Contests and Giveaways in Real Estate Social Media to Maximize Engagement

Contests and Giveaways in Real Estate

If social media is the biggest marketplace for today’s businesses, engagement is the golden currency. For real estate businesses, the digital landscape comes with a big challenge – creating a presence while making your potential clients act.

What better way than to incorporate online contests and giveaways in Real Estate? In this blog, we’ll be going over why social media engagement is so crucial to real estate marketing, some ways to maximize engagement, and some great tips on content ideas!


The basics of social media

Before we move on, let’s get some clarity on the basics like what does engagement really mean when it comes to social media and how can we boost it through contests and giveaways.

What is engagement on social media?

Engagement in social media is the measure of how well your audience interacts with your content. It goes beyond the mere number of followers, encapsulating likes, comments, shares, and overall participation. For real estate professionals, engagement is crucial as it can translate into brand awareness, trust-building, lead generation, and an expanded reach.

How do contests and giveaways fit into the real estate world?

This strategy involves enticing your audience with the opportunity to win prizes, creating a dynamic and engaging experience. Whether it’s a first-time homebuyer or someone looking to sell, these contests not only capture attention but also foster a sense of community and excitement

Importance of social media engagement in real estate marketing

Creating a strong online presence requires your target audience to interact with you. But that’s not all that engagement helps with. Here are a few reasons why engagement is important if you want to reach the very top of the real estate market:

a. Building brand awareness

Social media engagement is absolutely essential if you aim to build brand awareness. When your audience actively engages with your content, liking, commenting, and sharing your posts, your brand becomes more visible. It fosters recognition and recall.

b. Establishing trust

Engagement is also a trust-building mechanism. When potential clients see a vibrant and engaged community around your brand, it instills confidence. Real estate connections often last a long time, and trust is the foundation for successful connections and deals.

c. Getting leads and referrals

Actively engaged followers are more likely to become leads. They share your content, recommend your services, and can even refer potential clients your way.

d. Widening your reach

Social media algorithms reward engagement by pushing content to a broader audience. More engagement means more visibility, ultimately widening your reach and attracting new clients.

Different ways to maximize engagement on social media

Maximizing engagement can be done through so many different ways. We’ll give you an insight into a number of things you can do to achieve your engagement goals this week!

1. Consistent posting

Nobody likes accounts that disappear for months and then suddenly spam-post their feeds. Regular and consistent posting keeps your audience engaged and their faith in you maintained. 

Of course, it’s not easy to always stay on top of your game. For this, use a scheduling tool to maintain a steady flow of content. is one such tool that allows you to schedule your posts and even find the right times for you to post, so you can receive maximum engagement.

2. High-quality content

Remember, quality always trumps quantity. Ensure that your content is visually appealing, informative, and resonates with your target audience. Low-quality images or videos are an instant turn-off for your followers and might cause them to lose trust in your brand.

3. Using hashtags in the right way

Make use of relevant hashtags but avoid overusing them. About 10-12 hashtags are good, but 30-35 will only make your captions a mess.  Create a unique hashtag for your brand or specific campaigns. This way, your followers will be able to find your posts more easily.

Pro tip: Remember to keep switching up your hashtags. Don’t use the same set of hashtags for every post.

4. CTAs in captions

Craft compelling calls-to-action in your captions, prompting followers to engage. For example, ask your followers to comment “real estate” or another such keyword to get a free resource in their DM on everything they need to know before selling their house.

This drives up engagement in comments and also gives your followers a chance to connect with you through DMs!

5. Posting photos, videos, stories, reels, and going live

Diversify your content. Use a mix of photos, videos, stories, reels, and live sessions to cater to different audience preferences. This helps your feed look diverse and reaches several audiences.

Engaging content ideas for social media in real estate

Needless to say, simply posting listings and property photos is not enough to grab the attention of your audience. Engaging content is possibly the most powerful tool in the hands of savvy real estate professionals. Let’s explore some content ideas that are not only informative and educational but also captivating and leave an impression on your audience! 

If your followers can’t immediately come to you, take the property to them! Immerse your audience in the essence of a property with virtual tours. 

Property walk-through using reels by @zolfrealestate on Instagram
Property walk-through using reels by @zolfrealestate on Instagram

Video walk-throughs can help you showcase the physical attributes of your property listing. They also offer a unique perspective, allowing potential buyers to envision their future home.

