Top trending hashtags for every day of the week

Knowing what trending hashtags to use on a particular day is tricky. To make it easier for you to navigate the social media puzzle, we have curated an extensive pool of trending hashtags for specific days of the week. The list includes a wide selection of the most used daily hashtags for Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and some other social media channels. The hashtags are perfect for practically anyone, including small businesses, Instagram models, and influencers.

When using hashtags, you can either try to choose one or two that describe your post perfectly or go for a bunch of related hashtags. You must keep an eye on trending hashtags and experiment with what suits your topic of expertise if you want to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving world of social media. Experiment, Eliminate, and Improve!

Why you should use daily hashtags?

There are lots of reasons why daily hashtags should be used at least one post a day. First of all, daily hashtags are popular. Among the trending and latest hashtags, there is almost a daily hashtag in the top 20.

Using these daily hashtags is a great move for beginners who are new to the world of hashtags. Here are a few reasons that will help you know the importance of using daily hashtags for your posts:

Increases the discovery of your posts

Posts on Instagram that include at least one hashtag receive 12.6% more interactions than those that don’t.

Hence, one of the main reasons to use daily hashtags is that it makes your post discoverable. When you click on a hashtag, It will take you to a page where all the top and latest posts using those hashtags will appear. So, using daily hashtags for your posts will increase the chances of your posts being discovered by a larger audience.

Competitor analysis

Daily Hashtags also help you to analyze your content contribution on social media. When you conduct competitor analysis, you will be able to see the hashtags that are used by you and your competitors. This will give you an idea about your competitors’ share in the industry. 

Encourages engagement with the audience

Using daily hashtags means that you are all up to take part in an existing conversation. Your posts consisting of daily hashtags will let your content reach people who actively participate in such trends. This allows you to connect and engage with like-minded people who share their posts using similar hashtags. 

Content Inspiration

When you know the concept of daily trending hashtags, you are familiar with the idea that there are specific themes for the day. This allows you to plan and prepare content based on these themes. So, if you get stuck while searching for ideas refer to posts from daily hashtags. 

Boost from Algorithm

Understanding how the algorithm works can be difficult. So you can try to use daily hashtags for some help. While using these daily trending hashtags in your posts, the algorithm can detect your hashtags and push your posts towards relevant searches. This allows your post to reach a wider audience with the help of algorithms.

But is it enough to know why to use trendy hashtags? To keep progressing in social media you should also know how will you use these hashtags to increase benefits.

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You can always start by making a proper strategy to use trendy hashtags. Moreover, you will first have to find those hashtags. For this, either use the tools for generating hashtags or use the Instagram search bar.

Try these ideas to help you use trending Hashtags effectively:

  • To start, first, find out the latest and trendy hashtags either from the Instagram search bar or by hashtag tools. Remember, the hashtags should relate to your industry and niche.
  • Trendy hashtags tend to change quickly. So it would be best if you stayed updated with the latest trends. Keep exploring pages and trend sections regularly.
  • Use combined hashtags so that your posts can reach a wider targeted audience. You can start by combining the latest trendy hashtags with your niche. for example, #Motivationmonday with a hashtag that relates to your niche.
  • Try to use hashtags that focus on time and relevance. For example, imagine it’s Fashion Week in summer and you want to share trendy summer clothes. Hashtags such as #Fashionweek #Summerclothes #summerfashion will be a perfect match for your posts.
  • Though you can post up to 30 hashtags per post on Instagram, don’t overload your posts with hashtags. Try to use a moderate amount of 10-15 hashtags for your posts.
  • Track the performance of your posts with different hashtags using Instagram insights. Adjust your strategy by analyzing which hashtag helps to generate more engagement.

If you make proper use of trending hashtags, your posts will surely reach a wider audience and encourage engagement. For this purpose, you can even use hashtag-generating tools.

Are you all set to unravel the influence of hashtags to reach new viewers? Whenever you plan your next Instagram post, check out these daily hashtags.

Example for Monday trending hashtags
Monday Trending hashtags

#MondayMotivation: Start your follower’s week off right with some motivational photos and quotes.

#MusicMonday: showcase the musical talents of your employees or clients or share songs your audience may like.

#MondayMemories: Share memories of your business or engage your audience and ask them to share their favorite memories.

