Instagram to Boost Your Wedding Photography Business

Boost your wedding photography business

The promotion of businesses and brands has been completely revolutionized by social media. So it is important to know how to use Instagram to boost your Wedding photography business.

The wedding industry is no more about relying on your phone book or referrals. Social media has become a place where brides and grooms find their wedding ideas.

If you have a business in wedding photography, there’s no way you can miss the power of social media marketing.

With users spending so much time on their phones, grooms and brides nowadays are closing the deals on their marriages with businesses with great online reputations.

If you are looking to grow your business as a wedding photographer, it is time you start strategizing your Instagram presence.

If you don’t know how to do it, here is a detailed guide to help you use Instagram to boost your wedding photography business.

Instagram Marketing Strategy To Boost Your Wedding Photography Business

Being successful as a brand in the era of the digital world is impossible with marketing strategies tailored to your goals.

Here are the best content marketing strategies that guide you on how to use Instagram to boost your wedding photography business.

1. Plan for an entire month

A great strategy to follow if you want to boost your wedding photography business is to plan your content in a way you have content for the whole month.

Plan content for an entire month

Planning content is helpful because you have ample time to thoroughly research and plan content. It also helps each piece of content to attain perfection. 

By planning content, it is easy to ensure targeting by use of keywords in your content. This also ensures you are not repeating your content, which becomes tougher with unplanned content.

But is planning content for one whole month together that easy? With the right use of tools, planning content can be really easy! 

For example, with Predis AI, it is so much easier to plan content with its amazing features. From creating your templates to using pre-built templates, Predis AI makes it easier for you to plan content for an entire month. The scheduling features make it more convenient. With automated posting, you can rest back and let the AI tool post content.

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2. Be consistent in your posting

If you want to establish a brand in the industry of wedding photography, it is very important to be consistent with your posts.

If you post regularly, your followers know you will continue to provide them with valuable content.

It is not only for your followers, but algorithms also favor content from accounts that are consistent with their content. 

While new content has the potential to reach out to newer audiences, posting regularly makes your current followers engage with your content.

Regular posts will help your followers to trust you as a business. How often you should post can vary. 

Some creators post content daily, whereas, for some creators, it is convenient to post twice a week.

But posting regularly can be tough. Managing a smooth workflow is challenging enough, with added pressure to post frequently; it sounds like a challenge, right? 

To help you, we suggest you use AI tools that help you create content for your channel. Content planning with Predis can be of great help to you to grow your business.

With Predis, you get to generate ideas that speak personally to your audience. So, when you can’t find creative ideas, brainstorming with the help of Predis will be of great help.

3. Create engaging and interactive posts

Posting high-quality content is great, but what if your followers don’t even make it to 4 seconds of reels you post or don’t make it to the second slide of your carousel?

Create engaging and interactive posts

The focus here is to make content that is engaging and that the audience will want to interact with. 

The brutal truth is there are so many businesses that are doing great. How can you stand out from the competition then? The key is to serve content that will make the audience laugh, relate, comment, and share your content. 

Content that has a poll, questions, or quizzes is more likely to get interaction from the audience. Plan giveaways and welcome your audience to interact with you.

Stories are a great way to help initiate interaction with your audience. Go live on Instagram and have a session with your audience.

4. Be creative

There is no single reason that will justify why your content should not be creative. Infuse creativity in your content that makes the audience excited about your content.

Creative content will help you gain engagement and inspire your followers to interact with your content. And with social media being a bane for all online businesses, it is no longer just about engagement anymore. 

Creative content on your feed helps your audience connect with your content. As a business for wedding photography, your content should not only be about weddings.

Share behind the scenes so that your audience sees what happens there. If you have a funny blooper, share it with your virtual family to make them a part of funny moments. 

Memes and reels are trending, so it is surely a disaster if you miss including them in your content planning. With Predis creating creative content is just a matter of seconds.

The creative editor of Predis can make editing videos so easy. And when it comes to creating memes, the AI meme generator will be of great help.

5. Use relevant hashtags

Promotion of your brand on Instagram is incomplete without an efficient hashtag strategy. Hashtags help your content to be discovered by the target audience and then drive likes, comments, and engagement. 

Use relevant hashtags

While most of the content marketers speak of hashtags, very often, hashtags are not used correctly. The hashtags you use must be relevant to what content you are posting.

