches, on the other hand, let users use up to 5 seconds of another user’s video to continue creating their own video further.
Every time any user tries these features with your original content, you will receive a notification. In addition, the users who create duets or stitches using your original content might also mention or tag you in their captions to give you credit.

Make use of third-party apps

If the basic insights that TokTok provides into your reposted videos are not enough, as content creators, you can always try leveraging third-party apps. An example is Socialinsider, which can help you track your videos and profile views, follower demographics like gender and territories, along your top TikTok posts. Although Socialinsider does not specifically show you who reposted your content, they can help you keep track of the number of shares.

Tips: Dos and Donts of Reposting and letting repost!

Reposting another user’s creation is a great way to interact with them and their audience. However, it’s important to follow some basic guidelines while you do so.

Don’t forget to include copyright notices:

Give credit to the original creator of the video regardless of whether the repost automatically mentions it or not. For some users, TikTok displays reposts blended together with your original posts. This makes it important to notify your followers of any videos that are not yours. In addition, it shows that you respect the original creator’s intellectual property and acknowledge their ownership.

Watermark your username in the video:

To protect your original videos as they get reposted, it is always a good idea to place your username visibly within the video content itself. This way, even if your original content gets reposted, your ownership is apparent

Wrapping up

Seeing how TikTok took the world by storm, it became the perfect place for content creation. This is especially true if you want to establish yourself in the social world. Having a unique quality like the reposting feature makes TikTok all the more appealing for interaction between communities and broadening your audience.

Keeping track of the content you repost along with your original content that has been reposted is an important task for your social marketing strategy. With this blog, you’ll find a number of ways to do both, even when TikTok doesn’t directly show you the reposts! Were we able to help you understand how to see your reposts on TikTok? Share your feedback with us!

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