#MindfulMonday: Yoga studios, life coaches, and some other businesses related to mental health can use this one.

#MondayThoughts: A good way to share your perspectives, opinions, and insights that can personalize your brand.

#MondayVibes: Connect with your audience on an emotional level. Businesses also get a chance to showcase their human side to their audience.

#ManCrushMonday: Share posts that feature your favorite male celebrities or admire your male friends and partners.

#MeatlessMonday: Inspire and encourage people to a plant-based or vegan diet.

#Mondaymood: Feel free to express all the emotions you experience while starting your week.

#Mondayhustle: Share tips and tricks to manage a day full of hustle and hard work.

#MondayRituals: Try to share some rituals that help you start your Mondays with joy.

#MondayMagic: Highlight some extraordinary or magical experiences that you came across.

#NewWeekNewGoals: Share your goals and intentions for the week with your viewers. Encourage others to do the same.

#MondayBlues: Share your stressful negative feelings for the start of the week with a humorous approach.

#MondayFunday: Highlight all the fun activities you like to engage with at the start of your week to spread positivity.

Example for Tuesday trending hashtags
Tuesday hashtags

#TransformationTuesday: Post the before and after photos of your products or customers.

#TuesdayTips: Versatile for any organization and great for building the truth through helpful, educational content.

#TechTuesday: Reveal some new devices you are using for your business or offer technical tips.

#TravelTuesday: For the travel or tourist industries.

#TopicTuesday: Share your thoughts on some popular topics in your industry.

#TuesdayTrivia: Test your followers’ skills about your business or promote a local restaurant.

#TuesdayTruth: Provide different types of facts or thoughts to promote brand relevancy and transparency.

#TuesdayBlues: Neither a new beginning nor halfway through; sometimes Tuesdays can bring on the blues.

#TuesdaysTogether: Great for photographers and wedding planners, especially for reaching your audience.

#TestimonialTuesday: The perfect excuse to share customer feedback, testimonials, and online reviews.

#HappyTuesday: It’s not necessary to have a specific reason, just spread the happy vibes.

#TacoTuesday: Share your taco love with users and give them a reason to go out on a Tuesday for tacos.

#GivingTuesday: Share your generosity whether you are an organization or an individual.

#TuesdayThoughts: kickstart your day by sharing inspirational, motivational as well as reflective thoughts.

#TastyTuesday: Share mouthwatering food pictures, recipes, and cooking tips with followers who love food.

#TuesdayTunes: Share your favorite melodies, songs, playlists, and all the other music-related content.

#TuesdaySelfie: Take a stunning selfie and share it with your followers. Consider this as a mark for the second day of the week.

#TakeMeBackTuesday: You can always share your happy past moments and pictures using this hashtag.

#TuesdayShoesday: Show off your shoe collection or share posts on footwear fashion, or your latest shoe shopping.

#TuesdayTreat: Time to share posts and pictures of sweet treats that bring happiness and joy to your day.

Example for Wednesday Trending hashtags
Wednesday Trending hashtags

#WellnessWednesday: Fit for gyms and nutrition coaches. You can also apply to financial wellness and some other major core values.

#WayBackWednesday: Share videos or photos from the early days of your business.

#WisdomWednesday: Share wise advice for your followers related to your niche and industry.

#WorkoutWednesday: Post a workout idea from your fitness classes.

#WallpaperWednesday: Who knew? But for interior designers, this makes sense.

#BrightWhiteWednesday: Applicable to fashion businesses, dentists, and interior designers.

#BlackAndWhiteWednesday: Share tips on a topic in your industry that is not so “black and white,” or promoting civil rights activism.

#WomensWednesday: Promote gender equality-related posts, women-owned businesses, and influential women in your industry.

#WakeupWednesday: Use this for eye-opening quotes, motivational posts, and other attention-grabbing content.

#WoofWednesday: You can use this for posts regarding dog daycare and other businesses regarding pet services.

#WednesdayWins: Great for encouraging posts, company milestones, and special offers.

#WhitepaperWednesdays: Share your latest or most popular guides, e-books, or whitepapers.

#WomenCrushWednesday: Shed light on all those women who have contributed towards your success.

#WineWednesday: share your love for wine whether it’s cheap or a bottle from a million-dollar vineyard.

