World Tourism Day Post Ideas for Instagram

World Tourism Day Post Ideas for Instagram

If you’re a travel business or even an Instagram influencer who loves to travel then you’re probably scouring the internet for the World Tourism Day post ideas for Instagram. Well, you’re in luck! World Tourism Day is almost here and so are a bunch of creative ideas you can pick out and tailor to your theme!

World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on September 27. But it’s not just another day to make boring posts on say, a refresher on the seven wonders of the World. It’s a day to foster awareness among the international community about the importance of tourism and additionally its social, cultural, political, and economic value.

As a travel business or individual, you can consequently leverage this day to engage with your audience on Instagram. Engage with your followers by reminiscing about past journeys or daydreaming about future adventures.

What’s more, you can simply turn World Tourism Day into a Tourism Appreciation Week to try out as many ideas as you can from this blog!

World tourism day post ideas for Instagram

So here are some creative post ideas to inspire your World Tourism Day Instagram content.

Idea 1: Throwback Trips

Share a personal travel story or experience that always makes you want to escape reality again. It could be a memorable encounter, a cultural shock, or a beautiful sight that left you in awe. To support this with stunning visuals, you can further post a series of photos or a short video

Furthermore, you can share your story in the form of a post or a caption as well. In the case of the former, use the caption to share more details. Conversely, you can let your followers know that they need to swipe through the carousel to know the whole story! Besides, you can use hashtags like #WorldTourismDay or #WorldTourismDayStories.

Idea 2: Explore locally

Nothing is better than helping your followers find the hidden gems in your city. Besides posting about some lesser-known places, you can highlight a local tourist attraction in your area. This could be a historical site, a natural wonder, a cultural event, or a local delicacy.

Additionally, make sure to post beautiful, high-quality photos or a video tour of the place. Alternatively, you can also create an Instagram reel to take a short tour of the place and showcase its attractiveness. This will be the point that draws your audience in and compels them to read the caption to find the exact location of the places you’re showing.

Explore local areas for world tourism day post

Additionally, to generate a little more buzz in your followers, share interesting facts about the place and reasons why people should visit.

Idea 3: Share Travel Tips

You can also share useful travel tips with your audience. This idea allows you a wide range to experiment with the medium of content. Instagram stories can feature banner-like images with links to your blog post if you have one. They can also include step-by-step guides using different layouts available. Reels on the other hand can show a detailed process of say using some travel hacks, like packing efficiently. You can also share some must-visit places or how-to tips! 

share travel trips

Moreover, You can use a carousel post to share multiple tips. Use the caption to elaborate on the tips and encourage your followers to share their own tips in the comments. This will also help drive up engagement!

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Idea 4: Host a Giveaway

As a travel agency, one of the best things you can do for your followers on World Tourism Day might just be a special giveaway! Partner with an Instagram influencer who loves to travel or another travel-related company to host a giveaway.

Post a photo or video announcing the giveaway. However, make sure to include a captivating image of the prize, be it merchandise like a travel bag, couple’s t-shirts, mugs, or even tickets to a location! The key is to grab your followers’ attention and make it irresistible for them to read through your caption

giveaway posts

Use the caption to explain the rules of the giveaway. However, make sure to not go on and on for paragraphs. You can also use bullet points to keep the caption concise. List the rules clearly, and include a deadline to create a sense of urgency.

Idea 5: Share a Travel Bucket List

Share your travel bucket list and then fill it up with the list of places you’ve always wanted to go. Include the famous travel destinations, but also name some less-known places, or locations that you think are hidden gems. To drive up some engagement, ask your followers to share their travel bucket lists.

Share a Travel Bucket List

You can also use Instagram Stories as a way to connect with your followers and get their recommendations for your next travel destination. Post a photo or video of a place you’d love to visit or have visited. Use the caption to explain why the place is on your bucket list and ask your followers to share their own bucket list in the comments.

Idea 6: Post a Quiz or Trivia

  • Post a travel-related quiz or trivia.
  • Use Instagram’s quiz sticker to create the quiz.
  • You can also use the caption to encourage your followers to participate and share their scores.

Idea 7: Promoting Sustainable Tourism

Share tips on how to be a responsible tourist, such as simple tips like keeping a separate bag for garbage, packing light, avoiding single-use plastics, and respecting local cultures. Highlight any eco-friendly practices your business or you personally are implementing.

Additionally, feature destinations that are known for their sustainable tourism practices!

Idea 8: A travel app that you use

To switch things up a bit, talk about the top 3 apps that you always have on your phone when you’re traveling. Include apps such as Google Maps, which help with real-time navigation, or apps such as TripIt, which can help you organize all your travel details. 

