Top Real Estate Social Media Statistics Every Realtor Should Know!

Real estate social media statistics

If you’re a realtor and have a real estate business, it’s almost a necessity to know and understand real estate social media statistics. This will keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to social media marketing, and we know all too well why social media marketing itself is so important.

Social media platforms have transformed the way the real estate industry operates. They provide an unprecedented opportunity to connect with potential clients, showcase properties, and build lasting relationships. 

In this blog, we will delve into the top real estate social media statistics that every realtor should know. But don’t worry, we won’t just leave you with numbers! We’ll be shedding light on the significance of these numbers and how they can be harnessed for success in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.


Top Social Media Statistics for Real Estate

1. There are about 4.95 billion social media users

Now, you might ask, ‘How is this related to my real estate business?’ Let us answer that for you. 4.95 billion social media users mean 4.95 billion different reasons to use social media. 

According to DataReportal, almost 26.6% of users are looking for inspiration and 25.9% are searching for products to buy. Most of this population is between 25 and 34 years old.

Instagram is used almost as much as WhatsApp!
Instagram is used almost as much as WhatsApp!

Using the right platforms, you can reach this potential customer base easily!

2. The main reason homeowners hire a real estate agent is to price their homes competitively

What does this point mean here, we are talking about stats.

Pricing listings competitively essentially means pricing listings slightly below market value, and letting the offers drive up the prices even higher. In this race, real estate agents help their clients accurately price their homes. 

3. 89% of real estate agents go on Facebook for leads

Understanding this statistic highlights the significance of Facebook as a lead-generation platform. 

Social media networks used in real estate
Social media networks used in real estate

As a realtor, you can tailor your marketing strategies to maximize your presence on Facebook. This will also help you connect with potential clients efficiently.

4. 41% of home sellers first look at the property rates online

This data emphasizes the importance of providing accurate and competitive pricing information on social media platforms and websites. You can utilize this information to focus on presenting pricing details effectively online.

5. 63% of realtors use social media to post listings

The data from the National Association of Realtors suggests that 63% of realtors use social media in their real estate business mainly to post property listings.

Reasons for social media use in real estate
Reasons for social media use in real estate

Needless to say, social media is a highly visual platform. So, it becomes an invaluable tool for showcasing properties by sharing visually appealing property listings. It also helps realtors reach a broad audience.

53% of home buyers or sellers stay loyal to their agents

Building strong client-agent relationships is essential. Knowing that more than half of clients remain loyal underscores the value of trust and reliability. You can take this as an encouraging point to foster long-term connections with your clients.

Social media has better quality leads than MLS

Firstly, ML means Machine Learning. ML is a subset of AI that focuses on developing algorithms and statistical models that enable computers to learn from and make predictions or decisions based on data. ML algorithms improve their performance over time as they are exposed to more data.

However, despite AI technologies like ML, investing in social media marketing for lead generation is important. You can prioritize your online presence to attract more serious buyers and sellers, leading to higher-quality leads.

451% increase in qualified leads through marketing automation software

Implementing marketing automation software can significantly enhance lead generation and nurturing. As a real estate business, you should consider these tools to boost lead quality and quantity.

This is different from ML, in a way that instead of running trial and error rounds, allowing your machine to learn, you are using specific software, like that can help you target audiences directly.


57% of realtors maintain client relationships through social media

Social media isn’t just for lead generation; it’s a vital tool for maintaining and strengthening client relationships. Now that you know, this statistic, you can use it to advantage, to enhance your customer relationship strategies.

Videos on social media generate 1,200% more shares than text & images combined

The popularity of video on social media highlights the potential for real estate agents and businesses to engage a broader audience. Realtors should prioritize creating video content to maximize shares and reach. 

We understand that this is easier said than done. Coming up with new video content frequently can be exhausting. So here’s a solution:’s video generator that uses a simple text input to generate social media content.’s video generator

With this AI tool, you can generate Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, TikTok videos, and even video ads. Talk about hitting a number of birds with one stone!

30% of realtors manage their social media presence daily

Consistency in social media management is key. Daily upkeep can result in a more engaged and active following, ensuring realtors stay top of mind for their audience.

For this as well, we understand that being active on all social media platforms daily is a daunting task. With’s content scheduler, you can let AI take over and post for you.

Schedule content for all social media platforms with

That way, you’re consistent and your content is pre-decided, leaving you to focus on your main work!

Real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries

Understanding the effectiveness of video listings can encourage realtors to create more video content for their listings, attracting more inquiries and potential clients. It’s time to jump on the trends!

80% of realtors plan to grow their social media presence

Staying aligned with the trend of increasing social media presence is vital for realtors to remain competitive in the market. Those planning growth have a head start in reaching a wider audience.

50% of real estate agents believe that social media ads are the most effective marketing strategy

This statistic emphasizes the effectiveness of social media advertising. Realtors should consider allocating more resources to social media ad campaigns to maximize their impact.

54% of users will pay attention to your mobile ad because of brand familiarity

This data highlights the importance of building a strong brand presence on social media. You can work on brand recognition to make their mobile ads more effective. Deciding your brand colors and fonts will give you a big push in this race.

Only 47% of Realtors feel confident about their social media skills

This means that less than half of realtors can confidently navigate social media, one of the biggest marketplaces for real estate. You can seize this opportunity to improve your social media skills. Continuous learning and training can bridge the gap, leading to more effective online marketing.

In 2023, 44% of marketers plan to increase their use of AI in marketing

This data suggests a growing interest in AI technology. Realtors can consider incorporating AI tools to stay ahead, using predictive analytics and automation to enhance their social media marketing efforts.

analyze competitors with AI

Using, you can not only regulate a good strategy for your own social media posts but also analyze your competitor’s patterns and learn how to improve and channel your own efforts.

33% of users believe AI & ML tools save time & improve customer experiences

As you can see, AI and ML can help you in ways that will efficiently decrease your workload. You can use AI and ML to streamline processes, save time, and provide clients with a more personalized and efficient experience, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.

Understanding the preferences of your audiences can help you go a long way. The most popular video types for 2021 included explainer videos (72%), presentation videos (49%), testimonial videos (48%), sales videos, and video ads (42% each).

Creating engaging video content and aligning your content with these types of video content can help you increase engagement.

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users

The growth potential of video marketing is substantial. Leverage this trend to increase your revenue and gain a competitive edge.

1/3 of all online activity is spent watching videos

Short-form content is currently ruling almost all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more. This video content is also twice as likely to be shared than any other type of content!

What this means for you, is that even the real estate market can benefit from video content, capturing and reaching wider audiences.


Wrapping it up

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the real estate industry cannot afford to ignore the power of social media. These statistics highlight the tremendous potential and benefits of leveraging social media platforms for real estate marketing. 

By understanding these trends and incorporating them into their strategies, you as a realtor can effectively connect with clients, showcase properties, and achieve success in today’s competitive market. 

Whether it’s using AI, creating engaging video content, or nurturing client relationships, these statistics offer valuable insights for those looking to thrive in the ever-changing world of real estate. Stay ahead of the curve and watch your real estate business flourish in the digital age!

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