#WednesdayMood: Let’s share your mixed emotions during mid-week with content relatable to your viewers.

#WanderlustWednesday: Post your dream destinations. Your posts can also include your travel photos and adventure stories.

#WinItWednesday: A good chance to share your victories and achievements.

#WednesdayMotivation: Share posts that will provide motivation and encouragement to go through the week smoothly.

#WednesdayVibes: Share your mood swings and changing feelings you experience during the week.

#WorkInProgressWednesday: Give your followers a look into behind-the-scenes projects or works that are in progress.

#WednesdayWords: Wonderful opportunity to share beautiful quotes and poetry to inspire and motivate your audience.

#WildlifeWednesday: Try to promote wildlife, nature, and environment safety in your posts.

Example for Thursday Trending Instagram Hashtags
Thursday Trending Hashtags

#ThrowbackThursday: Share an image of your business or employees from the early days.

#ThankfulThursday: Thank someone who’s helped your enterprise and your customers, or tell people what you’re thankful for.

#ThursdayThoughts: Share your thoughts or ask your followers’ opinions on different ideas they have for improving your business.

#ThinkAboutItThursday: Similar to the above.

#ThirstyThursday: Liquor stores, Chefs, and restaurants, but also good for promoting healthy drinks, seasonal drinks, smoothies, and the like.

#ThriftyThursday: Promote deals, offers, or money-saving tips.

#Thursdaynightfootball: Want to promote products during a sports event? Use this hashtag during NFL events for wider reach.

#Thursdayfun: Happily share fun activities and adventures that you have planned for this coming Thursday.

#ThursdayFeeling: Start sharing your excitement and joy when you are approaching the weekend.

#ThursdayNights: highlight your Thursday night plans, activities, and moments in your posts.

#ThursdayThrills: Planning for a thrilling adventure? Share the photos on a Thursday with this hashtag.

#Thursdaygrind: Showcase your dedication by sharing your workday hustle.

#ThursdayChill: Tired of rush hour? Sit back for a while and share your relaxation mode.

#ThursdayFlashback: You can repost or share photos and memories from last Thursday.

#ThursdayCheers: You can either celebrate or simply raise a toast to the end of the week.

#ThursdayChic: show off your stylish outfits. You can also help your viewers to make fashion choices for a chic look.

Example for Friday Trending hashtags
Friday Trending hashtags

#FearlessFriday: Tell a story about overcoming challenges related to your business.

#FlashbackFriday: Use this to show how far your business has come. Users are attracted to the idea of progress.

#FeelGoodFriday: Post feel-good photos or quotes related to your product, service, or industry.

#FeatureFriday: Time to feature your best products, services, customers, and user-generated content.

#FashionFriday: Showcase how you are keeping up with the recently updated styles.

#FoodieFriday: Great for fitness businesses and restaurants.

#FunnyFriday: Share something funny about your business, employees, or customers.

#FitnessFriday: Display your newest 30-minute workout.

#FollowFriday: Highlight some local businesses that you follow and ask your viewers to follow them.

#FridayFun: Time to post all the fun activities and behind-the-scenes with your followers.

#FriYay: Remember the last hour of a 9-5 job on a Friday? Use this hashtag to highlight the upcoming weekend fun.

#FridaysForFuture: Here is your chance to show how the world is getting damaged along with how you can help make a change.

#HappyFriday: You can leverage it to share good news or simply wish a happy weekend to your audience.

#FridayFavorites: Share any of your favorite movies, music books or Friday with this specific hashtag.

#FlexFridays: If you are a gym instructor, Let your potential customers know what your current customers have achieved.

#TGIF: Celebrate the excitement of the end of your workweek. Start thinking about what to plan for your weekend.

#FridayNight: Let your audience know about the plans or activities you have prepared for Friday evening.

#FridayReads: Share recommendations for books or articles to enjoy a cozy Friday evening on your own.

#FreebieFriday: Time to host a giveaway, share a discount, or offer freebies to get your followers all excited.

#FridayFriends: celebrate your peak friendship moments or just appreciate your supporting social circle.

Example for Saturday Trending Instagram hashtags
Saturday Trending hashtags

#SocialSaturday: Share how you are usually interacting with your community via the events and promotions

#ShoutoutSaturday: Get ready to give a shoutout to your star employees and customers.