Don’t forget Duolingo! It is our friendly language-teaching bird that can help you out in countries with foreign languages.

Idea 9: Three reasons to travel next year

This idea can help you implement Instagram reels and also encourage your followers to run after their wanderlust dreams. Furthermore, make sure that your reel is full of high-quality visuals like pictures and videos. Prioritise connecting emotionally with your followers by listing reasons such as starting anew, or immersing yourself in culture!

Idea 10: Travel quotes

Occasionally, posting some pleasing quotes about travel is enough! But it should not be boring! Use a visually compelling picture of a beautiful location and caption it to be inspiring for your followers. 

Don’t hold back your own ideas though! Feel free to post about your own thoughts related to travel and further ask if your followers feel the same.

Travel quotes

Idea 11: Travel bag or backpack essentials

Create a Story or short reel highlighting some travel bag must-haves like reusable water bottles, portable chargers, first-aid kits, etc. However, for this type of content, engagement may not come naturally through comments. Even so, one way to encourage engagement is to ask your followers what are their must-haves in their travel backpacks!

Idea 12: Did you know?

Similarly, ‘Did you know?’ posts are like posting some fun facts about popular destinations. 

Did you know posts

Furthermore, use captivating images of locations to grab attention and captions to throw some lesser-known facts about the place! For example: “Did you know? The Eiffel Tower was originally intended to be a temporary installation for the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris”


Here’s a bunch of captions you can use for your Instagram Story, Post, or Reel!:

1. “Adventure is calling, and I must go! 🌍✈️ Who’s joining me on this epic journey?”

2. “Jet lag? More like jet *fab*! 😎✈️ Let’s conquer time zones and explore!”

3. “Lost in wanderlust, found in [destination]. Can you guess where I am? 🗺️🔍”

4. “Traveling: where the journey becomes the destination. 🚀 Where’s your next stop?”

5. “Spreading love, one stamp at a time. ❤️💌 Passport: ready for action!”

6. “Taking the scenic route because ordinary is overrated. 🌄🛤️”

7. “Living that suitcase life! Packing skills: 100. Unpacking skills: questionable. 🧳🕺”

8. “Exploring the world one gelato at a time. 🍦 Any fellow flavor enthusiasts here?”

9. “Current mood: Beaching it like nobody’s business! 🏖️☀️ #SunKissed”

10. “Bucket list? Nah, I prefer my ‘adventure jar’—filled with amazing memories! 📷✨”

11. “Not lost, just exploring without a map! 🗺️🚶‍♀️”

12. “Embracing the ‘I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list’ lifestyle. 🌎🌍🌏”

13. “Warning: This reel may cause severe wanderlust! Tag a friend you’d drag along. 🌍👯‍♂️”

14. “Living on island time, where the waves sing lullabies. 🌴🌊 #IslandVibes”

15. “My travel essentials: good vibes, a camera, and a GPS with a sense of humor! 📸🗺️”

16. “They say to leave only footprints, but I’m also leaving a trail of epic selfies. 🤳👣”

17. “Adventure is my middle name. Actually, it’s [Your Name], but close enough! 😄🌍”

18. “Taking off into a world of possibilities! Fasten your seatbelts, folks. ✈️🌏”

19. “Collecting moments, not things. But a few souvenirs won’t hurt, right? 🛍️📸”

20. “Exploring [destination] one step at a time. Can you keep up? 🚶‍♂️🌆”

21. “Wander often, wonder always. What’s the most mind-blowing place you’ve been to?🤯🏞️”

22. “Current status: Catching flights, not feelings. 💼✈️”

23. “Turning dreams into memories, one stamp at a time. 🌟🛫”

24. “Pro tip: Life’s too short for bad vibes and boring views. 🌈🏞️”

25. “I came, I saw, and I took way too many selfies. 📸🙃 #TouristLife”

26. “Jetting off to [destination] like it’s nobody’s business! Tag your travel buddy! ✈️👯‍♀️”

27. “Living for those ‘I can’t believe I’m really here’ moments. 🌍😲”

28. “Happiness is… a one-way ticket to an unknown destination! 🎫🌏”

29. “Taking the scenic route because it’s too beautiful to rush. 🌄🚗”

30. “Passport: stamped. Heart: full of wanderlust. Ready to explore [destination]! 🛂❤️🌆”

Remember to mix and match these captions, while adding a personal flair to them!

Wrapping up

Whether you’re running out of content ideas for your travel account, or you want to reach your audience this World Tourism Day, with this bunch of ideas, you’re sure to last at least a week! Remember, the goal is to engage with your audience and encourage them to carry forward this love for travel!

So don’t hesitate to be creative and have fun with your ideas. Happy posting!

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