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Pay Monthly
Pay Annually (Save 17%)
1 Brand
15 AI-Generated Posts/month
10 Competitor Analysis Runs/month
No Voice-over Minutes
No Premium Assets
No API Access
Any of Watermark
1 Brand
60 AI-Generated Posts/month
60 Competitor Analysis Runs/month
50 Voice-over Minutes
5M+ Premium Assets
No API Access (as addon)
Any of
Unlimited Team Members
Idea Labs - 25,000 Words/month
1 Social Channel ($5/month)
(Additonal 70 posts, 70 mins voice-over and 50,000 character)
Upto 4 Brands
130 AI-Generated Posts
130 Competitor Analysis Runs/month
110 Voice-over Minutes
5M+ Premium Assets
API Access (as addon)
Any of
Unlimited Team Members
Idea Labs - 50,000 Words/month
40 Social Channels ($25/month)
(Additonal 70 posts, 70 mins voice-over and 50,000 character)
Unlimited Brands
600 AI-Generated Posts
600 Competitor Analysis Runs/month
600 Voice-over Minutes
5M+ Premium Assets
API Access (as addon)
Any of
Unlimited Team Members
Idea Labs - 250,000 Words/month
400 Social Channels ($99/month)
(Additonal 70 posts, 70 mins voice-over and 50,000 character)
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Detailed Pricing Plan Comparision


1. Plan Details

$32/ month
$59/ month
From $249/ month
Social Accounts
Additional Social Accounts
Team members
Upto 4
Words per month
Android and iOS Apps
Email Support
Chat Support

2. Content Creation

Video Maker - upto 30 sec
Video Maker - upto 5 mins
Carousel Generation
Instagram Story Maker
Blog to Carousel Maker
Blog to Video Maker
AI Meme Maker
AI Hashtags Generator
AI Captions Generator
LinkedIn Carousel Posts Generator
E-Com Product Video Generator
E-Com Product Posts Generator
Stock Assets Library
Upload your own assets
Image Editor
Video Editor

3. Competitor Analysis

Facebook and Instagram Competitors
Content Themes
Competition Hashtag Sets
Hashtag Analysis
Performance Analysis

4. Planning and Scheduling

Download Posts
Multiple Handle Scheduling
Best Time to Post
Custom Tag Management
Unlimited Posts
Post Scheduling
Add Post as Draft
Tailored Posts for Each Channel
Calendar View
Instagram Reels and Carousels
Instagram Stories Scheduling
Google Business Profiles

5. Team Management

Invite Additional Users
Draft Post Management
Custom Access & Permissions
Approval Workflow Tools

6. Channels

Facebook Groups
Instagram Stories
Linkedin - Personal
Linkedin - Business Page
Youtube Shorts

7. Integrations

Generic E-Commerce

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Designing Tools
Copywriting Tools
Scheduling Tools

1. Ideation

Post Ideas
Idea Labs
Competitor Analysis

2. Execution

Videos/Reels + Editor
Carousels Creatives + Editor
Single Image Creatives + Editor
Other Copywriting Tools
AI-Powered Post Suggestions
Brand Management

3. Publishing

Calendar Management
Direct Publishing and Scheduling
Platform Specific Editing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. We will be sorry to see you go and not charge for the next month. We have a no refund policy so wont be able to issue refunds for the unused period.

One Credit is consumed as soon as a content (Video or carousel or Single Image) is generated. Once a content is generated, it can be edited / duplicated or published as many times as needed.

Yes! Under the Free plan, Users can AI-Generate 15 posts per month and run 10 competitor analysis per month. Users Can publish their posts only using the scheduler and there will be a small branding on the posts. Here are examples of the watermark. uses the official Instagram/Facebook/TikTok/GMB/Twitter/Pinterest APIs to access data. We are regulated by the API guidelines of Instagram/FacebookTikTok/GMB/Twitter/Pinterest and dont do any unauthorized actions your Social Media Accounts. Also, We dont store any unnecessary data about your profile at our end.

Yes, Predis supports 18+ languages. You can give your input in your preferred language and the AI will generate your creatives and videos in the same language.

We have a web application and also apps on the Google and Apple App stores. Now start generating and scheduling social media posts on the go using

It depends on the number of brands you need to manage. If you are an entrepreneur with a single brand, then Starter or Solo plan is the best option for you. For small social media agencies, the Starter or Agency plan is the best as it lets you manage more than one brand under the same app.

Yes, you can always upgrade your plan based on your needs. Once you upgrade your plan, your benefits and work from your previous plan will be carried forward to the next and upgraded plan. You will be charged the extra amount on pro-rata basis.

You can publish to multiple channels within a brand. If you want to publish to more channels than what is allowed in the plans, you can buy the social media channel add-on and add more channels.

You can either chat with us or drop us an email at hello[at]