How to Make Real Estate Ads for Facebook?

Real estate ads for Facebook

According to statistics, approximately 33% of millennials spend nearly 14 hours a week on social media to supplement their housing search. 

This explains why, these days, real estate agents leave no stone unturned to establish a solid digital presence. From those aggressive campaigns to those hyper-targeted memes and posts—social media has become the next best marketing tool for realtors.

In this context, one platform that deserves special mention is Facebook. No less than 89% of real estate agents use Facebook for business purposes. And why not? The average CTR for Facebook real estate ads is 2.45%—far higher than the all-industry average of 1.51%!

But then again, churning out such impressive results is only possible if one knows how to leverage the platform’s features correctly.

So, if you’re a realtor, read this blog as we break down real estate ads for Facebook and dive deep into its nuances. Let’s start!

What are Real Estate Ads for Facebook? Do They Work?

Facebook is a social media platform that also doubles up as a marketing channel for businesses. In this regard, one of its biggest markets is the real estate industry. Therefore, to facilitate their marketing, Facebook launched its Property Advertising Solutions for agents and realtors. 

Real Estate Ads for Facebook

Mainly comprised of ad solutions, dynamic real estate ads for Facebook are a type of ad that enables you to push your commercials to audiences actively hunting for properties. Apart from this, they also help you expand your digital reach, prospect to new audiences, make more sales, generate high-quality leads, and grow your business.

Now, the question is—are real estate ads for Facebook any good? Or are they just another gimmick? Well, here’s your answer. 

  • Facebook is the most popular app among realtors.
  • Real estate landing pages utilizing Facebook ads receive around 44 leads per ad.
  • The average conversion rate for paid Facebook ads is 9.21%—and that’s industry-agnostic (and this figure might be higher for the real estate industry!).

So well—yes, Facebook real estate ads do work! But only if you know how to use them.

How Much does It Cost to Run a Real Estate Ad on Facebook?

Statistically speaking, the average CPL for Facebook real estate ads is $2.44. As for the average CPC, it’s around $1.72

However, the exact pricing for running real estate ads on Facebook is not clear.

It’s because Facebook doesn’t have a set price for showing your real estate ads. As an advertiser, you have considerable control over the price you want to pay to run your ads. 

Facebook uses the bidding system for pricing. So, the amount you will have to pay eventually depends on factors like your ad’s relevance, audience size, competition, and so on. 

But on the bright side, Facebook also rewards advertisers who put effort into creating great ads. In simple words, if your real estate ads for Facebook are visually appealing and carry well-crafted copies, you might have to pay less to run them!

How to Create Real Estate Ads for Facebook?

Now, let’s come to the meat of the topic. Here’s how you can create compelling real estate ads for Facebook:

Step 1: Create Your Facebook Business Page

You cannot run ads from your personal profile on Facebook. So, first off, create a Facebook Business page for your real estate business. 

Step 2: Create a Facebook Ads Manager Account

Once you’ve created a Facebook business profile, create an account with Facebook Ads Manager to set up your first paid ads campaign. 

When done, you will asked to specify certain details about your ads campaign. Start with selecting its objective. It could be growing awareness, boosting traffic, increasing engagement, etc.

Step 3: Pick the Right Special Ad Category

Facebook has created several special ad categories, such as credit, employment, housing, social issues, etc., to facilitate advertisement for different businesses. So, before moving forward, select the right category for your ads. 

This mainly helps Facebook prevent discrimination in audience targeting by limiting your audience selection options. But then again, if your ad belongs to a special ad category and you do not specify it, it will get rejected during the review process.

Step 4: Choose Your Target Audience

Now, select your target audience to show your ads. Go to “Audience” and click on “Create New Audience” to specify your targeting objectives for Facebook.

Note that Facebook currently doesn’t allow real estate businesses to target certain demographics and behaviors under the Fair Housing laws. However, you can always leverage location-based targeting to make your ads reach the right audience. 

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Step 5: Set Your Advertising Budget

Once done, it’s time to set your ad budget. 

Since pricing for Facebook ads is decided through a bidding system, all you need to do here is set a daily budget limit for your ads. Facebook will then decide how much you bid for your placements once you’ve set your maximum limit.

Step 6: Choose an Ad Format

Now, select the ad format for your real estate ads for Facebook. Depending on the content of your ad, choose an appropriate format—single image ads, video ads, carousel ads, etc.

Step 7: Write Your Ad Copy

Crafting an engaging ad copy is just as essential as anything else. So, once everything is done, write a compelling caption for your Facebook real estate ads. Don’t forget to add a CTA that leads visitors to your real estate business’s website.

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Best Practices for Creating Effective Real Estate Ads for Facebook

Tips to create real estate ads for Facebook

Still, creating your real estate ads for Facebook? Wait, here are some additional tips for you:

1. Leverage Advanced Targeting Features

Although certain targeting restrictions are imposed on the housing special ads category, you can still do so much to reach your ideal audience if you use Facebook’s advanced targeting features. So don’t forget to leverage it.

2. Be Detail Specific

When creating your ads—especially its copy—try to be as comprehensive with the information as possible. Provide all details regarding the property’s size, location, price, specialties, neighborhood, etc. This will help your audience make an informed decision.

3. Use Appealing Visuals

Visuals are a central element of any advertisement. So, when publishing ads on Facebook, focus on using the best quality photos and videos. This helps grab user attention.

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4. Conduct Ad A/B Tests

Create two different Facebook ad designs of the same ad and show them to different audiences. This is called conducting an A/B test, and it’s considered great for understanding what kind of ads work in achieving conversions. 

5. End with a Persuasive CTA

The whole point of running real estate ads for Facebook is to get visitors to take action. So don’t forget to end your ads with a strong, compelling CTA that leads your audience to your website’s landing page. 

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3 Incredible Facebook Real Estate Ad Ideas

The internet is overflowing with incredible examples of real estate ads for Facebook. We have picked three of the best ones for you to take inspiration from. Check these out:

1. Show a Video Tour

An average Facebook user spends over 50% of their time watching video content. So make the most of this trend. Create videos of your real estate property to give a nice virtual tour to your ad visitors and attract them to take action.

2. Create a Locality Guide

If you are a realtor who operates within a specific geography, you can use Facebook ads to position yourself as a local expert. Apart from your regular sales listing, create advertisements that serve as a guide for your locality. It not only helps you gain authority but also builds trust among the audience.

3. Boast Your Recent Sales

Another great ad strategy is to show your recent property sales. If you’ve recently sold properties within a particular ZIP code, create an ad out of that and push it to your audience in that region. Again, this helps build authority and attracts warm leads. 

Wrapping Up

Facebook is one of the best ad platforms for realtors—and the reasons are apparent. From offering precise targeting options to allowing visibility to a diverse set of audiences—Facebook real estate ads work for multiple justifiable reasons. However, the trick lies in properly crafting the ad campaigns.  

Now, what are you waiting for? You can use to create engaging and compelling real estate ads for Facebook and skyrocket your sales.

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