Best Fashion and Clothing Ad Examples

Fashion ad examples

Ads are very important for clothing businesses on Instagram to get consumer attention and create awareness about new product launches and the brand.

Running successful ad campaigns can help brands show Instagram users their distinct designs, ideas, and price points. Additionally, ads provide an excellent opportunity for clothing brands to showcase their unique styles, connect with their target audience, and drive sales.

Read on as we explore some of the most innovative and impactful fashion ad examples that have captivated audiences and propelled brands to success.

8 Creative Fashion Ad Examples to Take Inspiration From

Fashion lines can serve a particular purpose and fall into different niches.

Here are some brands from different niches and their best fashion ad examples to get inspired in 2024:

1. Puma

While Rihanna may not return to make music, she is surely rocking the marketing world with her new Puma ad campaign. She has been marketing her makeup line, Fenty, for the longest time, and Puma has been able to snag her business-savvy self-branding into its own fashion line.

The new Creeper Phatty campaign is gaining a lot of attention, and Puma’s marketing of it in a unique and fun way with Rihanna has played a big role in its success. The Puma Instagram page has uploaded campaign shoots and used the account to promote the Creeper Phatty event, successfully creating significant buzz about the new product with a big name.

The Earth Tone sneakers the brand promotes are a good way of fusing sustainability into the brand’s voice. This is highly profitable, as at least 24% of consumers are now looking for more sustainable fashion choices.

2. Tommy Hilfiger

K-Pop has risen tremendously in popularity, and brands have been quick to tap into this trend. In 2023, about 50% of respondents admitted that K-pop was significantly popular and widely listened to. So, it comes as no surprise that K-pop artists are becoming the influential figures that brands are integrating into their advertising strategy.

Tommy Hilfiger is among the best fashion ad examples of harnessing the power of personalities to influence consumer decisions significantly. The brand sells luxury casuals and has effectively used the influence of Stray Kids, the well-known K-pop group, to get more clicks and keep the brand relevant for youth. 

Tommy Hilfiger shows the members advertising different clothes instead of having one big product launch, increasing the brand’s mass sales. With each member’s personal style, the brand also has more room to use influencer marketing to showcase the different products that the brand sells.

3. H&M

H&M is famous for its classic, breezy fashion pieces, and the brand has made it a point to sell this persona with its minimalistic Instagram feed. It beautifully advertises the different pieces it sells with minimalistic, basic posts that focus solely on the products.

Even when the account posts pictures and videos to advertise its events, the brand adds content that drives focus toward its products. The brand’s neat and clean advertising strategy can teach other brands to be direct and minimalistic about their approach.

Understanding the scroll speed of its youthful viewership, the brand keeps text and Instagram captions at a minimum on each post. The photos and videos do all the talking, and thus, the focus is on clear and crisp pictures of models wearing H&M clothes and accessories.

4. Gucci

Taking a step away from the minimalistic approach, Gucci is always up for experimenting when it comes to social media advertising. While the luxury brand has a highly distinct brand voice, they are always switching up marketing tactics to create fresh ads with every ad campaign.

Gucci’s 2024 Fall Winter Men’s Fashion Show advertising is one of the best fashion ad examples for inspiration. The fashion brand uploaded three mysterious videos of artists painting actual walls to promote its upcoming show.

This is a successful way of creating anticipation and getting viewers to interact with the brand by commenting. Using such unique ads can get your audience talking about the brand and make you more aware of user preferences.

5. Lululemon

Hosting engaging events is crucial for any brand to grow, and Lululemon shows us how advertising these events is even more important! Lululemon hosted a six-day marathon promoting fitness and urged users to focus on challenging themselves.

But what’s the catch? The runners were using Lululemon products that the brand customized with each runner in mind. These products have already sparked conversation, and people are anticipating them with this fun way of introducing unreleased products to the audience.

The gender-oriented twist it has taken with this campaign works in its favor because of the larger female user base: 65.44% of the users are female. The brand thus shows how important it is to advertise while keeping consumer preferences in mind to keep returning customers engaged.

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6. Levi’s

Levi’s is an aged brand that has aged like wine over the decades! The brand has a youth-centered approach but stays true to its brand image. Over the years, Levi’s image has maintained the vintage 80s look and created a buzz with it.

The brand has used different ad formats throughout the years, and this experimentation has helped it maintain a popular audience base. Levi’s has made it a point to connect closely with its audience with videos almost behind the scenes, like videos of stylists addressing viewers.

In addition, they have used young public figures like Emma Chamberlain, Diplo, and Tanner Adell, who will drive the young crowd toward the now-old brand. Levi’s is among the few Fashion ad examples that have successfully held brand reputation and popularity with its ever-changing content format and brand faces.

7. Acne Studios

With its unique maximalist minimalism ad strategy, Acne Studios churns out ads as extraordinary as the brand itself. The new brand follows an eccentric color palette, including light blue and what it calls ‘millennial pink,’ which it uses on its account to advertise its clothes.

The brand has followed Gen-Z trends like bows; the 80s look, and accessories with charms and chain motifs that the young generation has recently used. A memorable campaign was one with Kylie Jenner, who modeled for the brand’s Fashion Week 2023.

The dirt-covered look with the brand’s now effort maximalist minimalist products gave some memorable shots that drove a lot of traffic with its unique advertising style, which was in line with Acne Studio’s experimental nature but intrigued the audience all the same.

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Talking about the Jenners and Kardashians, the advertising genes shine through in the underwear and loungewear brand SKIMS by Kim Kardashian, Emma Grede, and Jens Grede. The brand remains one of the best fashion ad examples, with a different advertising strategy relying heavily on self-promotion.

Kim is not only the co-founder of the brand, she consistently appears in the advertisements of SKIMS on Instagram. She uses her influence to drive conversion rates toward her brand, which works! In addition, the brand heavily emphasizes underwear for every shape, size, and color. 

Body inclusivity as an advertising tactic increased by a staggering 47% on Instagram in 2023, and the brand has not overlooked this popularity. The brand’s close relationship with the audience and building a brand for all have increased its sales exponentially and engaged users to buy its products consistently.

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How Can You Come Up With Fashion Ad Ideas?

Fashion ads must be creative and eye-catching and compel viewers to act to increase leads and conversion rates. However, advertising strategies can be really difficult to devise because they require a lot of thought and strategizing.

Looking at how other big brands have created creative fashion ads can help you get inspiration and generate fresh ideas that will elevate your brand’s ad game. You can understand the different trends that people interested in fashion like and how each brand integrates these trends to create a unique campaign each time. 

Wrapping Up

Today, fashion brands are looking to increase revenues with modern and creative ads. Brands must keep up with changing consumer trends and adhere to their demands. This helps keep the market competitive and gives viewers new content to keep them hooked.

These were just some brands with successful ad campaigns, but hundreds of others matched every fashion brand’s niche and inspired them to create better and more exciting content.

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