Why is My Reel Not Getting Views? Explained

Why is My Reel Not Getting Views? Explained

Creating a perfect Instagram Reel is no cakewalk! Countless things go into making the reels attention-worthy. From shooting and editing videos to creative transitions, every piece should fit like a jigsaw puzzle. So, a reel not getting views can be heartbreaking, and you’re not alone in this struggle. Many content creators have experienced limited reach and minimal views. 

If you are sailing in the same boat as many digital creators, this blog is for you. Stick around as we delve deeper into why your reels aren’t grabbing more eyeballs. We will also see what best-performing reels are doing right.

Let’s get started. 

Why is My Instagram Reel Not Getting Views?

Instagram reels are the next big social media sensation — and no, we aren’t making this up! 

On Instagram, reel content gets 22% more engagement than conventional posts. 

But if users love to scroll through the reels, why are your reels not getting views?  While there are thousands of factors for non-performing reels, low-quality content is a major reason. 

Let’s see why your Instagram reels are not  getting views: 

1. You Don’t have an Interesting Hook

You open a reel and see a fashion influencer giving a scarf tutorial without any audio or text overlay. 

Would you keep viewing it? 

Most probably not! Why? Because there’s nothing that can keep you hooked. 

For Instagram, the first three seconds are counted as a view.  And that’s why an engaging hook becomes your savior. 

Hooks persuade people to continue viewing reels. Without a hook, there’s no way to keep the viewer on edge of their seat. If you can’t capture your audience’s attention within the first couple of seconds, your reels might not get traction. They would keep scrolling, eventually skipping your fabulous content. 

The solution: You must spend a lot of time creating a hook that will entice your audience. Check out the above image to get some inspiration for attention-grabbing hooks.  

2. You haven’t Adapted to the Changing Algorithm

Instagram is turning into a saturated space. To ensure that its users have a streamlined experience, Instagram keeps changing its algorithm. 

Now, if you haven’t stayed on top of these updates, your reel views might be affected. 

For example, the Instagram algorithm will not push reels that are blurry, low-resolution, or recycled. 

If you are still doing so, your reels might lose their momentum and fail to gain any views. 

The solution: Stay updated and adapt your social media content strategy with the algorithm change. 

3. You Don’t Schedule the Post at Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to increasing the reach and views of your Instagram reels. 

How, you may ask? 

Let’s understand this with an example: 

Your followers are based on the eastern US coast. However, your reels are getting views and engagement from India. It doesn’t serve the purpose, right? 

But what is going wrong here? The time! 

You schedule posts at 12:00 EST every noon, right after people return from lunch. Now, here’s the catch. In India, it is 9:30 PM, when (native) users are mostly active. This results in dwindling views and engagement. 

The solution: Find out when your audiences are active the most and schedule your posts accordingly. To simplify the process, you can use tools that provide comprehensive social media content scheduling. 

4. Your Reels are Too Long (and Boring)

Hundreds of reels are watched every second. However, not every reel gets five-digit views. 

Reduced human attention span is a major reason. It is just 8 seconds, less than that of a goldfish. So, if your reels are longer than 15 seconds, there is a high possibility they will not get views. 

The solution: While there is no ideal duration, 7 to 15-second reels will likely hold viewers’ attention until the end. 

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5. You haven’t Optimized Your Reels

Reel creation is incomplete if it isn’t optimized. Optimizing reels not only enhances its reachability but also catches more eyes. 

So, if your reels are not getting views, it is crucial to optimize them.

The solution: Write compelling captions, add interesting thumbnails, and add relevant hashtags. 

6. You are Using the Wrong Hashtags

Hashtags make your reels more visible. Yes, even in 2024! 

Instagram’s algorithm works behind the scenes to streamline content categorization. So, by adding relevant hashtags, you nudge the algorithm, saying, “This is what my reel talks about.” 

However, overloading your post with unrelated hashtags will not add value. Instead, it will throw the algorithm off-center, affecting your reel’s reach and visibility. 

The solution: Make sure you are using relevant hashtags in the right quantity. Always remember that Instagram pushes high-quality content. So, enhance the reel post with relevant hashtags to send the right signals. 

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How to Make Your Instagram Reels More Noticeable? Quick Tips

Now you know why your reels are not getting views, let’s see how to fix them. Here are some quick tips: 

Tip 1: You have the First Few Seconds to Create a Strong Impression

As we mentioned earlier, you only have a couple of seconds to create an impression. Therefore, seize your audience’s attention within the first few seconds. 

For starters, create an enticing hook to make the post more captivating. Some interesting hooks include:

  • Wait till the end 
  • I have got a little secret
  • Instead of doing this

While hooks are important, don’t drag it. Jump right to the main content so people don’t have to wait long for the main stuff.  

Tip 2: Know What Your Audience Want

While this may sound cliche, it needs to be said repeatedly because it’s critical. 

Stick to your core brand story. Don’t mix narrative, as it may affect the user experience, resulting in dipped engagement and views. 

For example, if your core business is a premium clothing line for women, stick to content ideas like fashion hacks. Switching the content to health tips or beauty hacks will make your audience lose interest.

Making reels on trending content is a sure-shot way to get more views. However, copying others’ content may not give long-term results. So, rather than following a trend, create a new one and let others walk on your path. 

This will help you in two ways: 

  • Doing so gives you the advantage of being the early movers. People love original and creative content, which attracts more views. 
  • Besides, with more creators tagging you, the possibility of your profile getting visibility increases manifold. 

While this may require thorough research and experimenting with new approaches, it can be rewarding in the long run. 

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