Mastering Instagram Marketing: The Success Story of MVMT


MVMT is a company that sells watches, eyewear, and other accessories. Their products are premium, but it does not mean they come at a premium price. MVMT Instagram Marketing is a work of art everyone can learn from.

As with any other successful brand, Instagram has been a big part of their marketing, and they have used it beautifully to attract more audiences.

Let us learn what they are doing right in this case study.

About MVMT

MVMT (pronounced Movement or just MVMT) is a company dedicated to making luxury watches a part of the lifestyle of the masses, even if their purchasing power is less.

It was started by two college students in deep debt in 2013. They realized they could reduce the price of watches by eliminating mediators to around half. The crowdfunding campaign they set up to start MVMT was a success, and now MVMT is a world-renowned brand.

Their products include premium watches, eyewear, and other accessories.

Instagram marketing is a crucial step in the ladder they took to climb to the world of digital success. So in this case study, let us break down that same strategy and look at it.

Here is an overview of their Instagram numbers and some other such statistics-

MVMT Instagram marketing

Here is a TLDR of the MVMT Instagram Marketing Strategy 😉

  1. Bio
  2. Type of content
  3. Type of posts
  4. Frequency of posts
  5. Hashtags
  6. Professional-looking posts
  7. Unique post ideas

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1. Bio done Right 👌

Their bio is short and crisp and packs a punch.

The sentence ‘live life on your own terms’ tells us that this company is more than just a luxury watch company; they stand for something greater.

MVMT Instagram marketing

It also has links to all the necessary websites in the bio.

2. Type of Content 📸

Most of their posts are around fashion, which makes sense because the watches they make are the epitome of Fashion.

MVMT Content themes

We can see in this image that the percentage of posts they make on any of the three different themes and the rate of engagement they receive are almost the same.

This means that they know what post type brings them more engagement and are fearless in leveraging it to get the maximum benefit.

They are also pretty consistent with the type of posts they post, as can be seen from the below-given image:

MVMT Content themes

The content themes of Accessories and Watches are prevalent here, which makes sense given that MVMT is a watch company.

3. Types of Posts

MVMT Types of posts

This is how the different post types do and how much they use each.

Although reels aren’t given here, reels are also a very important part of their marketing strategy.

They are incredible at using all kinds of posts, whether single images, carousels, or videos.

Moreover, the two circular graphs are identical, meaning that they use the post type in order of how much they contribute to overall page engagement.

This shows that they are deeply aware of their content patterns and the following engagement and use the data to their advantage.

4. Frequency of Posting ⏳

MVMT Frequency of posting

Again, in their posting schedule, we see a recognizable pattern.

They post when their followers are most active, which helps give their posts the initial boost they need from the followers.

This helps the content reach a wider network of people, and it grabs more eyeballs compared to the same post posted randomly.

5. Hashtags

MVMT Hashtag analysis

Immediately our attention goes to #jointhemvmt, a hashtag they created to differentiate themselves from the other luxury watch brands.

They do this by encouraging their users to use this hashtag when they post a picture with their MVMT watch, which gives this hashtag the boost it needs.

There are two more branded hashtags in this list, which are there to tell us MVMT exists and give it a solid footing on Instagram by uniting everyone who uses MVMT watches or other accessories.

6. Professional-looking Posts

The below picture expresses all that I am going to say-

MVMT Example post

Every picture they put on their Instagram is a work of art.

MVMT Example Post

They also made this beautiful post explaining why you should choose an MVMT watch over others. The way they have demonstrated its features is honestly refreshing.

A person seeing this post is sold without trying to sell through it.

7. Unique post ideas

And it’s not just all watches and adverts on their account. 

For instance, you can also find them executing different fun strategies to convince you that they are the best in their field.

They visited the West Coast champ Jett Lawrence to celebrate his association with the brand-


On the national pet day, they posted this-


Their content strategy is not just a mix of watch and sunglass photos but also innovative and fun stuff that doesn’t directly relate to them but somehow still relates to MVMT.


MVMT is an innovative brand disrupting the watch market by offering premium and affordable watches.

One crucial aspect of their marketing campaign has been MVMT Instagram Marketing, and as we can see here, they have made the best use of it by posting regularly and per the engagement they get.

They also go out of their way to put out unique posts that the audience finds amusing and can relate to.

If you also want to make your marketing campaign a success on Instagram, there is a lot you can learn from MVMT.

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