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Ever wished you could drop wisdom like Einstein or charm like Monroe? With Predis, now you can! Tap into the brilliance of iconic personalities by turning their famous quotes into your very own social media posts.

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In today's fast-paced world, capturing attention is everything. Predis AI gives you the power to create posts that have the potential to go viral in an instant. Our intelligent algorithms ensure your quotes align with current trends and preferences, skyrocketing your chances of becoming the next online sensation.

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Tired of blending in with the masses? Predis AI is your secret weapon for standing out! Choose from a range of eye-catching templates, stunning fonts, and customizable options. From vibrant colors to jaw-dropping visuals, your social media posts will be anything but ordinary. Prepare to make a lasting impression with every scroll.

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Engagement is the key to success, and Predis AI is here to help you win big! Keep your audience hooked, promoting meaningful interactions and discussions around your quotes. Watch as your follower count soars, your brand reaches new heights, and your online presence becomes the stuff of legends.

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Don't let your social media presence fall flat. Predis is your ticket to skyrocketing success! Join th league of trendsetters and influencers who are already reaping the benefits of our cutting-edge app. Unleash your creativity, connect with your audience, and become the star of the social media universe.

How to Generate Social Media Posts using Quotes


Choose or Create Your Quote 🖋️

First things first, browse through our extensive library of pre-loaded quotes or let your creativity flow by writing your own. Whether it's a famous saying that inspires you or your own personal words of wisdom, simply enter the quote and credit the author. It's time to let your inner philosopher shine!


Let Our AI Work Its Magic 🌟

Once you've chosen or crafted the perfect quote, it's time to sit back and let our AI do its thing. Our intelligent algorithm will analyze the essence of the quote, consider the style and tone, and generate the right template, caption, and hashtags to complement it. It's like having a social media guru guiding you through the creative process!


Schedule and Publish with Ease ⏰

With the ideal template, captivating caption, and relevant hashtags ready, it's time to take the next step. Our app allows you to effortlessly schedule and publish your quote-based posts directly from within the platform. Whether you want to share it immediately or plan for the perfect timing, we've got you covered. No more juggling between apps or setting alarms—it's all right here!


One-Click Publishing ✨

Now that your special day post is ready to take the internet by storm, it's time to hit that publish button. Guess what? Our app lets you do it all right here, without jumping through hoops. With just one click, you can share your masterpiece directly from our app and watch the likes, comments, and shares roll in. Who needs a social media manager when you've got us?

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Now schedule your social media
posts right from where you
create them!

Now schedule your social media posts right from where you create them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Open Instagram and Tap on the '+' button at the top right OR swipe left in your Feed.
Switch to Reels at the bottom.
Record a new reel OR you can add a video from your camera roll.
Make sure the reel you are making is not too long. Make sure to use trending audios and filters.

Predis.ai Instagram Reels Maker is an AI-based tool that automatically creates scroll stopping reels for you with the help of AI.
You just need to enter a short one line description of your business or service and the AI will do the rest. Choose from a wide variety of beautiful templates, stock images, videos, music and stunning animations.

Predis.ai YouTube Shorts Maker is an AI-based tool to create amazing YouTube Shorts automatically with AI. All you need to do is enter a short one liner about your business or service.
The AI will create YouTube Shorts for you with stunning templates, images, videos, animations and music.

The AI Instagram Reels Generator is Free to use. Get the detailed pricing of Predis.ai here