1. Tips and advice

Be the one providing insider info and valuable insights. Provide tips on everything from buying and selling strategies to home maintenance. That way, you’re positioning yourself as a trusted advisor in the real estate journey.

Tips to keep the audience engaged and build trust - Contests and Giveaways in Real Estate
Tips to keep the audience engaged and build trust

2. Address myths and misconceptions

Dive into common myths about real estate. Dispelling misconceptions will help you educate your audience. It will also demonstrate your expertise, fostering trust and credibility in your brand and business.

Stay ahead of the curve by discussing current market trends. Analyze data, share insights, and provide your audience with a comprehensive understanding of the real estate landscape.

Update in the real estate world by @brittany.coloradorealtor
Update in the real estate world by @brittany.coloradorealtor

Pro tip: Make sure to use simple language and explain difficult terms to your audience. 

4. Client testimonials and success stories

Let satisfied clients be your advocates. Feature testimonials and success stories, creating a compelling narrative that showcases your ability to turn real estate aspirations into reality. This will also give your business a human touch.

Client testimonial
Client testimonial

5. Feature team members

Introduce the faces behind the business. Showcase your team’s expertise, passion, and commitment, making your brand more relatable and personal.

6. Host a live virtual open house

Bring the open house experience to the digital realm. Hosting live virtual open houses allows potential buyers to interact in real-time, fostering a sense of connection and immediacy.

Infuse a bit of humor into your content with real estate-themed memes. Participate in trending challenges, demonstrating that you’re not just in the business. This will also help your followers get a new understanding of you and connect with you more.

8. Before and after photos of the house

Share the transformation stories of properties – the ‘before’ and ‘after’ snapshots. This visual storytelling technique not only captivates but also highlights the transformative power of your services

9. “Coming soon” and “Sold” posts

Create anticipation with “coming soon” posts and celebrate success with “sold” announcements. This keeps your audience informed and builds excitement around your listings.

Celebration of a record-breaking sale
Celebration of a record-breaking sale

10. “Guess the rent” games

Engage your audience with interactive games. With a “Guess the Rent” challenge, you’re adding an element of fun while encouraging participation.

Even with these strategies up your sleeve, there’s a chance you might need more to really establish your presence in the game. In the realm of social media, it’s not just about what you post; it’s about understanding what resonates with your audience. 

AI tools like Predis can help you observe and analyze the marketing strategies of your competitors. Take note of the types of content they share, the engagement they receive, and the tactics that seem to captivate their audience.

While these content ideas seem full of promise, the undisputed champion of engagement remains contests and giveaways. Regardless of the content you choose to launch, hosting a well-crafted contest or giveaway can be a game-changer. 

It not only sparks excitement but also creates a direct avenue for interaction, prompting your audience to actively participate and share.

Why do contests and giveaways maximize engagement on social media so easily?

Giveaway announcement - Contests and Giveaways in Real Estate
Giveaway announcement

Before delving into the diverse world of content, consider how a strategic contest or giveaway can elevate your engagement and leave a lasting impact on your digital footprint. Contests and giveaways run on 3 key psychological triggers:

  1. A sense of urgency and scarcity: Limited-time offers and exclusive prizes create a sense of urgency and scarcity in people. This prompts quick action in the form of participation.
  2. The thrill of winning something for free: The prospect of winning something for free generates excitement and compels participation.
  3. Social comparison: Participants compare their involvement with others, fostering competition and boosting engagement.

How to organize contests and giveaways in real estate to boost social media engagement?

By now, it’s clear that we’ve established that running contests and giveaways on social media can be a potent strategy for amplifying your real estate brand’s digital presence. To ensure your efforts yield maximum engagement, here’s a summarized step-by-step guide on how to actually do it:

1. Clear goals and rules

Clearly define your goals – whether it’s gaining more followers, increasing likes, or generating comments. Tailor the rules to align with your goals. 

For instance, if you aim for more comments, prompt participants to tag friends or share their thoughts. 

Clear explanation of rules for a giveaway
Clear explanation of rules for a giveaway

Specify any age or geographical restrictions to ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards.

2. Know your audience

Understand your audience’s preferences and interests before deciding on the type of contest or giveaway. Ensure the prize aligns with their desires, making it more enticing and relevant.

The prize or even offer must resonate with your target audience.