#SmallBusinessSaturday: Moreover, use this on Small Business Saturday to promote your business, feature a neighboring business, or encourage your followers to shop locally for the products.

#SaturdayStyle: Fashion tips and posts.

#SaturdaySweat: Share a good workout session.

#SaturdaySweets: Nutrition experts in Bakeries, cafes, and restaurants.

#SaturdaySpecial, #SaturdaySale: Use it for your sales promotions or some of the special offers.

#SaturdaySelfie: Post one of yourself or run a selfie social media contest across a particular theme.

#SimpleSaturday: Use this hashtag for simple tips and tutorials, or simply encourage your followers to decompress after a long week.

#SaturdayNight: Time to share your posts of your night out or staff party using this hashtag. Specifically, posts that highlight weekend party stuff.

#SaturdayNightCraftAlong: It’s a perfect match for a weekend fun activity. Get out there and follow some craftiest designs.

#SaturdayBrunch: So restaurants out there, it’s time to showcase your dishes and attract families for the best Saturday brunch.

#WeekendWarrior: Share your adventurous pursuits and plans for the weekend, especially those of Saturday. 

#SaturdayShenanigans: All of your playful and mischievous activities from your Saturday can be shared with this hashtag.

#Saturdaze: Feeling to just lay around this Saturday? Share your laid-back lazy moments.

#Saturdaysmiles: Post memorable photos from your weekend that bring a smile to your face.

#SunnySaturday: Capture the beauty of a bright sunny day on your Saturday outdoor trip.

#SaturdayNightsAlright: Celebrate and share the lively and exciting atmosphere from your Saturday night party and night outs.

#SaturdayKitchen: Highlight your cooking skills, adventures, and recipes that you prepare for your Saturdays. 

Example for Sunday trending hashtags
Sunday Trending hashtags

#SundayFunday: Share some fun activities and fun ways to use your products.

#SundayRead: A good opportunity to promote one of your articles or blog posts.

#StartupSunday: If you’re in the early stages of your business, share your milestones and tips.

#SpotlightSunday: Spread the love by spotlighting a loyal customer, an employee, or an influencer in your field.

#WeekendVibes: Majorly good for Saturday or Sunday.

#SundaySweets: Coffee shops and bakeries can use this to promote a special offer. You can also try to stretch this one for sweet deals.

#SundaySweat: You will never face a shortage of fitness hashtags on Instagram.

#SundaySpecial, #SundaySale: Share a sale on a non-business day for your most loyal users or followers.

#SundayBrunch: Give a sneaky peek to your followers about your Sunday brunch. Use this hashtag to share your joy.

#SundayWalk: Some people want a calm and peaceful walk on a Sunday evening or morning. So take a snap or video and share it with your audience.

#SundayDinner: Share your perfect dinner recipes or new recipe inventions from your Sunday dinners.

#SoulfulSunday: put a focus on spiritual and mindful activities. You can also share gratitude practices on Sunday.

#SundayDreaming: Post about the dreams and aspirations that you want to achieve for the coming week.

#SundaySerendipity: Celebrate unexpected happy moments by sharing them in your posts.

#SundayGoals: Time to prepare goals on Sunday to enjoy a hustle-free week.

#SundayHike: Share your outdoor hiking on a cool and calm Sunday morning.

#Sundaysketch: Try to show off your artistic side with some sketches you draw while relaxing.

#SundayFamTime: Create special moments and celebrate time with your family on Sundays.

The days when brands would include every trending hashtag, no matter how relevant, are long gone. Although there isn’t a single, ideal method for using hashtags on Instagram, there are a few best practices that can help with performance. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Be Careful about the Number of Hashtags Per Post

In what quantity should you implement hashtags? The answer to this question differs greatly, making it a challenging one. Instagram suggests that if you’re going to include them in your caption, limit them to three to five. It is permissible to use 30 hashtags in the first comment if you plan to. However, it is better to opt for relevancy over quantity.

2. Steer Clear of Unnecessary Hashtags

The purpose of hashtags is to facilitate better discovery and assist your audience in selecting content that is pertinent to them. Therefore, refrain from using hashtags unrelated to the information in your post or reel.

