Best Facebook Ad Examples to Get Inspired

Best Facebook Ad Examples to Get Inspired

Facebook is perhaps the oldest social media platform we all know and a great place for marketers to put ads.

As of January 2023, 89% of marketers use Facebook for their marketing strategy for organic traffic.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook ads can be the starting point for several advertisers and are pretty profitable, too! There are lots of reasons why the social media platform, despite being one of the oldest, still holds such growth power for marketers.

The best part about Facebook is how diverse the app is, with users from different age groups and sectors, making the advertising audience very profitable for marketers.

With 366 million users in 2024, Facebook is also home to a big chunk of social media users who are potential customers for at least one or another brand.

With such a large influence, it is hard to ignore the impact this app can have on a business’ growth. Facebook ads are also much cheaper than average online or Instagram ads, making them a good source of increased revenue for advertisers.

Thus, it becomes important for marketers to use the app in a fun and fresh way to create eye-catching ads. But how do you create the most innovative ads on Facebook? A good way to get inspired is to look at different ads and ad campaigns by some of the largest global companies.

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Best Facebook Ad Examples for Inspiration in 2024

Here are some different brands with the top Facebook ad examples that can inspire marketers from various industries:

1.  Sephora

As a store operating in retail and online, Sephora is perhaps the biggest name in the makeup and skincare industry, with 3.56 billion dollars worth of increase in profits between 2017 and 2022.

Its Facebook page is one of the best Facebook ad examples for competing retailers who want to get inspiration on campaigns and the type of content they can post. Following the clean and minimalistic trend, the brand’s page boasts ads that focus on its products and reach a wide audience with trending and branded hashtags.

The product advertisements have clear CTAs for the audience. These posts clearly urge viewers to try Sephora’s newest skincare products or try a new makeup look with their newest makeup line addition.

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2.  Nike

Over the years, Nike has created a consistent brand image for itself that urges its audience to take a step forward and do things that will challenge them. Unsurprisingly, the brand’s Facebook business page represents the same beliefs and it does so with its subtle advertising method.

Since the brand has a prominent reputation, it does not have to build one from scratch on social media. The brand focuses on posting about the newest product launches, like the latest reimagining of the Nike Astrograbber sneakers.

The brand also heavily posts about influential personalities like athletes like Roger Federer wearing Nike apparel and the memorable events it has organized and that have gained popular attention. This type of influencer or celebrity advertising can maintain the trust that the brand has created with the audience over the years.

3.  Spotify

Video ads are probably the most used ad format with 176.63 billion dollars spent for digital video ads in 2023. Visuals have a great impact on the audience. Videos are, by far, one of the best ways to engage them with interesting content.

Spotify taps into the growing impact of videos, especially short-form videos, and uses them thoroughly to create the best Facebook ad examples for marketers. The musical platform uses Facebook to promote new music, behind-the-scenes videos with artists, and podcasts by famous personalities.

The brand uses trending audio on the reels, and Spotify uses catchy videos of music videos or artists talking to the audience with their question-answer videos. This keeps the video ads fresh, and viewers get new content to munch on!

4.  Starbucks

The brand is one for experimenting, and that is not just evident in its ever-widening drink options. Starbucks is always up for a challenge, and it integrates this spirit into the brand’s creative advertising strategy.

The account consistently posts video challenges and memes to engage viewers and keep things fresh for its young audience. Starbucks is always looking at opening new sources of revenue with its ads, and the December 2023 campaign promoting the catchy hashtag #ToBeAGraduate is a good example.

The campaign saw graduates holding Starbucks cups and graduation caps and stealing a stash with the Starbucks motif. These interactive Facebook posts increased conversation rates and audience engagement, with viewers commenting on these reels and congratulating graduating students.

5.  Porsche

Porsche sets a good example of how consistency and quality are key to getting increased engagement. Consistent branding by companies can increase revenues by 23% and using this method is essential in 2024 for maximised ROI.

Porsche is a brand that uses consistent ad posts. It has used this consistency to build an audience that is constantly engaging with the brand’s Facebook page. The best part is that each ad post is enhanced for SEO, which increases conversion rates.

Each ad post has links, memorable hashtags, or Instagram links that the audience can follow to switch between platforms seamlessly. The brand has also provided links to various platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. This enhances the customer browsing experience and this can help the brand get the most conversion rates.

