What Does the Ribbon Icon Mean On TikTok?

What does ribbon icon mean on TikTok

Because it lets people share short videos, TikTok has become very popular in a short amount of time. The app has various symbols and icons which are used for different purposes. One of the common types of icons is the Ribbon icon on TikTok, which we will discuss.

The app facilitates individuals to flaunt their competencies, and nowadays, social media influencers are capitalizing on it to advertise their videos more than ever. So, let us get into detail about what this ribbon icon means and what importance it holds.

Understanding the Ribbon Icon on TikTok

Ribbon Icon on TikTok

To be simple and direct – The ribbon icon puts all your favourite TikTok videos in one easy-to-find place. The resemblance of the icon is similar to the bookmark.

If you come across an interesting video, you can instantly share it with your friends by clicking the ribbon icon that appears above the share button. The video gets saved once the ribbon turns yellow. As an alternative to sifting through your entire stream in search of a helpful video you came across a few weeks ago, this feature compiles all of your favourite TikTok experiences into a single location.

The icon not only lets you keep track of videos you want to watch later but also provides constructive criticism to the creators. A video’s popularity can be known by counting the number of “ribbons” it has received, representing the number of times it has been “saved.”

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Importance of the Ribbon Icon on TikTok

  • The ribbon icon means saving or bookmarking interesting, useful, or important content. This lets users quickly access that content later.
  • It shows users which items have been saved or bookmarked. In applications with lots of content, this helps users remember what they’ve chosen.
  • It saves users from searching for or returning to previously viewed content. This is useful for long lists or content archives.
  • A more personalized user experience often results from saving or bookmarking content. Users can create content collections based on their interests.
  • Ribbon icons in productivity tools represent saving progress or marking important documents or project points. This improves work management and collaboration.

Saving Video Using the Ribbon Icon on TikTok

  • When a video is successfully saved after being viewed, the ribbon icon becomes red.
  • Videos a user has added to their “Saved” list may be found on their profile.

TikTok favorites

  • The new Collections function in TikTok makes it simple to arrange the videos you’ve saved into custom folders based on aesthetic preference, topic, or anything else you can think of.
  • Select Manage from the menu on the right side of the pop-up to add it to your favorites or create a new one.

Advantages of Using the Ribbon Icon on TikTok

The following are a few advantages of using the ribbon icon on TikTok:

#1. Bookmarking Content Efficiently

The bookmarking functionality is readily accessible through the ribbon icon. It makes it simple for users to flag articles they want to return to later.

#2. Easy Content Retrieval

When users save material by selecting the corresponding icon on the ribbon, they may quickly retrieve it without a lot of digging around.

#3. Organized Content Management

Users may more easily maintain track of the content they have bookmarked or saved thanks to the ribbon icon. For applications with extensive information, this is an invaluable feature.

#4. Individualized User Experience

Users may curate their collections of media to suit their own needs and interests. By catering to individual preferences, this enhances the overall quality of the service provided to users.

#5. Productivity Booster

A helpful productivity tool, the icon may be used to quickly and easily save changes to a document or highlight key sections of a larger project. This facilitates better time management and teamwork.

#6. Offline Access to Content

Some applications allow users to view their stored material even while they are not online. This is particularly useful for platforms where content consumption is the primary focus.

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So, this was all about the ribbon icon on TikTok. It is basically like your personal content saver by which you can save your content on the app to watch it whenever you want to. Moreover, the app also lets you create your collection with your preferred theme. So, we can say that this ribbon icon is your secret vault to store what you want!


What does a TikTok ribbon represent?

TikTok’s ribbon icon resembles a bookmark. Users can save videos from TikTok by clicking the ribbon.

What do red ribbons mean on TikTok live?

When watching a TikTok live broadcast, a red ribbon means that the audience is highly engaged.

What does a white ribbon mean on TikTok live?

On TikTok Live, the white ribbon has the opposite meaning of the red ribbon. Users who don’t participate much in TikTok Live will be recognized with a white ribbon.

Were you able to figure out what ribbon icon on TikTok mwans with our help? Let us know what you think!

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