Additionally, keep in mind that Instagram deters recurrent comments. While repeatedly using the same hashtags in the same sequence may save time, doing so will eventually damage your account.

3. Incorporate Hashtags in Your Initial Comment

A caption with excessive hashtags can take up too much space and look unorganized. If necessary, reduce the number of hashtags in your captions and place a few of them in the first comment of the post.

4. Utilise Hashtags in Your Instagram Stories

Although Stories vanish after a day, you should still use hashtags on them. Hashtags in Instagram Stories can garner an average reach of up to 9,000 users. These also appear in the search results and are a simple means of attracting additional keen followers. Do you use too many hashtags in your stories? Type your text as usual, then cover it up with an image sticker or gif.

5 Best Tools for Creating Hashtags Easily

Rather than exhausting your mind to search and come up with the latest and trendy hashtags, use hashtag-generating tools. You can easily search for these hashtag-generating tools on the web and it will surely take some load off your shoulders. These tools provide you with the latest and trending hashtags that can be used on social media for your posts. Here is a list of 5 best hashtag-generating tools:

1. hashtag generator hashtag generator hashtag generator

One of the best hashtag generator tools that yields impeccable outcomes quickly is It is a free trending hashtag generator that provides you with AI-generated suggestions. This amazing tool allows you to generate hashtags using keywords and images. Moreover, you can sort out the generated hashtags based on relevancy and reach.

While other tools will show you results for 1 keyword, is highly advanced and effective. This tool traces the complete phrase and provides you with the best hashtag required to garner more impressions and increase visibility and likes.

2. MetaHashtags

MetaHashtags is a hashtag generator that helps you target your audience and find the ideal hashtags for your objectives, going beyond simply producing the most trending or pertinent hashtags.

MetaHashtags gives you the option to filter hashtags based on likes, posts per hour, and other criteria. This helps you identify niche hashtags that are more appropriate for your specific social media objectives and content.

Once you’ve determined which hashtags work best for you, you can use them to boost your reach and save them for use in upcoming social media posts. 

3. Tagsfinder Hashtag Generator

Tagsfinder Hashtag Generator
Tagsfinder hashtag generator

This tool will offer only a service of hashtag generation for its users. This hashtag generator will help you to find the top 30 hashtags that will be based on your keyword selection. Here, the search engine will generate hashtags that are related, similar, or combined based on the keywords that you provide. Moreover, it provides you with an unlimited number of hashtags that you can easily copy using the copy button. 

4. Display Purposes Hashtag Generator

Display Purposes Hashtag Generator
Display Purposes hashtag generator

Now this tool may be a little less impressive than others on this list. But it does have a unique feature. Display Purposes hashtag generator offers you hashtag suggestions that are based on your profile. Moreover, this tool will also show you more related hashtags for each suggestion provided. However, if you want to see your results, you will need to log in first, which is a limitation.

5. All Hashtag Hashtag Generator

All Hashtag Generator
All Hashtag generator

This is a hashtag-focused tool that generates hashtags based on keywords that can generate up to 30 hashtags at a time. This tool provides you with these 3 filter options:

  • Top hashtags that are generated from keywords. Though they may be different from the topic of keywords at times, they are long-range popular hashtags.
  • Random hashtags that are generated from your keyword search. They include hashtags that include the keywords you have entered.
  • Live hashtags that are generated with keywords you took from other people’s posts for hashtag generation.

Additionally, it provides you with similar hashtags. These hashtags are based on your keywords that give you some more example hashtags that you can use.

Now that you have your hashtag problem solved, you can direct your concentration toward coming up with the best content ideas. Once done with content creation, you can freely make use of some amazing daily hashtags we mentioned in this blog.

In a Nutshell

Undoubtedly, social media platforms have evolved significantly in recent years. They have transformed into sizable digital marketplaces from just social networks. Consequently, this has made it more difficult to scale your reach on the competitive platforms.

However, using trending and relevant hashtags can increase your followers and boost your engagement.

Implement our above-mentioned tips and tricks to incorporate trending hashtags for every day of the week. Don’t forget that a well-planned hashtag strategy and consistency in posting are the keys to achieving the desired results.

Amplify the reach of your social media posts by incorporating engaging hashtags for every day of the week. Leverage the power of AI and get hashtags at your fingertips using the hashtag generator!

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