Using the same hashtag for each of your posts is another ineffective way of social media marketing. For each of your posts, your hashtags should be relevant and unique to what you are posting.

If you are struggling with finding the right hashtags, the use of AI tools can help you attain the best results.

One such effective tool that can be integrated into your content strategy is the free Instagram hashtag generator of Predis. Using this tool, it is easy to find relevant and trending hashtags that you can use for growing your business.

6. Post in every way

Visually appealing content helps a brand reach a new audience. But one mistake to avoid as you plan your content strategy is to not focus on just one type of content.

Your Instagram page must have content in every format. Try posting content in different content formats. 

Your feed must contain Instagram live, photos, stories, and reels. Another effortless way to ensure you are posting in every way is to convert your stories to highlights.

Event highlights are crucial for establishing a brand identity for your business. 

If you struggle with generating content ideas that are not just photos, here are some ideas. User-generated content gives businesses a great opportunity to craft content that encourages your audience to be a part of your content, which can include both photos and videos. Behind-the-scenes make a great idea for reels and videos. 

Another way to include video format in your content is to incorporate tutorial videos in your feed.

Memes, challenges, and quizzes are some other content ideas that give a lot of options to experiment with your content.

7. Tag businesses and clients

As a wedding photography business, your brand is nothing with your clients and businesses you are working with.

Whenever you create content, make sure you always tag both your clients and the businesses you are collaborating with. 

Apart from tagging businesses and clients, you can also tag geolocation and venues in your post.

It helps your audience to have transparency and saves them from the hassle of searching for services. Include services like florists, vendors, or catering services in your posts. 

Additionally, it helps the other businesses to know you have tagged them in your posts. A benefit to your business is that you get increased engagement by tagging different businesses on your posts.

Tagging can have benefits, but it is also necessary that you don’t randomly tag clients and businesses.

How to do AI-powered Instagram Marketing?

If you know the right way to use AI tools for Instagram marketing your business, you can surely leave the competition behind.

Here are the top tools that will help you to make the best out of your Instagram marketing strategies.


Predis AI is an AI tool that can be used to boost your wedding photography business.

With Predis, you get to create posts and generate post ideas. The tools help you get ideas that are just not photos. It also has a video editing tool that makes it so much easier to craft video posts.

The AI meme generator feature of Predis AI will help you make memes and create content that helps your audience engage in your posts. Additionally, you also get an automated posting schedule with this tool.

2. Topaz

If the domain you are lacking is sharing high-quality photos, Topaz can be your savior. Topaz will help you generate photos that you can add to your feed.


As a photographer, it is very common to get photos that are not perfect. This AI tool fixes individual photos by fixing noise and blur with enhanced features of the photos.

It is very useful if you are a wedding photographer because it makes photo enhancing such an easy job. For some users, the AI tool is quite expensive (USD 199), but the features make it worth an investment.

3. Aftershoot

As a wedding photographer, you know you have so many photos. Among the huge pile of photos, it is a challenge to find the photos you will want to proceed with.

Aftershoot makes it easier for you by culling photos so you can proceed with your work faster.

This AI tool detects images that you might not want to proceed with. For example, blurry photos, duplicate photos, etc., are identified by the tool and you get a selected number of photos to work on. So now you can proceed with a simplified editing workflow.


Another AI tool that will help you with simplifying your workflow is Imagen. Similar to Aftershoot, Imagen performs culling as well. This saves the time you would have spent on filtering the perfect photos.


Imagen helps wedding photographers by removing images that are duplicates, blurry, or have poor composition.

5. RevealBot

Another great AI tool that wedding photographers can use to make their work easier is RevealBot. Not every photographer will know how to master ad campaigns.


On the other hand, a packed-up schedule for wedding photographers doesn’t give them time to focus on ads and optimizing the campaigns.

RevealBot can be of great help to assist wedding photographers in managing and optimizing their ad campaigns and see what is performing the best for them.

Wrapping It Up

Social media marketing has provided a new way to explore and expand business tactics for business owners. And if you are a wedding photographer, you know your photos can be an identity of your brand.

Some of the important Instagram marketing strategies include planning content for the entire month so you have sufficient time to research and post.

Along with that, you must post consistently.  The content you post must be engaging and creative. The use of hashtags and different content formats is equally crucial.

AI tools make Instagram marketing easier. The tools help photographers by either enhancing photos or attaining a faster workflow.

Let us know how you are using Instagram to boost your wedding photography business in the comments below!

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