3. Craft an attention-grabbing announcement post

Design an eye-catching post that clearly communicates the details of the contest or giveaway. Use compelling, high-quality visuals and concise captions to capture attention and generate interest.

4. Create a coming-soon post

Build anticipation by creating a “coming soon” post. Tease the upcoming contest or giveaway to create excitement among your audience.

5. Clarify the rules in every mention of the contest/giveaway

Consistently remind your audience of the rules in various posts. Clarity is key to encouraging participation.

Furthermore, if new followers or users happen to come across only one of your giveaway posts, they should still be able to gain all the information needed to participate.

6. Use hashtags

Create a unique and branded hashtag for your contest or giveaway. Use relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts on the Explore page.

7. Leverage tags and mentions

Encourage participants to tag friends and mention your profile. It will help expand the reach of your contest.

8. Announce winners graciously

Celebrate the winners in a gracious manner. Ensure that all participants feel valued. Leave them eager to participate in future contests.

Announcement of a giveaway winner through reels
Announcement of a giveaway winner through reels

9. Follow-up with participants

Express gratitude for their participation. Ask for feedback and run polls in stories to understand their preferences for future contests.

Ask about their favorite things from the giveaway and what they would like as the prize for the next time.

10. Run an ad campaign

Widening your reach is essential. Consider running targeted ad campaigns to reach a larger audience beyond your current followers.

11. Post in stories, reels, and posts

Diversify your approach by sharing contest details across different formats – stories, reels, and regular posts.

Not only that but your posts might not be seen by everyone who follows you. Some followers are bound to check for announcements through stories and some through reels.

12. Post on all platforms

If the contest is hosted on Instagram, ensure you announce it on all your social media platforms. Encourage cross-platform engagement.

13. Use an influencer if you don’t have enough followers

If you’re starting and have limited followers, collaborate with influencers to leverage their audience and extend your reach.

14. Track, measure, analyze, and improve

Use analytics tools to track the performance of your contest. Analyze the data, measure success against your goals, and continually refine your approach for future campaigns.


Ideas for Contest and giveaway in real estate on social media

If you’ve got the process down, let’s move on to the next step. Here are some fun ideas to host contests and giveaways! 

1. Share a personal story in the comments

Encourage followers to share their experiences with real estate businesses or past stories for a chance to win. This gives them a chance to tell you their story and experience while building a connection with you.

2. ‘Like, comment, and post’

Include these three simple engagement tasks for a chance to win a prize.

Like, follow, and share, the three most engaging tools for a post
Like, follow, and share, the three most engaging tools for a post

3. Gift card/cash prize giveaways

Gift cards or cash prizes are universally appealing prizes that attract a broad audience. Make good use of them!

Gift card prize for the contest
Gift card prize for the contest

4. Product giveaway

Offer a relevant product, such as a home decor item or smart home device. Show your followers how this product fits into their new home.

5. Trivia contest

Challenge participants with real estate-related trivia questions. Such as what to do or what not to do.

6. Digital scavenger hunt

Lead followers through a virtual hunt, exploring your listings. This will be a new and exciting way of navigating through contests and giveaways in real estate.

7. Mystery box

Build anticipation with a mystery prize box. Name a few possibilities to keep your audience guessing and hoping. This helps create a buzz among your followers.

8. Fill in the blank

Craft engaging real estate-related sentences for followers to complete. Ask your followers to fill in the blanks by themselves or make some teams in the comments to find the answers.

9. User-generated content

Encourage followers to share photos of say, their renovated kitchen, or the best garden decor for a chance to win. Repost their pictures as an announcement to the winners!

10. Mentions

Reward participants who tag the most friends. This increases your reach as users might tag their friends who might not follow your account.

Giveaway with rules for tagging for entry - Contests and Giveaways in Real Estate
Giveaway with rules for tagging for entry

11. Solve a riddle

Pose a real estate-themed riddle for followers to solve. This can help a lot with engagement as users try to solve the puzzle in the comments.

Wrapping up

Social media is constantly evolving. At such times, the key to success for any social media business lies in engagement. While diverse content strategies can contribute, contests and giveaways in real estate can also stand out as powerful tools. 

By understanding the psychology behind these strategies and implementing them effectively, real estate professionals like you can not only maximize engagement but also build lasting connections with their audience. 

Remember, it’s not just about the giveaway; it’s about creating an experience that resonates with your audience and reinforces your brand presence. So, gear up, plan strategically, and let the engagement begin!

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