6.  LEGO

Simplifying its product line and focusing on core products has certainly made LEGO a household name for most. But what really stands out for the brand is its distinct advertising strategy.

LEGO is one of the best Facebook ad examples that amplify the viewer’s horizons. The brand is always coming up with innovative ways of creating campaigns that viewers will love.

The latest 25-second film festival campaign was a clever way of celebrating 25 years of the company. It amalgamated different fan-made videos, and the brand used YouTube to reach a bigger audience base and get more campaign attention.

7.  Amazon

There is a reason why Jeff Bezos has seen meteoric fame and income rise in the last few years, and Amazon’s clever advertising may just be one of them. Audiences and consumers are the building blocks of any brand. Amazon uses fan power to create a strong brand image.

Amazon continually creates a brand image that is deeply connected to the audience’s preferences. With each post, the brand emphasizes the value that its products will add to the viewer’s life.

Constant memes highlighting the brand’s express delivery services and informative ones showing how the company has taken steps to increase trucks for delivery are great ways of creating a credible relationship with the audience and selling products with ads that show how the brand is improving its shopping experience.

8.  Tasty

As one of the leading food channels, Tasty has a whopping 105 million Facebook followers. The brand, owned by media giant Buzzfeed, has managed to make a business out of sharing food recipe videos and conducting a humongously popular YouTube show.

50% of diners are influenced by the dining videos they see online, so it is not surprising that people are steadily watching food videos. The brand’s Facebook page boasts unique recipes and links to Food articles on Buzzfeed.

The catch? Tasty has mastered the art of using a persona to sell products to its viewers. The company has taken on the nonchalant foodie persona, which is not pushy and uses its content to speak for itself.

9.  Netflix

At 92 million Facebook followers, Netflix is obviously killing it at the advertising game to reach a large amount of followers. But how does the company do it effectively each time? An obvious answer here remains consistency and listening to audience reviews.

Netflix is one of the best Facebook ad examples which emphasizes its importance in entertaining people by churning out shows and movies that people actually want to watch and advertising it on Facebook thoroughly.

Be it announcing upcoming shows and movies or showing snippets from released stuff, Netflix is always updating its ad campaigns and giving each of its products adequate space to breathe on its feed.

10.  Red Bull

If you take one look at the Facebook page of this brand, you will never be able to guess that the page belongs to Red Bull. That’s how out-of-the-box its advertising is. The energy drink company takes the ‘Red Bull gives you wings’ slogan further with its fierce and sporty advertising tactics.

Red Bull has sold 12.1 billion cans of energy drinks in 2023 and a large part of this success can be traced to its successful branding tactics. Its strong point remains its consistent brand image as a cool brand that can use humor effectively for advertising.

The brand stands as one of the best Facebook ad examples for brands to create a very trademark marketing style that consumers will remember your brand by. Red Bull’s iconic slogan, logo, and humorous approach remain memorable for users across the globe.

11.  TacoBell

Much like Red Bull, Taco Bell takes on memes to promote the company but in a radically different way than the former. 

Taco Bell utilizes one-liners to grab the attention of the audience for a few seconds and then continue with their scrolling. This falls in line with the ever-fastening scrolling of viewers on social media and allows them to continue their internet surfing without unnecessary disturbance.

For every 3-4 written posts, the account will post one product image with minimal captions which again use its trademark humor. This creates a consistent brand voice while also generating new content. 

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12. National Geographic

National Geographic, as a brand, has maintained its popularity over the years and does not seem to slow down anytime soon. The company makes it a point to boast this legacy and use its authority to share historical information and scenic images that viewers love.

Over the years, National Geographic has broadened its outlook and delved into different content and services. This has helped further its reach and open new profit lines. The brand has opened up routes for aspiring photographers, showed the world to enthusiastic travelers, and is always sharing fact that history lovers would love to hear about.

Looking at the account feels like an enriching experience that leaves you with information and visuals that will stay with you for a long time. The staying power of the content that the brand shares increases the target audience by piquing the attention of viewers consistently.

Final Words

Like any other platform, it may take a little time to learn the ropes of the Facebook advertising world. But when you learn how to integrate the platform into your brand’s advertisement strategy, things become simple.

Looking at the kind of content that competitors are generating is essential to understand the type of content you should try out. These are some of the best Facebook ad examples that can inspire you to take your brand’s advertising game to the next level.

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